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The Easy Track is a track from the second Bloons TD game, Bloons Tower Defense 2. It is one of the 3 tracks in Bloons TD 2, all a different difficulty. This one, as the title suggests, is the Easy Difficulty track. The player is started out with 650 Money and 100 Lives. Also, all the towers, upgrades, and road items are cheaper than they are in the other 2 tracks.


This track takes place in the sky. Clouds can be seen on this track. Ironically, towers can only be placed in the sky. It is simple, as there is one entrance and one exit, with multiple loops meaning towers have multiple chances to pop Bloons.


Tack Shooters are great for the amount of corners the map provides. Don't forget to add a Cannon near the front to pop those Lead Bloon layers too.

Dart Monkeys can also do quite well. Remember to add Cannons in order to pop Lead Bloons, as nothing else is able to pop Lead Bloons in this game.



  • This is the easiest track in Bloons TD 2, hence the name.

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