Created by cutting edge, top secret technology. Only a super hero can handle these darts.
~ BATTD description

Dr Monkey's Secret Weapon is an Epic Weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It can only be equipped on Supermonkey. It adds +12 range plus +0.5 per star, +4 pierce plus +1 per 3 stars, and +2 damage plus +1 per 3 stars. In updates 1.0.1-1.4, it allowed Supermonkey to require one less Super Fan to transform into the Sun God, and even fewer Fans on higher star levels. As of 1.4.1, it now makes Super Fans allies 50% cheaper if he is placed down.


Description[edit | edit source]

It is a dart with supermonkey's logo and color scheme of red and blue. It also has exhaust pipes on the side. The name suggests that this weapon is created by Dr. Monkey.

Special Properties[edit | edit source]

Dr Monkey's Secret Weapon reduces the cost of Super Fans, (Supermonkeys exclusive ally) by half (50%) . Super Fans can be used to activate Supermonkey's Ability Sun God; (turns supermonkey into sun god ) or Call of Friends; (Turn all Super Fans into supermonkeys temporarily).

The discount stacks with Warrior Bubblegum's discount bonus and trinkets.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Dr Monkey's Secret Weapon is the best weapon for Supermonkey with range and damage boost. It is like a Dragon Fangs but with a range buff and a discount to Super Fans as a bonus.

Version History[edit | edit source]


  • Change balloon.png change special property of requiring 3 instead of 4 super fans to activate Sun God Ability to reducing super fans placement cost by 50%
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