The Easter Egg Hunt was an event that took place in BTD5 Mobile during 2016 and onwards. Every day, 3 different maps were allocated with eggs, and the player got the eggs for defeating the map. The maps reset at midnight in New Zealand time. The player got the following amount of eggs for these game modes:

The prizes were the following:

  1. Token.png10 (3 eggs)
  2. 5 Tribal Turtles (5 eggs)
  3. Monkey Dollar.png500 (7 eggs)
  4. 5 Beekeepers (10 eggs)
  5. Token.png20 (15 eggs)
  6. 5 Bloonsday Devices (20 eggs)
  7. Monkey Dollar.png2500 (30 eggs)
  8. Bloon Scrambler (35 eggs)

125 eggs in total was needed to obtain all the rewards.

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