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0-2-0 Sniper doing 4 damage to a Camo White instead of 2

Extra Damage to Camo is a projectile behavior characterized by dealing more damage than that tower's base damage to Camo Bloon properties per hit. It is part of the damage types family.

Extra Damage to Camo is represented on Bloons Wiki as Extra damage to Camo Bloons (unspecified damage), the upgrade icon for Night Vision Goggles in Bloons TD 6, as it was the first (and only, for a long time) upgrade in the game to have this property. Extra Damage to Camo is simply a subset of Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage). All forms of Extra Damage to Camo have been added in later updates in Bloons TD 6 (e.g. Night Vision Goggles and its later upgrades, and Sauda Level 19+).

All attacks require an upgrade to deal more than one damage to Camo per hit.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, the Ninja Dagger and Dragon Eyes trinkets boost damage to Camo Bloons.

Towers that gain Extra Damage to Camos[]


  • Level 19+ Sauda (as of Version 34.0)
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