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This page is for the strategies for the map Intermediate Map Encrypted from Bloons TD 6.

General Strategy[]

Like other similar maps, Encrypted is designed to encourage the usage of towers that make good use or avoid Line of Sight blockers.

There are very many examples of such towers (this list is not exhaustive):

The shape of the altar consists of many small curves and corners, so Tack Shooters and Ice Monkeys can have higher coverage on when placed correct.

CHIMPS Strategy[]

Easy BB strat by elrichardo1337[]

Sky Shredder + Biggest One main DPS; minimal micro required Rewritten in more organised form and short video of last rounds by HDF0UnofficialAccount. Video of Rounds 95-100: TBA

  • R6: Begin by placing Quincy as low as possible on the central altar
  • R7: Level 2 Quincy (only $26).
  • R8: Place a 000 Tack above Quincy.
  • R10: Tack to 002.
  • R11: Tack to 003.
  • R12: Tack to 103.
  • R14: Tack to 203.
  • R16: Remove rubble from Military pedestal and 000 Sub in the water next to Quincy.
  • R18: Sub to 001.
  • R22: Sub to 002.
  • R23: Sub to 102.
  • R24: Sub to 202. Quincy will detect the camo
  • R27: Remove rubble from Magic pedestal and 000 Alch as far left on the pedestal. Optional: Alch to Strong to allow acid to deal more damage and for it to hit leads more frequently.
  • R28: Alch to 200 (Note: Alch should still clear leads on Round 30 fast enough if Quincy has used up AMD)
  • R32: Alch to 300 (buffing Tack Sprayer)
  • R35-36: Optional: Use Rapid Shot.
  • R36: Alch to 400
  • R39: Tack to 204
  • R40: Optional: Use Rapid Shot.
  • NOTE: Original strategy included a 402 Sub here. However, after experimentation it has been found that Reactor is not needed. Reactor helps to eliminate children bloons more quickly, but it does not affect whether the strategy works in terms of affording other upgrades. Reactor makes saving up to Sky Shredder directly possible but non-Reactor has to buy The Biggest One first. The following parts of the guide assume Reactor is not purchased.
  • R41: Place 000 Ace, placement should not matter as long as you can fit Mortar and a Village affecting both towers nearby. Ace to 200
  • R42: Optional: Rapid Shot Camo Rainbows. Ace to 301
  • R45: Ace to 402. (Centred Path is used in this guide to allow the strategy to be easier to execute overall)
  • R46: Village to 100. next to Ace.
  • R47: Village to 200. Optional: Use Rapid Shot against Camo Pinks.
  • R48: Village to 210.
  • R49: Village to 220. Place 200 Mortar next to Village and aim around where the Tack Shooter was placed.
  • R50: Mortar to 300.
  • R51: Optional: Rapid Shot against the Camo Ceramics. Mortar to 320.
  • R53: Mortar to 420.
  • R75 or before: Mortar to 520.
  • R85: Ace to 502.
  • R91: Place 040 Ace
  • R93: Place 040 Ninja. Ground Zero the DDTs.
  • R95: Sabo when DDTs appear. GZ when DDTs start leaking from the centre part of the pedestal.
  • R97 or earlier: 040 Ninja
  • R98: Use all abilities except for GZ and one Sabo when there is a large clump of ceramics and MOABs in the centre.
  • R99: Place 040 Sub. Sabo when the Fortified DDTs show up and then Ground Zero when all DDTs are on screen (or wait slightly later).
  • R100: First Strike immediately, and then activate all abilities against insides. Alternatively, wait until the BAD is inside of the walls and to the left of the Tack Shooter, and then First Strike so no children spawn in. If any children spawn in continue to activate all abilities to ensure victory.

Original Text (press Expand to view)

Easy BB strat by elrichardo1337 (Sky Shredder + Biggest One main DPS; minimal micro required) Begin by placing Quincy as low as possible on the central altar; manually purchase Level 2 after r6. Place a 000 Tack above Quincy on r8 and upgrade it to 003, then 203. On r14, remove the rubble from the Military pedestal and place a 000 Sub in the water next to Quincy on r15. Upgrade it to 202 (use Quincy's Level 3 ability on r23 if necessary), then remove the rubble from the Magic pedestal and place a 000 Alch on it, as far to the left as possible. Upgrade this to 400, then upgrade your Tack to 204 and your Sub to 402, keeping it submerged for the rest of the game (this one might not actually be necessary). Anywhere on the map where you can fit them, place and upgrade a 402 Ace, a 220 Village, and a 420 Mortar, in that order, such that the Ace and Mortar are in range of the Village. For most of the rest of the game, aim your Mortar around where you placed your Tack. You should be able to afford Sky Shredder (502) on r78; use Quincy's Level 3 and Level 10 abilities as necessary while saving up if Bloons threaten to leak, particularly on r76 and r78. From here, save up for Biggest One (520), which you'll afford on r84. Especially to help against hyperdense and DDT rounds, get two 040 Ninjas and a 040 Ace. Use Sabo on r95 when the DDTs appear, and use Sabo again on r98 when large groups of MOABs and Ceramics begin to converge on the center, then buy a 040 Sub. On r99, use Sabo when the fDDTs show up and then Ground Zero when they near the exit.

You can wait until the BAD is almost about to pop, you can tell by the damaged animation getting to phase 4, and then using FS can one-shot the BAD with everything in it. But be careful if you use it early, you might pop it and fight the rest.

Use First Strike immediately (and GZ + FS again when they recharge, if you'd like) on r100 and win!