Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage while frozen, and lose Camo properties.
~ BTD6 Description

Embrittlement is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Ice Monkey. This upgrade causes bloons frozen by this Ice Monkey to take extra damage from all attacks (+1 damage to be exact) for a duration of up to 2.0s, including sharp objects. As the embrittlement effect is applied before freezing, every ice blast also deals 2 damage per attack, although embrittlement effects cannot stack on top of each other. In addition, this upgrade allows the Ice Monkey to detect camo as well as strip off camo and regrow properties from bloons that are hit by its freeze attack.

It costs $2,550 on Easy, $3,000 on Medium, $3,240 on Hard, and $3,600 on Impoppable.


  • Since Version 17.0, Embrittlement grants camo detection and camo stripping to the Ice Monkey. It is the only Primary Monkey to decamo bloons, which ends up being extremely useful in many situations, such as against Round 78.
  • Additionally, since it detects camo now, it can be a useful form of camo detection. However, due to its high price it will likely be afforded much later.
  • Embrittlement is not reliable enough camo detection against Round 47, with spaced Camo Pinks, because of its relatively slow attack speed and limited range.

Version History (BTD6)Edit

  • Buff Embrittlement range increased (20 --> 25)
  • Buff Embrittlement now grants the Ice Monkey to detect camo
  • Buff Embrittlement now also removes camo & regrow properties from anything hit
  • Change balloon 4xx Embrittlement description updated to mention camo & property removal*
    • Changed from "Bloons become brittle and take extra damage while frozen." to "Detects Camo Bloons and all Bloons hit become brittle, take extra damage while frozen, and lose Camo properties."
    • The description technically remains erroneous as it does not mention the removal of regrow properties despite the intention to include it in the patch notes. 

Buff Embrittlement now (correctly) allows all projectiles to damage bloons frozen by Embrittlement



  • This upgrade is the only upgrade of the Ice Monkey where the skin color of the monkey is not a cold color (i.e. greens, blues, purples). Instead, Embrittlement's skin color is red.
  • "Embrittlement" is an actual word used within the material science study field that describes a decreased toughness of a material, thereby a loss of ductility, in turn rendering the material to become brittle. Objects that suffer from embrittlement become easier to rupture when forced under pressure, similar to what the Ice Monkey's Embrittlement upgrade does to bloons.
  • Unlike actual embrittlement, lowering the temperature of a material only temporarily renders a material to become brittle, until the temperature returns to the original amount. This is similar to what happens with the Ice Monkey's Embrittlement upgrade, as bloons will only temporarily gain the embrittlement vulnerability including after thawing.
  • The phenomenon called embrittlement also alters the properties of a material, which makes sense for both the Embrittlement upgrade setting a +1 damage vulnerability to all affected bloons and stripping off Camo and Regrow properties.
  • The Version 17.0 buff to Embrittlement whereby it can strip camo is based upon the Tier-4 Ice Fortress upgrade, exclusive to BTD5 Mobile and BTD5 Steam.
  • This upgrade (alongside Super Brittle, its leading upgrade) is the first upgrade in BTD6 to receive a camo detection buff.
  • Despite the buffs on Version 17.0, the description for Embrittlement was not changed to accommodate the new buff functionality until Version 20.0. The description still does not mention the removal of Regrow properties, however. 
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