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For the Road Item, see Exploding Pineapples.
Drops pineapples to the ground that explode violently after a few seconds. Ace's explosive attacks are improved.
~ In-game description

Exploding Pineapple is the first upgrade of Path 2 for the Monkey Ace in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Monkey Ace to drop pineapple bombs every two seconds that explode after around three seconds. Each pineapple has 20 pierce with a small blast radius (around 20 blast radius).

Starting from Version 28.0, the Exploding Pineapple upgrade also boosts the power of various explosive attacks from other paths in many different ways. It adds +2 pierce and +4.5 blast radius for all anti-MOAB missiles from Fighter Plane and above, as well as adding +15 pierce and +3 blast radius for Spectre and Flying Fortress bombs.

It costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard, and $240 on Impoppable.



Exploding Pineapples serves as a source of additional popping power as the Monkey Ace moves around. The greatest downside comes from the 3-second countdown timer of each pineapple, which may lead them missing bloons often. It is not the most reliable source of popping power, but it deals extra popping power nonetheless for a low price.

However, starting from Version 28.0, Exploding Pineapples makes for a viable crosspath as an alternative for other paths. For Fighter Plane and above, grouped blimp popping power is slightly improved, as opposed to higher-pierce darts as Sharper Darts specializes at. For Spectre, it makes the mid-game a fair bit easier to deal with by increasing bomb reliability. While still a very niche upgrade, the Exploding Pineapple upgrade still packs a punch when needed.


  • This upgrade is generally useless outside of Race Events and Apopalypse Mode, and even then it has minuscule popping power. However, every little extra pop does count towards obtaining the Bomber Ace much quicker on Races, and Exploding Pineapple can save a decent chunk of lives if starting with a Monkey Ace.
  • Pineapples can provide extra pops for the Monkey Aces every once in a while, but this upgrade should not be the main source of lead-popping power, due to the slow and random nature of pineapple deployment.
  • Exploding Pineapples is affected by the +33% attack speed buff from Rapid Fire, and Sharper Darts improves the pierce of pineapples from 20 to 32, but the effectiveness of the pineapples is not improved by any other upgrade.
  • Exploding Pineapples can serve as a much-needed source of lead popping power for only $200 if you can't afford stronger options, or are on a mode where some of your towers or upgrades are restricted, especially when paired with the Wingmonkey Monkey Knowledge.

Version History[]

While still a situational upgrade, the Exploding Pineapple's pierce has been reduced but now overall attacks faster, which overall can be seen as a buff. In addition, Version 28.0 added crosspathing benefits to this upgrade for any other explosives not along Path 2.

While Pineapples are never the star of the show, the amount of pierce they have is completely unnecessary for their usage window and has only led to balance problems for Bombing Run, specifically in races. This high amount of pierce has been more evenly spread through higher tiers & crosspath. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to direct attention to nerfing Bomber Ace
  • Nerf Base Exploding Pineapple bomb pierce decreased (40 → 20).
  • Nerf 0-1-1 Exploding Pineapple bomb pierce decreased (40 → 32).
Monkey Ace was never intended to be a great starting tower and instead come into power at mid- and high-tier upgrades, but since the base tower feels lacking to new players (and some of us old timers) we decided to rework low tier power into the base tower. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to base Monkey Ace attack speed rework
  • Buff Exploding Pineapple base attack cooldown decreased (3s → 2s).
  • Buff 1-1-0 Exploding Pineapple cooldown decreased (1.8s → 1.5s).
  • Buff Affected by base Ace buff.
  • Change Description changed from "Drops an exploding pineapple every few seconds." to "Drops pineapples to the ground that explode violently after a few seconds."
Monkey Ace has had an overall rework to a lot of different upgrades in order to highlight the x1x Exploding Pineapples upgrade as a buff to all explosives, [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Exploding Pineapples now adds +2 pierce for all anti-MOAB missiles
  • Buff Exploding Pineapples now increases anti-MOAB missiles radius from 30 -> 34.5
  • Buff Exploding Pineapples now adds +15 pierce for Spectre bombs with this upgrade
  • Buff Exploding Pineapples now adds +3 blast radius for Spectre bombs with this upgrade
  • Change Description changed from "Drops pineapples to the ground that explode violently after a few seconds." to "Drops pineapples to the ground that explode violently after a few seconds. Ace's explosive attacks are improved."
More of a straight quality of life, Ace has gained a new special toggle button to allow it to turn back and fly in reverse on any selected flight pattern. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Reverse Flight
  • Buff Monkey Ace can now toggle flight direction for any pattern.


Official artwork[]


  • Exploding Pineapple is the only upgrade to be named similar to an existing road item in previous games, Exploding Pineapples.
  • The upgrade Exploding Pineapple is the only Monkey Ace upgrade where the upgrade all appeared in previous games but with a different name for the current name variant and all its predecessors.
  • Unlike in previous games, Exploding Pineapples cannot be manually placed directly on the track. Therefore, unlike in predecessors, this upgrade is the only source of Exploding Pineapples in BTD6.