A lost life gives this Sniper 4x attack speed for a short time in retaliation. Also attacks faster the further the Bloons are along the track.
~ BTD6 description

Elite Defender is the final upgrade of Path 3 for the Sniper Monkey in BTD6. It makes the Sniper shoot 2x faster, as well as attack 1% faster for every 1% of the track the bloons reach, up to 100%, on top of a passive ability that allows the Elite Defender to shoot an additional 4x quicker than normal for 7 seconds when a life is lost for a total of a 16x multiplier compared to a Full Auto Rifle. With maximum internal attack speed boosts, it can attack 195.91x faster than the base Sniper Monkey.

It costs $11,900 on Easy, $14,000 on Medium, $15,120 on Hard, and $16,800 on Impoppable.


  • There is a 10 second cooldown period between ability activations before the Elite Defender can reactivate its passive ability again.
    • A Monkey Knowledge perk exists named Master Defender that removes the cooldown period between ability activations.
  • On certain longer maps, such as Logs and Four Circles, if supported by the reload boost from an Elite Sniper, a 2/0/5 Sniper Monkey has the potential to single-handedly destroy a Z.O.M.G.
  • An Elite Defender has a ~15.4x attack speed multiplier than a regular Sniper, ~24.490x when bloons are at the end of the track; ~48.980x while the ability is active and ~97.959x when more bloons are at the end of the track.
  • As of update 17.0, the 0/2/5 defender is usually better than a 2/0/5, because of the changes to shrapnel that makes it better against grouped bloons. However, the 2/0/5 sniper is still better with single-target damage.
  • On Dark Castle in version 11.0, the track's converging paths confuse the Elite Defender's attack speed algorithm, quadrupling its attack speed when targeting bloons before the paths meet. The glitch is shown off in this video. This bug was patched on version 12.0.
    • Due to the version 11.0 buff, by using 0/0/2 Villages to help afford Elite Defender, it is possible to beat Logs on Deflation Mode using only one 0/2/5 Elite Defender. The Dark Castle bug also made it possible to beat the map using only one 0/2/5 Elite Defender, but this bug is patched.
      • Due to the version 17.0 buff to the Shrapnel Shot, a 0/2/5 Elite Defender can now solo Infernal on deflation mode, if placed on the right hand side of the map. This is probably the easiest way to farm levels for MK only Expert Impoppable mode is faster. You do however need all MK for the sniper and money already unlocked.
  • With the Version 17.0 buff, it is easy to solo Deflation Mode with just a 0-2-5 Elite Defender, provided adequate placement. However, a 0-0-2 Village will need to be bought before the placement of the 0-2-3 Semi-Automatic and then sold in order to purchase the rest of the Elite Defender.

Update HistoryEdit


Buff Primary attack speed increased by 2x (stacks with its ability)


Buff Elite Defender now grants a speed boost equal to the % of the track that the bloons have covered. E.g. If the bloons are half way through the map Elite Defender will grant 50% attack speed. If the bloons are three quarters through the map, Elite Defender will grant 75% attack speed. (It retains its bonus when lives are lost)

Buff Elite Defender now activates passive ability when Ezili's Sacrifice Totem is activated

Nerf Now has a passive cooldown when first bought.


Change balloon Description updated to mention the speed boost based on how far the bloons are along the track.


Buff Elite Defender base attack speed very slightly increased (0.065s --> 0.0649s)



  • There was a bug in version 9.0 in its passive ability: it is broken and doesn't activate at all when a life is lost. This was fixed in version 10.0.
  • Despite the description saying "When a life is lost", the ability will still be activated when Bloons leak but the lives aren't lost (such as when using Legend of the Night).
  • Sometimes, when the ability is activated with a high enough reload speed, the Elite Defender will play it's idle animation while still firing. This can happen with a normal Elite Defender.
  • The art for the Elite Defender shows him saluting with two fingers, which is used in the Cub Scouts, as well as some other international organizations.
  • Starting from Version 11.0, despite not mentioning the newly added initial cooldown on the Version 11.0 patch notes, there is now an initial cooldown to the passive ability. A similar occurrence happens for Bomb Blitz.
  • The artwork used for Elite Defender is nearly the same as the upgrade icon for Special Poperations.
  • Starting from Version 17.0, the description for Elite Defender added "...Also attacks faster the further the Bloons are along the track." on top of the old description.
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