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Shoots even further and can detect Camo Bloons.
~ In-game description

Enhanced Eyesight is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. In addition to +8 range (40 to 48, for around +50% compared to a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey), the Dart Monkey can now target and pop Camo Bloons. Enhanced Eyesight also even slightly increases projectile lifespan by 20% and increases projectile speed by 10%, and grants the Camo Prioritization target option. When crosspathed with Juggernaut, knockback quantity is increased by 50%.

This upgrade costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard, and $240 on Impoppable.



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Enhanced Eyesight seeing and hitting a Camo Bloon

The Dart Monkey's wristbands change from green to red. For Spike-o-Pult and Juggernaut, these color changes are painted on the arms of the catapults instead.

Gains another +8 range, for a total of +16 range, and projectiles are thrown 10% faster. Base projectile speed is 330, and its projectile lifespan increases 20%. Juggernauts with this crosspath also hit harder on bloons.

Targeting Priorities[]

Enhanced Eyesight targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Enhanced Eyesight can access Camo Prioritization, allowing all its attacks to prioritize Camo Bloons over other types when this secondary targeting option is active.

Full Popology[]


Updated as of Version 43.1
Base stats
  • Dart:
    • Projectile, sharp type, camo detection, 48 range, 0.95s attack cooldown, 1 damage, 2 pierce, 330 projectile speed.
Crosspathing interactions
  • All crosspaths gain internal camo detection and the camo priority targeting option.
  • 4+-0-2: Knockback status effect on light targets increased from 300% to 450%, and 150% to 225% on heavy targets
Monkey Knowledge interactions

Attack Interactions[]

See also: Attack Interactions/Bloons TD 6/Primary
Updated as of Version 38.3
Base attack(s)
  • Dart:
    • Sharp Type (pops Black, White, Purple) Sharp
    • Also affects Camo Bloons Camo Detection
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-X-2) $170 $200 $215 $240 -
Total (0-0-2) $415 $490 $525 $590 $291 $343 $368 $413
Crosspath (1-0-2) $535 $630 $675 $760 $375 $441 $473 $532
Crosspath (2-0-2) $720 $850 $910 $1,025 $504 $595 $637 $718
Crosspath (0-1-2) $500 $590 $635 $710 $350 $413 $445 $497
Crosspath (0-2-2) $660 $780 $840 $940 $462 $546 $588 $658

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: BonusMonkeyIcon Bonus Monkey!, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



The 0-0-2 Dart Monkey is the cheapest camo detection in the entire game and possesses quite high range for its price, at only the cost of $490 on Medium, even cheaper than a 0-0-0 Ninja Monkey. Not only is Enhanced Eyesight useful for early camo rounds, the 0-0-2 Dart Monkey acts as a cost-effective camo range for Advanced Intel Subs.


  • Enhanced Eyesight should suffice for the Round 24 Camo Green, while more upgrades may be needed for later rounds with camo.
  • When using 0-0-2 Dart Monkeys as camo range for Advanced Intel, place these Dart Monkeys such that they cover a considerable proportion of the track. If limited on budget, start with the area that covers the most bloon track for all possible rounds.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

One minor projectile speed buff to make it more reliable at catching faster Camo Bloons, as well as to make Path 3 crosspathing a little more viable. It also received a buff to projectile lifespan to potentially encourage crosspathing variety for Juggernaut and above regardless of the provided camo detection.

Dart Monkey at its core is an early game focus tower, so we added some projectile speed options to try and help with its tendency to miss faster Bloons. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight increases projectile speed slightly (300 → 330)
Instead of saying the same thing each time; many specific crosspaths that add a 'camo specialty' to a tower end up being viewed as rather inferior crosspaths due to camo being quite available to pick up through other methods. To give these upgrades more use even with other forms of camo reveal in play, we have added a brand new Camo Prioritization option that is added to the towers when taking this crosspath. When enabled this filter combines the selected target method with Camo Prioritization (e.g. Strong Camo would work through all Camos in strength order, then revert to normal Strong until any new Camos show up). Individual Monkeys are called out below.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to "Camo Prioritization" target option
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight now grants Dart Monkey the new Camo Prioritization filter.
To add a little more synergetic crosspath use for the Juggernaut 402 crosspath, xx2 will now also grant bonus projectile lifespan, this applies to any use of that crosspath though we feel it will in particular pair nicely with the ricocheting projectiles. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to 4-0-1 and 4-0-2 Juggernaut
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight also increases projectile lifespan +20%
While we have been working to increase this niche with many new maps, Juggernaut’s functions sub-optimally for the majority of current maps in the game as the knockback doesn’t scale well without good rebound opportunities; to help with this we’re increasing their knockback force slightly with even more emphasis on the less-favored crosspath. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight now improves Juggernaut knockback quantity

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Upgrade artwork[]

Other languages[]

Upgrade Name
Language Name Meaning
English Enhanced Eyesight
German Verbesserte Sicht Improved Vision
Polish Lepszy wzrok
Russian Зоркий глаз keen eye
Upgrade Description
Language Name Meaning
English Shoots even further and can detect Camo Bloons.
Russian Стреляет дальше и может демаскировать камуфляж. Shoots further and can detect Camo.


  • Owing to the fact Enhanced Eyesight is the cheapest, and likely earliest unlocked, camo detection upgrade in the entire game, in conjunction with the common meme of a camo bloon being treated as totally invisible, even to actual players, it is a common joke to suggest one needs to wear red wristbands in order to spot the "invisible" camo bloon.
    • This is, of course, a reference to Enhanced Eyesight's own red wristbands.
  • Until base Ninja got a price decrease in Version 43.0, Enhanced Eyesight was the cheapest camo detector in the game, at $490 on Medium.