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Encrypted is an Intermediate Map in Bloons TD 6 released on Version 21.0 on 14th October 2020. It was first teased on Twitter.


Encrypted is a ruin-themed map with a Halloween atmosphere. Bloons move from the top and move along alternate lanes towards the middle coinciding lane, and exit from opposite directions on the left and right sides outwards.

In the middle, there is a large altar surrounded by 4 small rectangular altars covered in rocks. Each altar represents 1 of the 4 tower categories and can have its own rocks removed (each of them can be removed for $250 each). Only the corresponding towers can be placed on their corresponding altars. They can fit up to two medium-sized towers or one moderately large tower (e.g. Spike Factory, larger than Boomerang Monkey and similar-sized footprints). Most of these altars purely consist of land, but the military altar has water, which can fit a Monkey Sub or Buccaneer, and a small land portion that can fit a Sniper Monkey or Dartling Gunner.


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Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney.png Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225
Completed $45



  • The Version 21.0 artwork was leaked a few days before official release of Version 21.0, specifically on 13th October 2020, revealing an early preview of the Encrypted map.
  • If you click/tap on the gravestones to the sides three times, a skeleton hand will come out of the dirt in front of it and sink back down.
  • If you click/tap on the gravestones on top of the little ponds three times, a skeleton fish will jump out of the water and splash back into the pond.
  • The presence of "secrets" was teased in the official patch notes of Version 21.0. This could be referring to the primary, military, magic and support altars, or the skeletal hand Easter egg and the skeleton fish Easter egg, though the most likely case is that the word choice was purely for flavor.


  1. There are in fact two entrances that just happen to overlap at the very beginning, unlike the actual path splits in Ravine. Blowing bloons backwards towards the entrance that had travelled down the left side of the map will never make them move to the right side of the map, and vice versa. Also, bloons popped before the "split" on Encrypted cannot take separate paths across the rest of the map.