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Heavy Bombs dealing two damage to Leads

Extra Damage is an attack behavior characterized by dealing more than the base damage per hit to a specific type of bloons. It is part of the damage types family. Extra Damage has many subsets that apply to special bloon types, although a pure Extra Damage refers to dealing more than one damage per hit to all damaged bloon types.

Extra Damage is represented on Bloons Wiki as Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage), the upgrade icon for Heavy Bombs in Bloons TD 6, which appears like a lead pound weight, depicting the impact of extra damage in a physical form. Extra Damage is distinguished from Contact Damage Contact Damage (unspecified contact damage rate), which involves re-hitting the same bloon more than once with the same projectile, and Spray Spray (unspecified quantity and quality), which utilizes multiple projectiles to cause more than one damage. Simply speaking, a projectile, whether or not it can apply contact damage or if the attack has multiple projectiles or sub-attacks, must deal more than one damage per hit excluding vulnerability sources for an attack to be tagged with Extra Damage. Typical examples with Extra Damage include Heavy Bombs, Arcane Blast, Bloon Buster, Crossbow.

There are many subsets of Extra Damage, added on top of Extra Damage if the attack does extra damage to that bloon type. Because of this, it's possible for 1 tower to do Extra Damage to more than 1 bloon type. (e.g. Spiked Balls deals 2 damage, +3 to Ceramics and +1 to Fortified, so it is marked with Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage), Extra Damage to Ceramics Extra damage versus Ceramics (unspecified damage), and Extra Damage to Fortified Extra damage to Fortified (unspecified damage)). The list of these subsets are:

On rare occasion, a tower can possess the inverse of Extra Damage, Reduced Damage, to a specific subset of enemies. The most apparent form of this is with BSM2 Flash Doom Gauntlets possessing reduced damage to Shields Extra damage to Shielded Bloons (unspecified damage) and Snap Freeze in Flash BTD5-gen games possessing reduced damage to Blimps Extra damage versus MOAB-class Bloons (unspecified damage). A separate listing for this is not on the wiki due to redundancy.

Most variants of Extra Damage refer to extra damage to either a bloon modifier or a bloon affected by a status effect. Forms of Extra Damage that occur as a result of the same attack itself, it is usually treated in terms of two separate damage interactions. For BTD6 Ray of Doom, its first-hit laserbeam and high pierce laserbeam are technically treated as separate attacks, but for simplicity, it is treated as a unique damage type instead. The technical difference makes a notable difference though in terms of actual damage output, as this second beam also benefits from the extra damage to shocked targets, resulting in its practical single-target damage being stronger than expected.

There is also Percentage Damage Percentage damage (unspecified damage percentage and other specs) for types of damage that affect bloons on a percentage basis, even if capped with a specific condition. Grand Saboteur ability removes 25% health from incoming blimps regardless of conditions, but prior to the Version 27.0 secret nerf to Unstable Concoction said upgrade capped percentage damage at Round 150.

Most attacks require an upgrade to deal more than one damage per hit. Sniper Monkeys are a classic example that always has Extra Damage as part of its attacks.

All bloons damaged by an attack are vulnerable to Extra Damage except the BTD6 Golden Bloon, which always takes 1 damage per hit regardless of any type of attack. The Bloons Pop Shielded Bloon can absorb any amount of damage from the first damage instance with its shield property.


  • In the Version 40.0 patch notes for BTD6, extra damage is referred as "raw damage" in their patch notes for the Recursive Cluster rework.