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Calls a vine from the ground to entangle and crush Bloons one at a time.
~ BTD6 Description

The Druid of the Jungle is the third upgrade of Path 2 of the Druid in BTD6. It gives the Druid a new vine attack, which appears from the ground and will grab one non-MOAB Bloon anywhere on the map, immobilizing it and draining its layers until it is fully popped. Once fully popped, an "after-vine" is placed at the location where the bloon was popped. This spiky vine pops any type of bloon, has 2 projectile size and deals 1 per 0.3s contact damage, similar to Wall of Fire, onto up to 30 bloons per contact tick, and lasts up to 4.5 seconds on the bloon track. Spiky vines also degrow bloons thanks to the previous Heart of Oak upgrade.

The vine attack will only be able to attack another Bloon once the original is fully popped. The stronger the bloons are, the longer it takes to get rid of them. It attacks every 1.4s at minimum, longer if the bloon hasn't yet fully destroyed. Vines are able to target any type of bloon including Lead and Purple Bloons, but not Camo without support.

It costs $805 on Easy, $950 on Medium, $1,025 on Hard, and $1,140 on Impoppable.



The main virtue of Druid of the Jungle comes from its instakills versus Ceramics via its vines. It is quite slow however, so they are not able to handle too many Ceramics at once. The secondary vines spawned from popped bloons can chip out more damage, similarly to Wall of Fire, but can be unreliable.


  • The vine attack always uses Strong targeting; as such, the Druid can be assigned other targeting options for its other attacks without "wasting" the vine.
  • It can be used against Ceramic Bloons from MOABs as they will instantly nullify their threat.
  • In large groups, these Druids are extremely powerful and can even remove the threats of heavy Ceramic rushes such as Round 63 and Round 76.
  • The vine will only attack another target once the original has been popped.
  • Attack speed buffs have no effect on the attack speed of this upgrade, rather its attack speed is dependent on what Bloon the tower is attacking and how long it takes to destroy that bloon.
    • The tower spends (√rbe + 2 (if the bloon is lead) + 1)/4 seconds destroying a bloon, with the base cooldown being 1.4s.
    • Zebra Bloons trapped by the instakill vines take barely more time than the instakill vines' base cooldown of 1.4s, at 1.4489s.
  • 0-3-0 can be used to neutralize Round 76, as its degrow vine can hit a Regrow Ceramic and then cause a chain degrowth of Regrow Ceramics.

Version History[]

Excluding broken bugs such as the Version 8.0 interaction with Striker Jones' Level 9+ (at the time was present-day Level 5+), Druid of the Jungle did not receive any buffs until 28.0. It technically got buffed because of Heart of Oak, but since the main point of Druid of the Jungle comes from the instakill vines, these points are not listed here.

Version 28.0 now adds a spiky thorn for popped targets, similar to Wall of Fire (not Spike Factory spikes).

[...] Jungle Druids have been reworked to have more offensive power at both T3 and the T4 while not being quite so good at farming
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Druid of the Jungle Vine grab now drops spiky thorns to the track upon popping a target
    • Damage: 1
    • Pierce: 30
    • Pierce Refresh: 0.3
    • [undocumented] These track thorns also pop Lead and Frozen Bloons.


Official artwork[]



  • If the last Bloon left is grabbed by a vine, the round will end automatically.
    • This is due to the fact that the grabbed bloon is treated by the game as popped, there is simply an animation to remove it from the screen, similar to that of Monkey Pirates.
  • This is one of the few upgrades that can instantly destroy a Ghost Bloon. The others being Obyn Greenfoot's Wall of Trees, Bomb Blitz, Legend of the Night, Engineer Monkey's all Bloon Traps (even rewards $0) and Bloon Master Alchemist.
  • A bug in update 8.0 allowed Druid of the Jungle nearby Striker Jones with Level 9+ to instakill MOAB-class bloons, including the BAD, to reveal the children bloons. It was fixed in update 8.1.
  • Psi's instakilling concept is similar to Druid of the Jungle, and Psi's instakilling of blimps may have been inspired by the Version 8.0 bug when interacting Striker Jones with Druid of the Jungle.
  • The Druid's vines are visible on its Insta-monkey Icon, despite not being a part of the tower's base model.
  • Popping a bloon with the Druid's instakill vines will still produce a normal pop sound and visual effects, regardless of what type of bloon pop effect from the Trophy Store is enabled.