In BTD5 Mobile, almost every day includes at least one running event. Below are a list of events in BTD5 Mobile.

Totem EventEdit

Main article: Totem Event

Totem Event is an event where the player completes tracks to earn Totems. Earning 5 Totems will unlock a new reward.

Duration: 7 days

Preferred MonkeyEdit

Main article: Preferred Monkey

Preferred Monkey is an event where one must place specific numbers of specific towers to win double reward.

Duration: Varies, usually 3 days.

Challenge MonkeyEdit

Main article: Challenge Monkey

Challenge Monkey is an event where one must use only certain types of tower to win quadruple reward. The challenge has also enforced only the selected towers, including no agents. Available towers and their upgrades are also 20% off, as compensation.

Duration: Varies, usually 3 days.

Boss BloonsEdit

Main article: Boss Bloon

Boss Bloons can appear on several maps during the event. Much like in Bloons Monkey City, they will slowly move along the track either until they are popped or until they exit. Rewards (such as Special Agents or a small amount of Monkey Money) are given when the Boss is defeated.

Duration: TBA


Main article: Bloonvasion

In Bloonvasion, the player is given a random set of 5 towers, and must defend against a set number of rounds. There are several "milestones" that give rewards upon being reached, with higher rounds giving more valuable rewards.

Duration: TBA

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