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For the other similarly named Tier-5 Sniper upgrade, see Elite Defender.
Supply Drop gives much more cash. Grants Elite targeting prio and faster reload to all snipers.
~ BTD6 description

Elite Sniper is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It increases the money gained from Supply Drop from $1,200 to $3,000, as well as allowing all Snipers (including itself) to gain a new "Elite" targeting option along with improving attack cooldown for all other snipers by x0.75 (around +33% attack speed), while giving itself with a x0.4 attack cooldown (equal to +150% attack speed). The Elite Sniper itself retains its normal Supply Drop Sniper attack but with the built-in faster attack speed.

It costs $11,050 on Easy, $13,000 on Medium, $14,040 on Hard, and $15,600 on Impoppable.


Elite Sniper will gain an improved Supply Drop ability for itself, which grants extra cash per ability from itself, an approximately +150% attack speed boost for itself, a +33% attack speed buff to all other Snipers on screen, and a new "Elite" target priority.


The Elite Sniper gains a more complex set of goggles, a pair of black gloves, along with a full-black disguise wig. The radio backpack changes from brown and green to entirely black. The black hood loses the orange accents.

Elite Targeting[]

This upgrade allows all Snipers (including itself) to gain the Elite targeting setting.

The elite targeting option saves the players from microing too often; when set to elite, Snipers will target Strong Bloons normally and then change targeting to First when bloons are near the exit, specifically once bloons reach at least 75% of the bloon track. Snipers set to Elite will also prioritize Ceramic Bloons over MOAB-Class Bloons.



Alone, the Elite Sniper is not very strong for its cost, although with crosspathing and simple buffs it can be used to effectively counter mid-game grouped bloons. Its main power, however, comes from buffing the attack speed of all other Snipers on screen, as well as its higher value cash crates. Since the Elite Sniper increases the firing speed of all Sniper Monkeys on screen, this upgrade is extremely useful for players with many Sniper Monkeys, especially with Maim MOABs, Cripple MOAB, Full Auto Rifles, and Elite Defender.

On CHIMPS, Elite Sniper is actually a viable option for both handling mid-game rushes, improving 4-2-0 Maim MOABs, and dealing rather effective Super Ceramic cleanup when paired with Downdraft. It costs remarkably less than other Tier 5 options, which does give it a slight edge over other mid-to-late-game options.


  • A 2-5-0 Elite Sniper have Shrapnel that deals 2 damage and bullets that deal 7 damage; however, the 0-5-2 Elite Sniper, despite less base Shrapnel and bullet damage (1 and 2 respectively), attacks 2.04x faster, making it have increased DPS potential when buffs (such as 3-x-x Alchemist) or debuffs (such as 5-x-x Sniper) are being used, with the added benefit of having an easier time catching fast bloons.
    • Without support, the 2-5-0 is able to damage both leads and frozen with its bullets and Shrapnel, while 0-5-2 is only able to damage leads and frozen with its bullets.
  • One 2-5-0 Sniper can solo Round 63, as of Version 23.0, because the huge pierce from each 2 damage shrapnel combined with 7 damage per bullet allows for a lot of overall damage to grouped bloons. On multi-lane maps with lack of Line of Sight, the same 2-5-0 Sniper can solo Round 63 if given Stronger Stimulant. Link.
  • Combining Elite Sniper with Downdraft can be used to clean up Super Ceramics adequately.

Version History[]

Initially considered one of the weaker Tier 5 upgrades in the game, Elite Sniper has evolved to specialize at both combatting mid-game and buffing other Snipers while producing a regular flow of income. Various buffs to this upgrade have been added, enough to make it practical in a CHIMPS game for combatting dense mid-game rounds such as Round 63.

  • Buff Added global reload speed boost to all Sniper Monkeys when an Elite Sniper is purchased.
  • Change Elite Sniper automatically changes target priority to Elite upon purchase.
  • Buff Elite Sniper price reduced ($16,000 → $13,000).
  • Nerf Elite Sniper's Supply Drop (along with other income-based abilities) now undergoes the full initial cooldown before initial ability usage.
  • Buff Main bullets from the Elite Sniper now deal +2 damage to Camo Bloons.
  • Change Shrapnel Shot reworked to eject in a 45 degree arc instead of 360.
  • Nerf Shrapnel Shot now shoots 5 shrapnel pieces instead of 8.
  • Buff Shrapnel Shot now produces shrapnel whenever the bullet damages bloons instead of only when entire bloon is destroyed.
This tower felt like it's [sic] strength too heavily required the xx2 upgrade, and that this harmed crosspath choices. So we increased the base attack rate while nerfing the increase from these upgrades. This is a slight overall buff
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to base Sniper
  • Buff Affected by base Sniper attack speed buff.
[...] Bouncing Bullet has also had its shrapnel pierce increased as it was the only T3 sniper that did not have 3 pierce shrapnel.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Bouncing Bullet
  • Buff Elite Sniper's shrapnel pierce increased (2 → 3).
Small improvements for underloved sniper upgrades with respective path specialties intact. As bottom path sniper has proven superiority for group damage dealing in many situations and middle T4 on the group-damage path has only offered a farming option, the pierce of shrapnel has been doubled at this T4 to add offensive value as well.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Supply Drop
  • Buff Elite Sniper's shrapnel pierce increased (3 → 6)
No wrist enjoys spamming cash drops, so sniper's random cash drop has been standardized around a higher amount with slower cooldown for an overall buff. As middle path sniper has been feeling to be in a good spot with alchemist buffs, but other uses of sniper shrapnel weak due to lack of alchemist buff, we have decided to swap alchemist buffability over from the number of bounces to the power of the shrapnel itself.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Affected by Night Vision Goggles granting Camo Prioritization
  • Nerf Supply Drop: Cash Generating abilities now have a 3 minute timeout
  • Nerf Supply Drop ability cooldown increased from 60s -> 90s
  • Buff Elite Sniper cash produced increased from a range of $1500-$3000 to a flat $3000
  • Buff Shrapnel Shot, shrapnel on all crosspaths is now able to receive any external buffs
  • Nerf Pierce buffs no longer increase the amount of bounces that a bouncing bullet can make.


When activating Supply Drop Ability:

  • [Jet flyby]

When collecting cash from the Cash Crate:

  • [Cash sound]


Official artwork[]


  • The Elite Sniper is now the cheapest Tier-5 for the upgrade alone ($13,000 on Medium but costs ~$22,000 on Medium for a 0-5-0 Sniper). However, Ultra-Juggernaut is the cheapest Tier-5 in the game (5-0-0 Dart costs ~$17,000 on Medium).
  • Elite Sniper was very slightly slower than a Sniper with Even Faster Firing prior to the reworks of the Sniper attack speed, but now it is very slightly faster than a Sniper with Even Faster Firing.
  • The reworked Shrapnel Shot attack in Version 17.0 made 0-5-2 superior, the Version 19.0 shrapnel damage buff with Large Calibre and Version 20.0 base attack speed buff improved 2-5-0 again, but Version 22.0's shrapnel pierce buffs have further enhanced the 0-5-2 crosspath. Version 23.0's shrapnel pierce buffs have improved both crosspaths in different ways.
  • Elite Sniper is the 75th unique 2MPC tower upgrade listed on the fan-official 2MPC spreadsheet.[1] This is the second time a new unique Sniper 2MPC was achieved. Interestingly, the 0-5-2 Elite Sniper crosspath was used to achieve this, not the 2-5-0 Elite Sniper.
  • The 157th unique 2TC combo belongs to 0-5-2 Wizard Lord Phoenix + 2-5-0 Elite Sniper. This combo has broken the 36 consecutive 2TC appearances streak that Captain Churchill once had.[2]
  • The "Elite Supply Drop" ability plane is the Monkey Ace's Operation: Dart Storm.