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Heroes start each game at level 3.
~ In-game description

Empowered Heroes is a Heroes Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. While this MK is active, any Heroes placed will instantly start off at Level 3 instead of the default Level 1. To unlock, it requires eight heroes knowledge points invested, Hero Favors, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.



Empowered Heroes is a very powerful Monkey Knowledge Point. It gives heroes with an immediate levelling boost upon placement. Because the Empowered Heroes MK allows all heroes to immediately reach Level 3, their Level 3 abilities are accessible for any needed use later on, although with a slight initial cooldown to start like all Special Abilities. It shines the best with slow-leveling heroes and on Co-Op Mode, but it is still very good for any hero.


  • Because this MK instantly levels up Heroes to Level 3, the Level 3 abilities from all Heroes will immediately start from initial cooldown. This is especially useful in situations where specific hero abilities are vital for survival, most notably for Gwendolin.
  • This benefits the most for Captain Churchill, Corvus, and Adora, as they all have very slow leveling speeds. Most specifically for Adora, as she will gain her important Level 4 much sooner, for increased main DPS.
  • Empowered Heroes also benefits greatly on Co-Op Mode with multiple heroes, as all heroes level up slower the more heroes there are on the map.
  • Benjamin with Empowered Heroes essentially just boosts him to produce $150 (+$50 increased income) alongside the Biohack ability. This one MK makes him the most efficient early-game income generator in the whole game, paying off his base cost in just 8 rounds.
  • Geraldo has a unique strategic interaction with Empowered Heroes where he automatically unlocks the Rare Quincy Action Figure (which is unlocked at Level 2), instead of waiting a few rounds to reach a sufficient level. As such, placing Geraldo and immediately purchasing the Rare Quincy Action Figure is advised, to reduce the money loss from investing it.


  • Empowered Heroes is the only Hero MK Point to start with the letter "e".