Reduces ability cooldowns everywhere by 20%. while in radius, heroes earn XP 50% faster and water Monkey ability cooldowns are halved.
~ Upgrade description in BTD6.

The Energizer is the final upgrade of Path 1 for the Monkey Sub in BTD6. It makes Heroes earn XP 50% faster, reduces cooldowns of all water Monkeys in the radius by 50% (doesn't stack with Bloontonium Reactor), as well as reducing ability cooldowns for ALL other towers on screen by 20%. It also increases the pierce of the Bloontonium Reactor attack from 70 to 1000 and the damage from 1 to 3.

It costs $32,000 on Medium.


  • Since there is little benefit of unsubmerging the Energizer, there is little benefit to crosspathing Energizer, besides improving the simple dart attack when unsubmerged. As the crosspaths affect only affect the darts, it is often better off leaving Energizer as 5/0/0.
  • This upgrade is very useful when defenses are ability-heavy, particularly with income-related abilities such as Jungle's Bounty, Supply Drop, and Support Chinook's Crate Drop Ability.

Update History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Energizer now pops more bloons (30 --> 1000)

Buff Energizer also reduces ability cooldowns of all other towers on screen by 20%.


Buff Energizer radiation deals more damage per pop (1 --> 3)


Buff Now (correctly) applies bonus XP to Heroes.


Nerf Energizer no longer applies 50% ability cooldown for nearby non-water towers.


Buff Energizer price reduced from $40,000 to $32,000.



  • The description used to be "Hero earns XP 50% faster while in Energizer's radius. Cooldowns for abilities of water Monkeys in the radius are halved." but has changed due to the changes in Version 2.0.0.
  • The increased Cooldown reduction for water monkeys also applies to any tower placed on the Carrier Flagship.
  • When crosspathed with upgrades on the bottom path, two guns appear on the bottom of the Energizer.
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