For the other Tier-5 Sniper upgrade, see Elite Defender.
Supply Drop gives much more cash. Grants Elite targeting prio and faster reload to all snipers.
~ BTD6 description

Elite Sniper is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Supply Drop ability to drop more cash per drop (increases the money gained from $500-$1000 to $1500-$2500), as well as allowing all Snipers (including itself) to gain a new 'elite' targeting option along with improving global attack speed for all snipers by +33%, while also gaining +150% attack speed boost for itself.

It costs $11,050 on Easy, $13,000 on Medium, $14,040 on Hard, and $15,600 on Impoppable.

Description[edit | edit source]

Elite Sniper will gain an improved Supply Drop ability for itself, which grants extra cash per ability from itself, an approximately +150% attack speed boost for itself, a +33% attack speed buff to all other Snipers on screen, and a new "Elite" target priority.

Cosmetically, Elite Sniper will gain a more complex set of goggles, along with a full-black disguise wig and a high-tech support backpack.

Elite Targeting[edit | edit source]

This upgrade allows all Snipers (including itself) to gain the Elite targeting setting.

The elite targeting option saves the players from microing too often; when set to elite, Snipers will target Strong Bloons normally and then change targeting to First when bloons are near the exit. Snipers set to Elite will also prioritize Ceramic Bloons over MOAB-Class Bloons.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Alone, the Elite Sniper is not very strong for its cost, although with crosspathing and simple buffs it can be used to effectively counter mid-game grouped bloons. Its main power, however, comes from buffing the attack speed of all other Snipers on screen, as well as its higher value cash crates. Since the Elite Sniper increases the firing speed of all Sniper Monkeys on screen, this upgrade is extremely useful for players with many Sniper Monkeys, especially with Maim MOABs, Cripple MOAB, Full Auto Rifles, and Elite Defender.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is difficult to conclude whether a 0-5-2 Elite Sniper is superior over a 2-5-0 Elite Sniper, since 0-5-2 allows shrapnel to become produced more often by its increased attack speed, while 2-5-0 improves the damage of both its bullets and shrapnel. More importantly, each shrapnel has 6 pierce because of the previous Supply Drop upgrade. But for consistently optimal DPS shots, crosspathing as 2-5-0 Elite Sniper is generally better as long as the bloons are fairly slow and densely grouped.
    • 0-5-2 Elite Sniper still synergizes well with Alchemist buffs despite its quite fast attack speed, and the faster rate of producing shrapnel will optimize that Sniper's overall popping power. While the bullets are weaker and shrapnel loses opportunity to gain natural +1 damage, the Alch buff synergy plays a superior role in making 0-5-2 potentially better than 2-5-0. Even more useful is how 0-5-2 can refresh its shots sooner, allowing it to have an easier time catching up with faster bloons and bloons with wide spacing.
    • 2-5-0 Elite Sniper has higher bullet damage, stronger shrapnel, and the shrapnel can damage any bloon type, but this misses out on extra attack speed for the more frequent shrapnel shots. When an Elite Sniper is used solo, it performs better as 2-5-0 versus 0-5-2 versus tough grouped bloons, but 2-5-0 also performs exceptionally well with Alch buffs for similar reasons to the 0-5-2.
  • It is usually a good idea not to buy this upgrade for the enhanced money crates unless the primarily Supply Drop Sniper defense is highly struggling. This is because increased attack speed to all Snipers would reduce the stalling of rounds.
  • One 2-5-0 Sniper can solo Round 63, as of Version 23.0, because the huge pierce from each 2 damage shrapnel combined with 7 damage per bullet allows for a lot of overall damage to grouped bloons. On multi-lane maps with lack of Line of Sight, the same 2-5-0 Sniper can solo Round 63 if given Stronger Stimulant. Link.

Version History[edit | edit source]

Initially considered one of the weaker Tier 5 upgrades in the game, Elite Sniper has evolved to specialize at both combatting mid-game and buffing other Snipers while producing a regular flow of income. Various buffs to this upgrade have been added, enough to make it practical in a CHIMPS game for combatting dense mid-game rounds such as Round 63.
  • Buff.png Added global reload speed boost to all Sniper Monkeys when an Elite Sniper is purchased.
  • Change balloon.png Elite Sniper automatically changes target priority to Elite upon purchase.
  • Buff.png Elite Sniper price reduced ($16,000 → $13,000).
  • Nerf.png Elite Sniper's Supply Drop (along with other income-based abilities) now undergoes the full initial cooldown before initial ability usage.
  • Buff.png Main bullets from the Elite Sniper now deal +2 damage to Camo Bloons.
  • Change balloon.png Shrapnel Shot reworked to eject in a 45 degree arc instead of 360.
  • Nerf.png Shrapnel Shot now shoots 5 shrapnel pieces instead of 8.
  • Buff.png Shrapnel Shot now produces shrapnel whenever the bullet damages bloons instead of only when entire bloon is destroyed.
  • Buff.png Affected by base Sniper attack speed buff.
  • Buff.png Elite Sniper's shrapnel pierce increased (2 → 3).
  • Buff.png Elite Sniper's shrapnel pierce increased (3 → 6)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Elite Sniper is now the cheapest Tier-5 for the upgrade alone ($13000 on Medium but costs ~$22000 on Medium for a 0-5-0 Sniper). However, Ultra-Juggernaut is the cheapest Tier-5 in the game (5-0-0 Dart costs ~$17000 on Medium).
  • Elite Sniper is very slightly slower than a Sniper with Even Faster Firing prior to the reworks of the Sniper attack speed, but now it is very slightly faster than a Sniper with Even Faster Firing.
  • The reworked Shrapnel Shot attack in Version 17.0 made 0-5-2 superior, the Version 19.0 shrapnel damage buff with Large Calibre and Version 20.0 base attack speed buff improved 2-5-0 again, but Version 22.0's shrapnel pierce buffs have further enhanced the 0-5-2 crosspath. Version 23.0's shrapnel pierce buffs have improved both crosspaths in different ways.
  • Elite Sniper is the 75th unique 2MPC tower upgrade listed on the fan-official 2MPC spreadsheet, as shown here. This is the second time a new unique Sniper 2MPC was achieved. Interestingly, the 0-5-2 Elite Sniper crosspath was used to achieve this, not the 2-5-0 Elite Sniper.
  • The 157th unique 2TC combo belongs to 0-5-2 Wizard Lord Phoenix + 2-5-0 Elite Sniper. This combo has broken the 36 consecutive 2TC appearances streak that Captain Churchill once had. Link.
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