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Sniper Crates elite.png|Elite Crate
1616170689_preview_BloonsTD6_2019-01-05_22-44-51.png|Elite Sniper
1616170689_preview_BloonsTD6_2019-01-05_22-46-08.png|Closeup of special Elite Crate
Sniper Crates elite.png|Elite Crate on map
Sniper Crates two types.png|Two types of crate with the same ability
Sniper Crates two types.png|Two types of crate with the same ability
Ace dropping crates.png|Dropping crates
Ace dropping crates.png|Dropping crates

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For the other Tier-5 Sniper upgrade, see Elite Defender.
Supply Drop gives much more cash. Grants Elite targeting prio and faster reload to all snipers.
~ BTD6 description
Elite Sniper

Elite Sniper is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Supply Drop ability to drop more cash per drop, as well as allowing all Snipers (including itself) to gain a new 'elite' targeting option along with improving global attack speed for all snipers by 30%. It costs $13,600 on Easy, $16,000 on Medium, $17,280 on Hard, and $19,200 on Impoppable.

Elite Targeting

This upgrade allows all Snipers (including itself) to gain the Elite targeting setting.

The elite targeting option saves the players from microing to often; when set to elite, Snipers will target Strong Bloons normally and then change targeting to First when bloons near the exit.

Version History


Buff Added global reload speed boost to all Sniper Monkeys when an Elite Sniper is purchased.


Change balloon Elite Sniper automatically changes target priority to Elite upon purchase.


Buff Elite Sniper price reduced ($16,000 → $13,000)


Nerf Supply Drop (along with other income-based abilities) now undergo the full initial cooldown before initial ability usage



Since it increases the firing speed of all Sniper Monkeys on screen, this upgrade is extremely useful if players have a large number of Full Auto Rifles and/or Maim MOABs.


  • This upgrade increases the money gained from roughly ~$500 to ~$2000, meaning this ability can quickly pay for itself.
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