Engineer workshop

BMC Mobile version of the building

The Engineer Workshop is a building only encountered in Bloons Monkey City. It is not to be confused with the Engineer's Workshop in BTD5.



In BMC Flash, the building initially appears as an enclosed worker's building with corregated steel walls and a yellow roof. It has got a cylindrical chimney, windows on the roof, and a square open door with red beams. After unlocking one tier-4 upgrade, it appears to have a green roof, and the building itself gains an attic at the top, which has another window with similar red beams. (insert info for the one with all tier-4 upgrades unlocked)

In BMC Mobile, the building initially appears as an open room with a corner desk with tools and a bunch of other mechanics stuff. On the bottom-left is a mechanic using a wrench to turn a bolt of the Monkey Engineer's nailgun, which is lying on a sort of mechanic's bench. When one of the tier-4 upgrades are unlocked, the mechanic's bench is improved and has a sentry, and there is a more wide variety of tools on the corner desk. When all tier-4 upgrades are unlocked, the room has a metal floor with a white corner desk, the engineer bench is more advanced, and the mechanic is turning the bolt of a Bloon Trap.



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