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For the Tack Shooter upgrade, see Super Range Tacks.
For the counterpart upgrade in other BTD games, see Epic Range (BTD1-BTD5).
Why settle for super when you can have EPIC?
~ BTD6 description

Epic Range is the second upgrade of Path 2 for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It further increases range of the Super Monkey. In this game, it also increases the pierce of Super Monkey by an extra +1 and increase projectile speed by +25%, making it miss less. In total, the Super Monkey gains +2 pierce compared to not having Path 2 upgrades, as the Super Range upgrade also grants the Super Monkey bonus pierce.

It costs $1,190 on Easy, $1,400 on Medium, $1,510 on Hard, and $1,680 on Impoppable.



If even more range and pierce is needed, Epic Range is the upgrade to have for the Super Monkey, most specifically for the mid-game at countering bloons easier without need for Path 1 upgrades. It would be a viable upgrade when paired with Path 3 if simply wanting knockback and countering normal bloons.


  • In BTD6, Epic Range is helpful for piercing through lots of bloons from far away at a reasonably good accuracy or close bloons with noticeably superior accuracy. Occasionally, it may be even better than adding Knockback upgrade.
  • This upgrade plus its earlier Super Range upgrade is a lot cheaper than Laser Blasts, and it has a much greater pierce benefit.

Version History[]

Buffed to encourage Path 2 crosspathing and discourage Path 3 crosspathing.
Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • Buff Epic Range costs less ($1500 → $1400).
  • Buff Epic Range now gives attacks pierce +1.
  • Buff Epic Range now gives attacks projectile speed +25%.
As Super Monkey's range crosspath is too often considered unnecessary for Sun Avatar & Dark Knight we have chosen to move some of Robo Monkey's pierce down into a lower tier again
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Super Range
  • Buff Epic Range now gives even more pierce (+1 → +2, inherited from Super Range buff). Doesn't affect Robo or above.


Official artwork[]



  • Epic Range adds a technically advanced helmet on top of getting steel wristbands.