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Creates a blast of thorns for each attack. Upgrades can call forth powers of the Jungle, Storm, or Wrath.
~ Bloons TD 6 description

The Druid is a Magic Class tower in the Bloons TD series. It first appears in Bloons TD 6 along with the Alchemist. They can be chosen and unlocked in-game between ranks 14-18.

It costs $360 on Easy, $425 on Medium, $460 on Hard and $510 on Impoppable.


The Druid is a white-tan monkey that throws several small wooden thorns, which can destroy multiple bloons and/or layers, depending on its distance, similar to a shotgun. This tower's thorns, however, are ineffective against most special bloons attributes and requires upgrades to get much farther than that. Unfortunately, a majority of their early upgrades cannot detect camo attributes on its own and must be assisted by towers such as the Monkey Village and its camo detection upgrades. The first path for the Druid is similar to the first path of the Monkey Apprentice in BTD5. It is more powerful in groups with both its wrath and jungle forms being much more effective with other monkeys or Druids.


Path 1...

Path 2...

Path 3...

Path 1[]

Hard Thorns
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300
Description: Hard thorns can pop 2 bloons each and can pop frozen bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Heart of Thunder
COST: $850 / $1,000 / $1,080 / $1,200
Description: Unleashes regular blasts of forked lightning that arc from bloon to bloon.
Effect: Creates regular blasts of forked lightning onto bloons as it attacks, affecting up to 30 bloons per lightning bolt.
Druid of the Storm
COST: $1,570 / $1,850 / $2,000 / $2,220
UNLOCK: 2,500 XP
Description: Gusts of wind blow Bloons off the track away from the exit.
Effect: Creates small tornadoes that blow away up to 30 bloons backwards.
Ball Lightning
COST: $4,335 / $5,100 / $5,510 / $6,120
UNLOCK: 12,000 XP
Description: Makes powerful balls of lightning that shoot additional lightning bolts.
Effect: Creates moving balls of lightning that shoot high-damage lightning bolts.
COST: $76,500 / $90,000 / $97,200 / $108,000
UNLOCK: 35,000 XP
Description: Superstorm blasts all Bloon types for massive damage and blows them away from the exit.
Effect: Creates supertornadoes that blow away up to 200 bloons including MOAB-class, although MOAB-class consume more pierce. Additional Ball Lightnings are produced the longer the supertornadoes last. Most attacks gain even more damage.

Path 2[]

Thorn Swarm
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300
Description: Shoots 8 thorns per shot instead of 5.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Heart of Oak
COST: $295 / $350 / $380 / $420
Description: Attacks convert Regrow Bloons into normal Bloons.
Effect: Attacks that affect Regrow Bloons strip their Regrow properties.
Druid of the Jungle
COST: $805 / $950 / $1,025 / $1,140
UNLOCK: 2,000 XP
Description: Calls a vine from the ground to entangle and crush Bloons one at a time.
Effect: Instakills the strongest non-blimp bloon on screen, strangling onto the same bloon until the bloon withers into nothing.
Jungle's Bounty
COST: $4,250 / $5,000 / $5,400 / $6,000
UNLOCK: 11,000 XP
Description: Jungle's Bounty Ability: Generates cash each use, plus extra cash per Banana Farm near the Druid.
Effect: Gains even more range, and ability generates extra cash plus more per Banana Farm within range.
Spirit of the Forest
COST: $29,750 / $35,000 / $37,800 / $42,000
UNLOCK: 40,000 XP
Description: Grows thorned vines along the path that deal constant damage plus bonus damage to ceramics. Vines nearest the Spirit of the Forest do more damage. Activated ability generates lives and more cash.
Effect: Continually grows thorned vines starting from its direct location and grows more vines outwards roughly every 1.0s. Thorned vines will deal 2 damage every 0.5s to every bloon contacting its growing thorned vines. Deals 10 damage to Ceramics and 6 damage to MOAB-class.

Path 3[]

Druidic Reach
COST: $85 / $100 / $110 / $120
Description: Increases range by a large amount.
Effect: Gains +10 range.
Heart of Vengeance
COST: $255 / $300 / $325 / $360
Description: Gains 10% attack speed and 1% for every life lost from the starting value after the upgrade. Maxes at 100% and diminishes if lives are restored.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Druid of Wrath
COST: $510 / $600 / $650 / $720
UNLOCK: 1,700 XP
Description: Gains attack speed during the round as long as the Druid is attacking Bloons.
Effect: Gains +0.5% attack speed every time it does 1 point of damage to bloons, up to +100%. Wrath attack speed bonus resets if not attacking within 2 seconds.
COST: $2,125 / $2,500 / $2,700 / $3,000
UNLOCK: 14,000 XP
Description: Boosts attack speed and pierce for all Druids in the radius. Can stack up to 5 times on a single Druid.
Effect: Nearby Druids gain increased pierce and attack speed by +15%, stackable additively up to 5 times for +75% pierce and attack speed.
Avatar of Wrath
COST: $38,250 / $45,000 / $48,600 / $54,000
UNLOCK: 33,000 XP
Description: The more bloons there are, the more damage it does!
Effect: Deals 4 damage per thorn by default, plus another +1 damage every 3000 RBE on screen, capped at +30.

Total Costs[]

Version History (BTD6)[]

  • Release

Balance Changes[]

  • Buff x-4-x Jungle's Bounty now produces much more cash with a bigger range.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest +1 damage to all attacks.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest track vines now deal +4 damage to ceramics & MOABs.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest's T3 Jungle Vine attack targets bloons about 20% faster.
  • Buff x-x-2 Heart of Vengeance 10% of the maximum possible 100% attack rate boost from lives lost is now permanently applied upon upgrading. This 10% bonus will always apply to any druid with this upgrade, even in Impoppable & CHIMPS modes.
  • Buff 5-x-x Superstorm, Super Storm damage increased from 5 to 12.
  • Buff 5-x-x Superstorm, Ball Lightning damage increased from 2 to 5.
  • Buff 5-x-x Superstorm, Lightning damage increased from 1 to 3.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest no longer generates lives per round, but will generate lives on every ability use instead. This is to better synergize with the bottom path by not automatically reducing the bonus from Heart Of Vengeance every round.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest ceramic damage bonus increased from 4 to 8.
  • Buff x-4-x Jungle's Bounty base range increased from 35 to 55.
  • Nerf x-4-x Jungle's Bounty ability range reduced to match base tower range.
  • Nerf x-4-x Jungle's Bounty cash gained per farm reduced from $150 to $100.
  • Buff x-2-x Heart of Oak now allows the Lightning, Whirlwind & Ball Lightning attacks to remove the regrow property from any Bloons they hit.
We've wanted to work on this upgrade for a while but first had to deal with an issue causing it to perform far differently to intended. Unfortunately while we expected improvement from this fix, it ended up being an overall nerf. We have cut the price by a large amount to counter this and will revisit the upgrade again after this settles.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff x-5-x Druid Spirit of the Forest price reduced from 50,000 → 35,000.
Superstorm has been adjusted with a new feature to grant it a method of dealing continuous damage to the targets that it blows backwards. We know many of you will feel this needs much more work but please be patient as we will come back to it.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Superstorm's Storm now spawns Ball Lightnings in a 180 degree arc in front of it every second until the storm expires.
The most recent buff to Superstorm was great fun, but when spending pierce so quickly we wouldn't see many extra Ball Lightnings. Since many find Superstorm lacking in pierce overall, the 'extra' pierce consumptions for hitting larger targets have been reduced to make it more effective and more lightningey.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Ball Lighting price decreased ($6,000 → $5,500)
  • Buff Superstorm's superstorm pierce consumptions is now decreased for all MOAB-class bloons:
    • MOAB: 20 → 5
    • BFB: 50 → 20
    • ZOMG: 200 → 50
    • DDT: 50 → 10
Druid's top path Storm & Ball Lightning upgrades needed a value boost versus other options versus other paths of other tower choices, so these have been given a small price buff for now.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Druid of the Storm price reduced from $2,000 → $1,850.
  • Buff Ball Lightning price reduced from $5,500 → $5,100.

Bug fixes and other changes[]

  • x-2-x Heart of Oak will now remove the regrow property from leads when Acidic Mixture Dip is applied.
  • Druid x-5-x Spirit of the Forest will now damage all ceramic children spawned from a MOAB correctly.
  • x-x-2 Heart of Vengeance save issues have been resolved.
  • x-x-3 Druid of Wrath description updated to "attacking Bloons" not "popping".
  • x-x-4 Poplust description updated to mention 'pierce' not just attack speed.
  • Nerf 3-x-x Druid of the Storm Blowback effects can no longer push Bloons out of bounds.
  • 5-x-x Superstorm no longer creates an additional cloud platform every time it is crosspathed.
  • Buff x-5-x Spirit of the Forest no longer deal damage inconsistently on different numbers of child spawns that come out of any Parent it destroys.
  • x-x-5 Avatar of Wrath once again upgrades asset of projectiles.
  • Buff x-4-x Jungle's Bounty now records Cash Earned separately from pops.
  • Nerf x-2-x Heart of Oak should no longer remove regrow from Bloons that it cannot damage.
  • x-5-x Spirit of the Forest vine visuals should correctly layer over split tracks now.
  • Nerf Druid of the Storm blowback should correctly remove ongoing glue damage effects from Bloons when the slow is removed.



  • The second, third and to some degree its fifth upgrade of its path 1 were formerly upgrades of the Wizard Monkey in BTD 5.
  • The second and third upgrades share common naming patterns between all 3 paths: "Heart of X" and "Druid of X" respectively.
  • This is the second monkey in the main Bloons TD games that doesn't have brown fur (excluding heroes and non-monkey towers like the Tack Shooter.) The first was the Ice Monkey.
  • The Druid and the Alchemist are the only monkeys in BTD6 with a one word name.
    • Both of them were also introduced in BTD6.