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Activated ability: unlocks locked Dartling Gunners and boost their swivel speed for a short time.
~ In-game description

Emergency Unlock is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree that was first introduced on Version 22.0. When at least one Dartling Gunner's targeting is set to Locked (or Bloon Area Denial System and Bloon Exclusion Zone is set to Target Independent), it gives Dartling Gunners a new ability that makes Dartling Gunners that are locked become unlocked instantly, as well as boosting their swivel speed by +33% for a short time, for 15s, ability can stack with Faster Swivel. The cooldown is 15 seconds upon activation and can reload even while there are no locked Dartling Gunners on screen, however the ability icon does not appear while it is on cooldown (or if there are no locked Dartling Gunners). It does not have a prerequisite Monkey Knowledge requirement.



There isn't much strategy involved with this MK, as it is mainly a convenience tool to automatically force all Dartlings on the Normal target priority, but if needing that boost in turning speed then this option is available.


  • Do not be tempted to always utilize this MK. Realistically, this MK should only be used to unlock multiple Dartling Gunners locked in place, or if there is at least one Dartling Gunner that needs to catch bloons moving straight past it/them.
  • Activating Emergency Unlock is a bad idea when fighting Gravelord Lych, as Lych can regenerate health and stun Dartlings who are affected by Emergency Unlock.
  • Note that setting Dartlings on any targeting other than Normal will cause the Emergency Unlock ability to make the ability button appear. The Emergency Unlock ability can sometimes interfere with hotkeys on desktop versions of Bloons TD 6.
  • There is some purpose of Emergency Unlock on Covered Garden if the Dartling(s) are inside the garden, as a locked Dartling cannot change its own targeting without using the Emergency Unlock ability.


When Emergency Unlock ability is activated:



  • It is one of the few Monkey Knowledge upgrades that give a tower a new ability, the others being Vine Rupture and Door Gunner.
  • The ability is (currently) the only ability that is available on a base, upgradable, tower, as well as the only whose availability is based on the tower's targeting.
  • Emergency Unlock is the first new MK Point to have no MK prerequisites.
  • Activating the Emergency Unlock ability makes a low-pitched button noise, followed by a siren noise along with the sound of fast-moving equipment.