There are events that appear in Bloons Adventure Time TD. They may be regularly appearing or they may be long-term events. They all last for different time.

Daily DealsEdit

Every 24 hours, three items between Uncommon and Epic are presented available to purchase for an inflated price. The shop refreshes every 00:00 UTC. Only one of each type of item may be bought on each Daily Deals special. Note that the items on sale will vary depending on account, even for different accounts with Daily Deals within the same 24-hour period.

The Daily Deals shop is located near the Tree Hut, run by a duck-like character named "Choose Goose". Tap on the Daily Deals shop and press "View Deals" to see what items are on sale.


  • Uncommon - 65 gems
  • Rare - 90 gems
  • Super Rare - 125 gems
  • Epic - 300 gems

Duration: 24 hours, every day.

Super Rare Wish Orbs SalesEdit

Occasionally, Super Rare Wish Orbs will be available for purchase for $TBA USD. They will grant 5 Super Rare Wish Orbs per pack.

Duration: TBA days.

Epic Wish Orbs SalesEdit

Occasionally, Epic Wish Orbs will be available for purchase for $24.99 USD. They will grant 5 special Epic Wish Orbs per pack. These special Epic Wish Orbs will guarantee Epic Loot.

Duration: TBA days.

Character Adventurer PacksEdit

Occasionally, characters will have a special bundle that includes an ally, trinket, weapon, gems, and Character Essence. They cost $4.99 USD each. During the Holly Jolly Secrets event, all the packs were available and each one were on sale for $2.99 at one point or another.

Ally Weapon Trinket Gems Character Essence
Finn BMO Grass Sword Medallion of Brogends 50 12 Finn Cake
Jake Lumpy Space Princess Jake's Viola Margret's Music Box 50 12 Spaghetti
Max Sniper Monkey Sticky Shots Enchanted Boomerang 50 12 Bananas
Ice King NEPTR Abracadaniel's Wand Arrow of Ice 50 12 Fan Fiction
Sai Monkey Apprentice Silver Shurikens Dagger of Chilled Glass 50 12 Sushi
Flame Princess Slime Princess Fire Kingdom Scepter Fire Crown 50 12 Firewood

Other BundlesEdit

These bundles are separate from adventurer packs and character packs.

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Cost
Finn Hero Pack Rattleballs Finn Sword Holly-Jolly Sweater 100 Gems 30 Finn Cake $9.99 USD
Allies Bundle Abracadaniel TreeTrunks Peppermint Butler N/A N/A $4.99 USD

Premium Character SalesEdit

Occasionally, Dungeon Finn, Tuxedo Jake, or Hunter Marceline are on sale for $5.99 USD. Very rarely, Character Bundle 1 will be on sale for $17.99 USD.

Duration: TBA days.




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~ Description of event

Hall-Ooo-Ween is a long-term event that happens during the Halloween season. During the event, players may play a map at random that guaranteed contains Ghost Bloons. Winning maps earns Zeezy Thingz that grant Halloween-themed prizes, as well as some currencies on some prize tiers. In addition, the entirety of Ooo turns Halloween-themed.

The amount of Zeezy Thingz rewarded increases on harder difficulties, which contain more rounds and extra bloon modifiers at random, regardless of what the original map has. Completeing Normal, Hard, Extreme, or Impoppable will reward 1, 2, 3, or 4 Zeezy Thingz respectively. Prizes are won in order from the smallest requirement to the largest. The grand prize will be won after reaching the max amount of Zeezy Thingz. After winning the grand prize, which varies each year (presumably), players can continue playing random maps for bonus Shards (approximately double the amount than normal).


  • Duration: TBAth October 8:00 UTC to 5th October 2018 8:00 UTC.
  • Prizes:
    • 1 Mushroom Blast -- 1 Zeezy Thingz
    • Grave Ring -- 3 Zeezy Thingz
    • 500 Coins -- 5 Zeezy Thingz
    • Soul Redeemer Sword -- 16 Zeezy Thingz
    • 100 Gems -- 20 Zeezy Thingz
    • Soul Stone -- 25 Zeezy Thingz
    • GRAND PRIZE: Clarence -- 35 Zeezy Thingz

Holly Jolly SecretsEdit

Holly Jolly Secrets description

Description of event

Holly Jolly Secrets is a long-term event that happens during the Christmas season. It is based on the two-part Adventure Time episode of the same name. During the event, players play a variety of different maps at random that contain a predefined set of additional assaults (Extra Regrows, Extra Camo, Extra Fortified, Shielded, Faster Regeneration, Faster Bloons, Ghost Bloons, Zombie Bloons, and others) on harder difficulties. Tapes are also earned in the event maps. More tapes are earned on harder difficulties, 10 on Normal, 15 on Hard, 20 on Extreme, and 25 on Impoppable.

There are two challenges on this event: one challenge is to protect the Holiday Presents to gain bonus rewards, besides normal rewards from beating a certain map of a certain difficulty; the other challenge is to earn as many Tapes as possible to claim special prizes including a Grand Prize of Holiday BMO. One square of BMO's display screen costs 20 Tapes; one square will appear on the screen at random and grants a specific prize depending on the picked square.

After successfully completing one map, the player will earn Tapes and the usual map rewards, plus a special present full of special rewards if the present on the map has been protected from any bloons throughout the game. A new map can be played after 4 hours after the completion of a map; this can be sped up with Gems. The amount of Gems needed is (Total seconds left)/288 rounded down. Meaning 4 minutes and 47 seconds will require no gems to speed up.

The rewards for protecting the presents differs depending on the difficulty the player played. Gems and Wish Orb 1 are more common than a number of random Character Level Up Item and Wish Orb 2.

Gems Random Character Level Up Item Wish Orb 1 Wish Orb 2
Normal 10 TBA Common Wish Orb TBA
Impoppable 50 8 Super Rare Wish Orb Epic Wish Orb

Rewards for the BMO screen-filling challenge are as follows: (assume "A-F" refers to column 1-6 from right to left and "1-4" refers to row 1-4 from bottom to top, like a checkerboard/chessboard)

4 1 Party God 1 Holly-Jolly Sweater 1 Excandybur 1 Iceberg Blade 1 Ice Crook 1 Rainbow Glitter Wand
3 1 Candy Bomb 1 Starchy 1 Gunter 1 Monkey King's Robe 1 Condiments 1 Boomerang Monkey
2 1 Rare Wish Orb 1 Uncommon Wish Orb TBA 100 Gems 50 Gems 10 Gems
1 100 Coins 500 Coins 1000 Coins 200 Shards 100 Shards 20 Shards

In addition to all this, there are three items that are only available during this event, available only via Wish Orbs: Elf Monkey (Uncommon Ally), Jingle Bomb (Rare Weapon), Holly Jolly Scarf (Super Rare Trinket).


  • 2018 – 13th December 2018 to TBA (New Zealand Time)

Holly Jolly Secrets Game ChangesEdit

Holly Jolly Secrets Event GalleryEdit

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