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For the Tack Shooter upgrade, see Super Range Tacks.
For the counterpart upgrade in other BTD games, see Epic Range (BTD1-BTD5).
Why settle for super when you can have EPIC?
~ In-game description

Epic Range is the second upgrade of Path 2 for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It further increases range of the Super Monkey. In this game, it also increases the pierce of Super Monkey by an extra +1 and increase projectile speed by +25%, making it miss less. In total, the Super Monkey gains +2 pierce compared to not having Path 2 upgrades, as the Super Range upgrade also grants the Super Monkey bonus pierce.

It costs $1,190 on Easy, $1,400 on Medium, $1,510 on Hard, and $1,680 on Impoppable.


Epic Range gains several metal bands covering its head and temples. Additionally, its gold wristbands are repalced with steel wristbands.



If even more range and pierce is needed, Epic Range is the upgrade to have for the Super Monkey, most specifically for the mid-game at countering bloons easier without need for Path 1 upgrades. It would be a viable upgrade when paired with Path 3 if simply wanting knockback and countering normal bloons.


  • In BTD6, Epic Range is helpful for piercing through lots of bloons from far away at a reasonably good accuracy or close bloons with noticeably superior accuracy. Occasionally, it may be even better than adding Knockback upgrade.
  • This upgrade plus its earlier Super Range upgrade is a lot cheaper than Laser Blasts, and it has a much greater pierce benefit.

Version History[]

Buffed to encourage Path 2 crosspathing and discourage Path 3 crosspathing.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Epic Range costs less ($1500 → $1400).
  • Buff Epic Range now gives attacks pierce +1.
  • Buff Epic Range now gives attacks projectile speed +25%.
As Super Monkey's range crosspath is too often considered unnecessary for Sun Avatar & Dark Knight we have chosen to move some of Robo Monkey's pierce down into a lower tier again
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Super Range
  • Buff Epic Range now gives even more pierce (+1 → +2, inherited from Super Range buff). Doesn't affect Robo or above.


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