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Darts bounce harmlessly off Dreadbloon’s tough hide and only the most powerful explosive attacks stand a chance of getting through his thick armour. Do you have enough firepower to cut this giant down to size?
~ BTD5 Mobile Description

Dreadbloon: Armored Behemoth (BMC) is an Event-only MOAB-Class Bloon found in the Dreadbloon event in Bloons Monkey City. In the battle, Dreadbloon's health is displayed on the top. The player does not receive a tile for completing the level. Upon popping Dreadbloon, the player will see Dreadbloon saying "Watch your back!" and receive the relative tier of CT Milestone worth in rewards. If the player fails to pop Dreadbloon, a message will popup with the normal "DEFEAT!" showing, and text that says: "...But the Boss is damaged. Chase it down and try again!"

The Dreadbloon appears in a cave level with multiple folds on the track.


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Properties & Abilities[]

  • The boss has the ability to 'grow' a yellow stone layer. It regains its stone armor for each boss HP level, regaining its shell a total of 4 times, including when it spawns. This stone armor can be hit by any type of attack. Despite its appearance as well as the sound effects given from damaging the stone layer, it does not have Ceramic properties, which is why Juggernauts and Spiked Balls do not do extra damage to them.
  • When not under the stone layer, Dreadbloon has the ability of a lead bloon, and therefore is immune to sharp projectiles. Dreadbloon can be damaged by the engineer's lead popping foam, but only pops once per foam clump.
  • Boss Bane does extra damage to its stone armor.
  • Dreadbloon does not award cash for inflicting damage while the stone armor is active, as this is not part of the bloon. The same goes for Ceramic Bloons.
  • This boss does not spawn any children bloons.

Boss + Shield Health[]

Level Health Shield Health
1 100 100
2 200 200
3 400 300
4 800 400
5 1600 500
6 3200 600
7 4500 700
8 5500 800
9 7000 900
10 9000 1000
11 12000 1210
12 16000 1440
13 21000 1690
14 27000 1960
15 34000 2250
16 42500 2560
17 52500 2890
18 64000 3240
19 77000 3610
20 91500 4000
21 108000 4410
22 126500 4840
23 147000 5290
24 169500 5760
25 194000 6250
26 220500 6760

Dreadbloon's health for any level past level 19 can be determined using the equation below, where "x" is the level to be accounted for (the equation also takes Dreadbloon's shield ramping into account):

(1000x² - 24500x + 181500) + (4 * 10x²), x ≥ 20 or 500(2x² - 49x + 363) + 40x²


  • When the boss is defeated, all other bloons will be dazed and popped that indicates that the mission is completed. This is also true for other bosses.
  • In higher levels (10+), the boss will regain a minor amount of its stone armor even when its health does not reach the skull milestone bars, which gets higher as you deplete more skulls (from a measly 10% of its shield to 50% at the last skull).
  • The Super Monkey's Laser Vision does not do damage to the boss due to its lead properties, but the laser can pass through the boss, although a normal Lead Bloon cannot be pierced by lasers.
  • It can be thought that the ceramic-like layer on the outside of this boss bloon is actually made of dirt or clay dug up from the ground, as the pre-battle image shows the armored behemoth drilling out from the ground, surrounded by dirt or the like. Also, Dreadbloon stops each time it regains its clay armor, when it is possibly digging dirt up from the ground and covering itself in it. During this time, the boss cannot take damage, so assassin spam will not work on the boss while it's regenerating. BUG: If the boss is frozen (via Boss Chill) while it is regenerating, the boss will start moving again once it's finished.
  • Due to the boss's low HP at Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4, Boss Blast can instantly kill Dreadbloon at those levels and leave Dreadbloon with 100 health at Round 5.
  • In the Mobile version, the Absolute Zero ability can slow Dreadbloon down. Additionally, its size is not enough to reach spikes on parallel path portions.
  • A single MOAB Assassin Ability is just enough to destroy non-clay-armored Dreadbloon Levels 1 to 3.
  • The player must destroy Dreadbloon to win level 75 in Bloons Super Monkey 2 mobile.
  • MOAB Maulers can do extra damage to the clay layer.
  • In November 2018, Dreadbloon no longer roars when defeated, instead simply making blast sounds until it explodes.

Boss Escapes[]

If the player loses, the player must pay some city cash to try again. The first attempt is free. The nth attempt costs (Dreadbloon Level) x 100 x (n-1) x (n-1). For example, the 5th attempt at level 3 Dreadbloon would cost 300x(5-1)x(5-1) or simply City Cash4,800. The player has 1 hour to defeat the boss otherwise the boss will flee and hide but it will return with full health after defeating another Bloon Beacon tile.


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