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All Events as of Version 32.2. After Version 43.0, Contested Territory rotates with Boss Rush on a fortnightly schedule.

BTD6 Events v40

Revamped Events tab as of Version 40.0

In Bloons TD 6, there are events that are available for a limited time. Some of them are recurring, while others are one-off occurrences.

Six distinct types of events are available: Collection Events (including seasonal and non-seasonal variants), Race Events, Odyssey Mode, Boss Bloon Events, Contested Territory, and Boss Rush. Completing them will earn special unique bonuses that can improve on player gameplay in the game. Trophies are a unique currency that is earned by completing Race Events, a full Odyssey on Odyssey Mode, certain tiers of Boss Bloon Events, or defeating bosses in Boss Rush events. Collection Events earn free Insta-Monkeys based on a lootbox-esque system without paying in-app purchases.

All events except events that require a team, which are Contested Territory and Boss Rush, are unlocked once the player reaches at least Level 20. For team events, at least Level 30 is required.

Collection Event[]

Main article: Collection Event

Totem Collection Event, the seasonless variation of Collection Events

Collection Events are events where special lootbox currency can be earned to receive free Insta-monkey boxes with randomized Instas. Tiers of Insta-monkeys and quantity of earned Insta-monkeys increases with higher-tier chests. Collection Events are usually seasoned, normally appearing on special holidays, but are sometimes seasonless with its default theme as Indiana Jones. These events typically last between 7 to 14 days.

To earn lootbox currency, players must win games in standard gameplay, or from certain other events such as Daily Challenges, Odysseys, and Race Events. Every few hours and after completing a featured map, a special icon on top of a map in the Play menu indicates a greater reward on lootbox currency, and it shuffles between each map on the same map difficulty.

Odyssey Mode[]

Main article: Odyssey Mode (BTD6)
The Odyssey Icon.

The Odyssey Icon.

Odysseys are special multi-game modes where the player progresses through a journey of 3-5 different maps with special rules set in each island, and lives are carry over throughout the adventure. Winning all maps in the journey rewards a bounty of prizes including Trophies, a featured Insta or Power, and a stash of Monkey Money. The player can choose a course between Easy, Medium, and Hard Odysseys, setting them off into a course of challenging maps that share a common theme.

Odysseys typically last between Thursday 8:00pm NZST to Wednesday 8:00pm NZST, and new Odysseys refresh weekly.

Race Event[]

Main article: Race Event

Race Event

Race Events are weekly events where players can play a pre-defined challenge and attempt to speedrun it as fast as possible. The key difference in Race Events is the option to speed up rounds by sending in the next rounds. If the player completes the entire challenge while still surviving in a single attempt, they will be added to the Race Leaderboard. If the player loses, however, they will have a chance to participate in the Race again with either a BloonjaminsIcon100 fee or waiting every 3 hours until a free race attempt refreshes.

The winners of the race are announced several hours after the Race Event ends. Winners of the race receives prestigious badges plus valuable rewards, including Trophies. The grand winner and runners-up will receive much more valuable rewards, including exclusive badges. Badges do not affect gameplay and are mostly for bragging rights.

Race Events usually last for 5 days, from Friday 8:00pm NZST to Tuesday 3:30pm NZST, and new Races refresh weekly.

Boss Bloon Event[]

Main article: Boss Bloon Event (BTD6)

Bloonarius Boss Bloon Event

Boss Bloon Events are events involving fights against Boss Bloons. Boss Bloons begin starting on Round 40, and they must be beaten within 20 rounds per tier in order to win each stage. Boss Bloons possess various unique properties, contain extreme amounts of health, and are even more relentless than BADs. Each Boss has 5 tiers before they will be finally defeated, and must be beaten before Round 140. Each of the Boss Bloons have Elite variants with much more difficult stats, but requires the normal variant to be beaten first before encountering its Elite variant. There are also Ranked Bosses which are essentially the same event but the player is timed and placed on a global leaderboard for even more prizes.

Boss Bloon Events typically last between Saturday 8:00pm NZST to Thursday 3:00pm NZST, and new Boss Events refresh weekly.

Contested Territory[]

Main article: Contested Territory (BTD6)

Contested Territory

Contested Territory is a gamemode involving the occupation of multiple tiles of hexagonal land. Instead of a single plot of land, groups of players are arranged into teams. Each team has a fort at one of the vertices of a large hexagonal plot of land. This plot of land contains various type of smaller units of land, called tiles, that can be captured by teams. Some tiles grant special perks to the team. Tiles can be recaptured to secure its position, or further reinforce its territorial status. Each player can only capture a certain amount of tiles within a specific amount of time.

Contested Territory typically lasts between Wednesday 11:00am NZST to the next Wednesday 11:00am NZST, alternating between on and off fortnightly with Boss Rush. Unlike most other events, Contested Territory is unlocked at Level 30.

Boss Challenge[]

Main article: Boss Challenge

Boss Challenge

As an alternative to Boss Bloon Events, the player may choose to play Boss Challenges instead, and can play any Boss Bloon that isn't already involved in a currently active Boss Bloon Event. Players can play against the Boss on any map, with no restrictions to heroes or towers, but the only stipulation being the inability to adjust challenge settings other than Standard Medium.

Boss Rush[]

Main article: Boss Rush

Boss Rush

Boss Rush provides an alternative for Boss Bloon Events in a team-based setting, and is the second team-based event in BTD6. The goal of this event is about popping as many tiers of each boss as possible in an attempt, with each attempt at a cap of four per day per player adding damage against the boss, with the end goal of completely defeating all five bosses. Boss mechanics are reworked from their original iteration in a way that better suits the lack of farming. ike Contested Territory, the event is completely co-operative, with no competitive features whatsoever.

Boss Rush typically lasts between Wednesday 11:00am NZST to the next Monday 11:00am NZST, alternating between on and off fortnightly with Contested Territory. Like Contested Territory, it is unlocked at level 30.

Birthday BAD Bonanza[]

Btd6 birthday bad community event

Birthday Event Live

Currently, there is only one community event in the game, the Birthday BAD Bonanza. It is a community driven event that involves playing Bloons TD 6 Birthday Party quest popping as many BADs as possible, and each one popped contributes progress towards a community goal that gives rewards when certain community milestones are reached. Results were announced on the next Wednesday and rewards were delivered later.

The first Birthday BAD Bonanza started on the 12th of June 2024[1] and concluded on 20th of June, with 6 out of 7 milestones achieved[2]. Community milestone targets of 2024 Birthday BAD Bonanza were:

  • 250,000 - 200 Monkey Money. Completed on June 14th with 251,623 pops
  • 500,000 - 25 trophies, 2 random Powers and Tier 1 insta pack.
  • 750,000 - 3 random Powers, 25 trophies, 1 race pass. On June 16th was announced to be achieved along with the 2nd milestone.
  • 1,000,000 - 5 Tier 2 instas, 200 Monkey Money and 4 random powers.
  • 1,250,000 - 40 trophies, 5 more Tier 2 instas, 5 more powers.
  • 1,500,000 - 5 powers, 1 race pass, 5 Tier 3 instas.
  • Last milestone and its rewards were not revealed.

Seasonal Offers[]

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Bloons TD 6 offers seasonal celebrations by offering a wide variety of new content, including Collection Events and exclusive cosmetics, within only the available time range. Most of these correlate to real-world United States holidays, with exception of the Bloons TD 6 Anniversary (since the 5th Anniversary).

The game currently celebrates the following seasonal events:

  • Easter
  • May the Fourth
  • Bloons TD 6 Anniversary
  • American Independence Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

Special offers in each of the aforementioned seasons may be given during these periods.

Seasonal Durations[]


  • 2019:
  • 2020:
  • 2021:
  • 2022:
  • 2023: 4th April 2023 NZST to 27th April 2023 8pm NZST, Version 36.0-36.3

May the Fourth:

  • 2021: May 2nd 2021 8:00pm NZST (?) to May 5th 2021 8:00pm NZST (?)
  • 2022: May 3rd 2022 8:00pm NZST to May 5th 2022 8:00pm NZST
  • 2023: May 5th 2023 2:00pm NZST to May 12nd 2023 8:00pm NZST

Bloons TD 6 Anniversary:

  • June 7th 2023 at ~1pm NZST to July 4th 2023 8pm NZST

American Independence Day:

  • ...
  • 2021:
  • 2022:
  • 2023: July 4th 2023 8:00pm NZST to Incumbent.


  • 2018:
  • 2019:
  • 2020:
  • 2021:
  • 2022:
  • 2023: Oct 20, 1:00 PM - Nov 9, 1:00 PM NZDT


  • 2018:
  • 2019:
  • 2020:
  • 2021:
  • 2022: 13th December 2022 at ~8am NZST to 9th January 2023 at ~8pm NZST
  • 2023: ??? December 2023 at ??? NZST to ??? ??? 2024 at ??? NZST