Shoots even faster!
~ BTD6 description

Even Faster Firing is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Sniper to shoot even faster than with Fast Firing, shooting ~42% faster than Fast Firing, which is overall ~2.04x faster than a normal Sniper.

It costs $340 on Easy, $400 on Medium, $430 on Hard, $480 on Impoppable.


As a pure attack speed upgrade, it is the general go-to upgrade crosspath for Path 1 upgrades Deadly Precision and above, as it benefits the Sniper with far superior overall Ceramic popping power (for Deadly Precision) and blimp-stalling (for Maim MOAB) for a rather low price.

The Even Faster Firing upgrade is still useful for lower upgrades too. When given to a Sniper with Full Metal Jacket, a 1-0-2 Sniper is highly useful for stripping up early bloons between Black Bloons and Rainbow Bloons to make them easier to pop by other towers. When given to a Sniper with Shrapnel Shot, a 0-2-2 Sniper becomes a decent long-ranged spaced bloon cleanup tower.


  • This upgrade is useful for purely increasing attack speed of higher-level Snipers, and it is a good upgrade for leading towards the Semi-Automatic upgrade.
  • With Even Faster Firing, this upgrade allows a Maim MOAB with such upgrade to almost completely permastall ZOMGs and DDTs, with only a very brief 0.03s gap between. Adding Jungle Drums will bridge that gap, although the gaps between stalls is very insignificant.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Change balloon Even Faster Firing attacks faster (0.78s --> 0.779s), due to bonus attack speed decreased from +54% to +42% for both Path 3 crosspaths.



  • Like all Tier 2 Sniper upgrades, Even Faster Firing adds another physical feature besides a hat change. Unlike the Large Calibre and Shrapnel Shot upgrades, the Even Faster Firing upgrade only adds a belt of stored bullet magazines to the monkey.
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