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Epic Powers are the final tier of upgrades in Bloons Super Monkey 2. They add a Special Ability, which must be equipped from the upgrade menu before it begins to recharge; it is activated upon the left click of a mouse. Upon activation, the ability icon below the monkey will disappear, until it recharges. Having an Epic Power equipped when starting a level will have the ability ready to go immediately.

In the Flash version, when the player has more than one ability switched on at once, the ability icons will appear below the monkey in the order of left arm ability, right arm ability, core ability, and Snap Freeze (if purchased). The order in which these abilities are activated is top to bottom, so a player may have to use other abilities.

In the Mobile version, Epic Powers icons appear below the player, and activating them requires the player to click on the icons. This lets the player choose which ability to use when instead of having to cycle through other abilities to activate their desired ability. The downside of this is that if the player is pushed around by Shielded Bloons or Boss Bloons, the location of the icons will move alongside the Supermonkey, and thus, make it harder to properly activate them.

List of Epic Powers[]

Arm Epic Powers:

  • Dart Ace: Dart-blasting B12 flies escort, recharges over a short duration
  • Crouching Monkey: Ninja sidekicks superjump from bloon to bloon and deliver killing blows, recharges over a short duration
  • Sidewinder Ace: Missile-firing monkey-piloted Super Hornet becomes your wingman for a short duration, complete with Bloon Busters
  • Phoenix: Summon the mystical Phoenix to your side where it unleashes its devastating flame attack over short durations
  • Doom Gauntlets: Doom energy surrounds Super Monkey's hand for short durations, disintegrating nearby bloons and doing big damage to MOAB-Class Bloons
  • Yeti Sidekick(Mobile Exclusive): The Yeti fires long range icy breath
  • Thunder Wings(Mobile Exclusive): Grow huge wings made of lightning!

Core Epic Powers:

  • Spikey Chaos: Massive burst of spiked balls that bounce of the screen borders
  • Mass Distraction: Flash bomb shockwave that stuns all bloons within a large radius
  • MOAP: The legendary MOAP does massive damage to shields and shreds through most bloons on screen
  • Lightning Trail: Elemental lightning energizes the space near Super Monkey for short durations, leaving an incredibly damaging electrified trail as he flies
  • Sidekick: SM Junior joins you in his first field operations, adding his plasma vision and plasma whip to your arsenal for short durations
  • Shard Storm(Mobile Exclusive): A volley of ice shards bounce off edges
  • Tempest Tornado(Mobile Exclusive): Tornado damages and blows all bloons