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Dual layer blade array doubly shreds bloons, taking off 2 layers instead of 1.
~ BMC Steam description

Dual Layer Blades (or Triple Layer Blades in BTDB Mobile since the 6.18 update) is the third upgrade on the first path of the Bloonchipper, allowing the Bloonchipper to tear off two layers at once instead of one, similarly to the Mortar Tower's Bloon Buster. In BTDB Mobile, until it was removed in Version 6.20 to give way for the Omni-Shredder (which in turn shifted Super Wide Funnel as the new Tier 3), it instead shredded 3 layers per Bloon every time it chips Bloons.

It costs $680 on Easy, $800 on Medium, $865 on Hard, $960 on Impoppable. It costed $700 on BTD Battles Mobile.



Dual Layer Blades helps shred stronger normal bloon types into more manageable chunks. It is more effective against stronger bloons compared to multiple of the previous upgrade, because Dual Layer Blades can skip layers and therefore pop more bloons than if popping each individual layer twice with two separate suction-and-shred attacks.


  • 3-2 is useful for better shredding efficiency.
  • When shredding a Ceramic Bloon, the ceramic bloon still needs to be shredded 10 times instead of 5 before the Bloonchipper can destroy the ceramic layer.
  • This makes the Bloonchipper more than twice as powerful as it pops 2 layer off, skipping layers off stronger bloons like Rainbows and Ceramics.

Version History (BTDB Mobile)[]

  • BUFF Dual Layer Blades cost decreased ($800 → $750)
  • BUFF Dual Layer Blades cost decreased ($750 → $700)
  • BUFF Dual Layer Blades damage per shred increased (2 → 3)
  • Change Dual Layer Blades is now renamed as Triple Layer Blades
  • NERF Removed Triple Layer Blades, which is now replaced with Super Wide Funnel