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For the BTD6 Monkey Ace upgrade, see Exploding Pineapple.
For the BTD4-BTD5 Monkey Ace upgrade, see Pineapple Present.
For the BATTD weapon, see Exploding Pineapples (BATTD).
Like all healthy food, pineapples explode violently shortly after being placed, so don't put any down until you want to blow up some bloons.
~ Bloons TD 3 Description

Debuted in Bloons Tower Defense 3, the Pineapples are a placeable road item in the Bloons Tower Defense games. Even though it doesn't explode until 3 seconds after being placed (aside for the Grilled Pineapples Premium Upgrade in BTD5 and BTD5M), it is still regarded as a good defense for M.O.A.B.'s on BTD3. On Easy Difficulty the Pineapple costs 20 money, and on Medium and Hard it costs 25 money. In BTD3, it pops 2-4 layers of bloons, while later games deal only one layer of damage.

Pineapples are a better option for removing the last few bloons that squeeze through than Road Spikes because the price is 5 money cheaper. They can also be used to take out Lead Bloons. However, it should be timed correctly and should not be used against Black and Zebra bloons as they are immune to explosives. In BTD5, there is a premium upgrade called Grilled Pineapples which allows the pineapples to explode when placed.

Exploding Pineapples return in Bloons Adventure Time TD as an uncommon bomb weapon. It increases the blast radius of the attack by 5%, plus an additional 1% for every 2 stars.

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[]

NERF Explosion is a lot smaller than in Flash.


Main Article: Exploding Pineapples/Strategies.


Exploding Pineapples can be placed directly where you need them, and they explode after a short delay. Good for taking out leads and clusters, and you get 5 for each Pineapple Stand built.
~ BMC Flash description
A staple of bloon popping arsenals for a decade and counting.
~ BATTD description


  • In BTD3, BTD4, Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion, BTD5, and BMC, the 3-second countdown timer is displayed on the pineapple.
  • In BTD3, BTD4, and in BTD4 Expansion, you can slow down lead bloons with Monkey Glue, so it can be easier to pop them with pineapples, decreasing your chance of missing.
  • Pineapples are good for exposing and/or thinning out Camo Bloons or Lead Bloons. However, the exposing out of Camo Bloons only works in BTD4, where Camo Bloons were a separate type of Bloon, rather than a type of Bloon status.
  • In BTD4, BTD4 Expansion, BTD5, BMC and BTD6, the first upgrade for the Monkey Ace makes it drop pineapples every couple of seconds (First upgrade for second path in BTD5, BMC and BTD6).
  • Pineapples in BTD3 may pop 2-4 layers, but starting in BTD4 they can only pop 1 layer.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, when you click on a Pineapple Stand the word "Pineapple" disappears from the back (probably a bug).
  • In Bloons Monkey City, when you get +1 pierce due to activated ability knowledge, the pineapples will explode instantly when they make contact with a Bloon.
  • This is one of three fruits in BTD4 and 5, the other being the banana and the grape. Coincidentally, both pineapples and bananas are worth $20 (without the Valuable Bananas upgrade).
  • In BTD5, they are called Exploding Pineapples.
  • Unfortunately in Bloons Monkey City Mobile and BTD5 Mobile, the pineapples have a smaller blast radius compared to other versions, making it frequent to miss a Bloon.
  • All manually placed Pineapples can pop Camo Bloons.