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Encrypted is an Intermediate Map in Bloons TD 6 released on Version 21.0 on 14th October 2020, alongside a rework to Insta-Monkey rewards. It was first teased on Ninja Kiwi's Twitter account, with their post teasing the new map coming to that update.


Encrypted is a ruin-themed map with a Halloween atmosphere. Bloons move from the top and move along alternate lanes towards the middle coinciding lane, and exit from opposite directions on the left and right sides outwards.

In the middle, there is a large altar surrounded by 4 small rectangular altars covered in rocks. Each altar represents 1 of the 4 tower categories and can have its own rocks removed (each of them can be removed for $250 each). Unlike the large altar, the rectangular altars only allows placement of towers that belong to their corresponding classes. They can fit up to two medium-sized towers or one moderately large tower (e.g. Spike Factory, larger than Boomerang Monkey and similar-sized footprints), and up to six of Geraldo's placeable items (which consume much less footprint). Most of these altars purely consist of land, but the military altar has water, which can fit only one of either a Monkey Sub or Monkey Buccaneer (but not Admiral Brickell, Pat Fusty or Beast Handler's top path upgrades), and a small land portion that can fit a Sniper Monkey or Dartling Gunner.

Altars can only place towers of the same class as the corresponding color (e.g. a Druid can't be placed on the green Military altar). While the standard tower class system (Primary, Military, Magic, and Support) follows straightforwardly with the colors of each altar (blue, green, purple, yellow), there are some odd interactions. Placeable items that come from Geraldo's Shop are considered in the Support category, allowing them to be placed on the yellow Support altar. Powers such as Energizing Totem cannot be placed on rectangular altars, as they are part of the Item class.


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Required sacrifice formula for the Encrypted Secret

In Version 21.0's patch notes, Ninja Kiwi announced a special secret on the map Encrypted. However, as players in the BTD6 community, including r/btd6, attempted to unravel that secret, the secret was not found at all, as Ninja Kiwi did not actually add a secret to that map at all. Version 42.0 secretly added the Encrypted secret, documented in Ninja Kiwi's Version 42.1 patch notes as "Not very much extra top secret stuff". Inside the tower data in the game's code, the secret is named SpookyCreature. That secret remained undiscovered until 12th June 2024 during Version 43.2, with the solution documented on r/btd6 as "Video of the Encrypted Easter Egg (Credit to discord user Tech), finally solved after like a few years".

If you upgrade a Sun Temple with a Tier 5 sacrifice on each altar whilst there is a Primary monkey in front of the bottom left grave, a Military monkey in front of the bottom right grave, a Magic monkey in front of the middle left grave, and a Support monkey in front of the middle right grave, the temple will immediately be sold as the altars will sink into a pool of an unknown liquid, with a ghost, known as Myrkul appearing and then sinking into the pool. Myrkul is a tower with 7 footprints, and will then act like the Navarch of the Seas's passive hooks, pulling in MOAB-Class Bloons below BAD and Bosses automatically with an each 3 seconds cooldown. Each hook can take one MOAB-Class bloon each, although just like the Pirate Lord, the ZOMG will consume two hooks instead of one. Myrkul can hook in Rock Bloons of any immunity, making it one of the few sources of instakills against rocks. The pool will also create a 50 radius damaging ring that deals 2 damage (3 to ceramics) every 0.5 seconds, 80 pierce within range and can pop all bloon types including camos which resemble Corvus's Malevolence spell or Inferno Ring's fire, while also ignoring Dreadbloon's type immunities. This will last for the rest of the game.


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  • This map is pretty good for Ultra-Juggernaut, but takes time for bloons to get through a majority of the map to do the bouncy action.
  • The secret is generally detrimental in any gamemode. Not only does getting Myrkul cost more cash than can be attained in non-freeplay CHIMPS, it also consumes a key chokepoint from the map for a negligible aoe and hook attack that cannot hook in BADs or Bosses, which even outside of CHIMPS, is a poor tradeoff for valuable space that could be used for other towers.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $247
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $371
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $412
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $618
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $660
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1485
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $990
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1485
Completed $45
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $49
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $74
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $82
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $123
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $132
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $198
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $198
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $297

Version History[]

  • Released
  • Secretly added the Encrypted Secret


When removing a rock pile:

When summoning the Everseer:


Encrypted Secret[]



  • The Version 21.0 artwork was leaked a few days before official release of Version 21.0, specifically on 13th October 2020, revealing an early preview of the Encrypted map.
  • If the player clicks/taps on the gravestones to the sides three times, a skeleton hand will come out of the dirt in front of it and sink back down.
  • If the player clicks/taps on the gravestones on top of the little ponds three times, a skeleton fish will jump out of the water and splash back into the pond.
  • The presence of "secrets" was teased in the official patch notes of Version 21.0. This could be referring to the primary, military, magic and support altars, or the skeletal hand Easter egg and the skeleton fish Easter egg, though the most likely case is that the word choice was purely for flavor.
    • Much later, in Version 42.0, an easter egg involving the Sun Temple was added, as mentioned above. This was not discovered until Version 43.2 on 12 June 2024.
  • Even with ice platforms from an Ice Monkey, you still cannot put heroes or any non-Military Monkeys on the water near the Military Monkey altar.
  • If the player uses mods to make Cave Monkey usable in Encrypted, it will not fit on any of the rectangular altars, as it is considered an Item like Powers.
  • If Myrkul is the Monkey Star, the game will instead display a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey.
  • When using the "sell all monkeys" button in Sandbox mode, Myrkul disappears. This makes it the only way to remove this tower, as it normally can't be interacted with otherwise.
    • However, in addition to the MOAB hook and area-of-effect damage vanishing, the player can't place any towers in the liquid pool after removal as if the class tiles have returned. The only way to fix this is to completely restart the map.


  1. There are in fact two entrances that just happen to overlap at the very beginning, unlike the actual path splits in Ravine. Blowing bloons backwards towards the entrance that had travelled down the left side of the map will never make them move to the right side of the map, and vice versa. Also, bloons popped before the "split" on Encrypted cannot take separate paths across the rest of the map.
  2. The water in the Military altar is only compatible with Military Monkeys, even when frozen. The bodies of water outside of the altar allows placement of towers of any class.