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Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons including MOABs hit become brittle, take extra damage for a short time and losing Camo & Regrow properties permanently.
~ In-game Description

Embrittlement is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Ice Monkey. This upgrade causes bloons frozen by this Ice Monkey to take extra damage from all attacks (+1 damage to be exact) for a duration of up to 2.0s, including sharp objects, and for the same duration. Bloons temporarily lose their immunities to attacks that normally cannot pop frozen or lead via the Brittle status (which includes Ice Shards). In addition, this upgrade allows the Ice Monkey to strip off camo and regrow properties from any non-blimp bloon hit by its freeze attack. MOAB-class bloons can be directly hit too, but only get affected by its damage debuff and brittle effect.

Embrittlement Ice Monkeys themselves cannot benefit from the Brittle status or the debuff to bloons. Bloons affected by Embrittlement appear to cause other Ice Monkeys to not pop brittled bloons.

It costs $1,870 on Easy, $2,200 on Medium, $2,375 on Hard, and $2,640 on Impoppable.



Embrittlement's main role is to weaken groups of bloons or MOAB-class bloons. When placed along a bend, and grouped with many towers, it can help reduce the strength of large groups of bloons, although its rather slow attack speed may cause it to occasionally miss a few bloons. The fact that bloons frozen by the Embrittlement no longer temporarily gain immunity to sharp objects means that it will not hinder nearby towers with the frozen immunity added onto bloons. Embrittlement is also a viable option to countering Camo and/or Regrow rounds, although not the most reliable.


  • Since Version 17.0, Embrittlement grants camo stripping to the Ice Monkey. It is the only Primary Monkey to decamo bloons, which ends up being extremely useful in many situations, such as against Round 78.
    • However, Embrittlement is not reliable enough camo detection against Round 47, with spaced Camo Pinks, because of its relatively slow attack speed and limited range. Use alternate Ice Monkey options with Cold Snap crosspath instead.
  • With Embrittlement, there is no downside to placing towers that shoot sharp-based projectiles, because bloons frozen by Embrittlement are not affected by the frozen immunity. In fact, adding any other tower beside the Embrittlement is beneficial, because it allows the shards to activate more often.
  • As with most Ice Monkeys, place Embrittlement along a bend to take the greatest advantage of all of its freezing effects, especially for the benefits of decamo and degrowth.
  • Compared to 4-0-0 Bloontonium Reactor, which costs $3,980 on Medium, 4-0-0 Embrittlement is more expensive, at $4,600 on Medium, but it deals slower bursts of superior grouped popping power, although dependent on other towers to create the maximum popping power.
  • Embrittlement is one of the more cheaper but reliable ways of popping Golden Bloons, as a 4-1-0 Embrittlement is capable of permanently freezing Golden Bloons before round 81 as it is capable of bypassing the camo, lead, and purple immunities the Golden Bloon may have. However, it requires a MIB to pop the Golden Bloons past round 81, which contains the zebra property.
  • Embrittlement can be used as a cheap debuff source in combination with high-projectile options like Overdrive, as the Version 28.0 buff allows it to target and debuff blimps. It can also kind of assist against DDTs too, to a small extent.
  • Do not combine Embrittlement with Super Brittle, as the two debuffs will "fight" and override each other.


When Embrittlement or Super Brittle hit DDTs it will also let other towers enable pop DDTS a short time.

Version History[]

Embrittlement has been buffed to become specialized as a bloon countermeasure.

  • Buff Embrittlement range increased (20 → 25)
  • Buff Embrittlement now grants the Ice Monkey to detect camo
  • Buff Embrittlement now also removes camo & regrow properties from anything hit
  • Buff Embrittlement now (correctly) allows all projectiles to damage bloons frozen by Embrittlement
  • Buff Embrittlement costs less ($3,000 → $2,200)
  • Buff [undocumented] Embrittlement now strips off Camo and Regrow from White and Zebra Bloons.
  • Nerf [undocumented] Ice Shards and above now always require Re-Freeze in order to pop Frozen Bloons and therefore activate their own shards regardless of adding a nearby MIB or not. This includes Super Brittle.
  • Nerf [undocumented] Embrittlement damage decreased (2 → 1)
  • Nerf [undocumented, bug] Embrittlement no longer applies +1 damage vulnerability.
  • Nerf [undocumented] Embrittlement no longer lets Whites or Zebras frozen without MIB even if layers were skipped in doing so.
  • Buff [undocumented] Embrittlement now can directly pop bloons affected by brittling effect
  • Buff [undocumented] Embrittlement now does 2 damage to a bloon struck by the +1 damage vulnerability to bloons
Embrittlement being a 'camo reveal' has not been viable due to the price, so T2 Metal Freeze has been granted camo detection to allow this tower to somewhat hold off camos while it saves up to become a reveal. Additionally Embrittlement will now be able to target and debuff MOAB Bloons for the smaller damage bonus without needing to be upgraded to T5. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff All Embrittlement attacks can directly affect Camo Bloons.
  • Buff Embrittlement can now debuff MOAB-Class Bloons without Super Brittle.
  • Buff [undocumented] Embrittlement will now decamo DDTs.
  • Nerf [undocumented] Embrittlement no longer can benefit from its own effects, such as its +1 damage bonus and the Brittle status, nor can it affect effects from other Embrittlement Ice Monkeys. As a result, it can no longer activate its own ice shards. Does not affect Super Brittle.
  • Nerf [undocumented, likely a bug] Embrittlement's brittle effect no longer allows Ice Monkeys to damage bloons. This includes 4-0-2 Embrittlement, which has Re-Freeze.
  • Buff 401 & 501 Ice Monkeys should now be able to stack their debuffs correctly without the Larger Radius crosspath overwriting the effect. (Doesn't directly state about aforementioned 28.0 bugs though...)

Description changes[]

  • Change 4xx Embrittlement description updated to mention camo & property removal*
    • Changed from "Bloons become brittle and take extra damage while frozen." to "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage while frozen, and lose Camo properties."
    • The description technically remains erroneous as it does not mention the removal of regrow properties despite the intention to include it in the patch notes.
  • Change Description changed from "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage while frozen, and lose Camo properties." to "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage for a short time and losing Camo & Regrow properties permanently."
  • Change Description changed from "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage for a short time and losing Camo & Regrow properties permanently." to "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons including MOABs hit become brittle, take extra damage for a short time and losing Camo & Regrow properties permanently."


Official artwork[]



  • This upgrade is the only upgrade of the Ice Monkey where the skin color of the monkey is not a cold color (i.e. greens, blues, purples). Instead, Embrittlement's skin color is red.
    • It is possible that the Embrittlement upgrade's appearance is based off of the Japanese Macaque, a species of monkey that have distinctive red skin and white fur. These monkeys are also called "Snow Monkeys".
  • "Embrittlement" is an actual term used within the material science study field that describes a decreased toughness of a material, thereby a loss of ductility, in turn rendering the material to become brittle. Objects that suffer from embrittlement become easier to rupture when forced under pressure, similar to what the Ice Monkey's Embrittlement upgrade does to bloons.
    • Unlike actual embrittlement, lowering the temperature of a material only temporarily renders a material to become brittle, until the temperature returns to the original amount. This is similar to what happens with the Ice Monkey's Embrittlement upgrade, as bloons will only temporarily gain the embrittlement vulnerability including after thawing.
    • The phenomenon called embrittlement also alters the properties of a material, which makes sense for both the Embrittlement upgrade setting a +1 damage vulnerability to all affected bloons and stripping off Camo and Regrow properties.
  • The Version 17.0 buff to Embrittlement whereby it can strip camo is based upon the Tier-4 Ice Fortress upgrade, exclusive to BTD5 Mobile and BTD5 Steam.
  • This upgrade (alongside Super Brittle, its Tier-5 counterpart) is the first upgrade in BTD6 to receive a camo detection buff.
  • Despite the buffs on Version 17.0, the description for Embrittlement was not changed to accommodate the new buff functionality until Version 20.0. The description still did not mention the removal of Regrow properties until 24.0.
  • Because of the Version 25.1 changes to Embrittlement's freezing effects allowing it to cause bloons frozen by it to become vulnerable to any type of freezing regardless of crosspathing, a 4-1-0 or 4-2-0 Embrittlement could near-permanently stall a Ceramic like a 0-1-2 Ice Monkey, except without the extra range but also with the extra damage. A 4-1-0 or 4-2-0 also allowed the embrittlement to trigger its own ice shards quick enough. This was patched in 28.0 secretly.