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This page contains tips and strategies for Down The Drain.


  • Placing 2/x Monkey Bucaneers in the middle can be helpful, as they have enough range to cover the 4 entrances.


Easy IOS/Android method.[]

1. Start with the cash injection.

2. Build a Buccaneer in the center.

3. Buy a Banana Farm. Use Monkey Farmer.

4. Upgrade the farm, then the buccaneer.

5. Use the farm to spam Monkey Engineers 3/0 . Place it on the side of the well.

6. keep buying farms and engineers. For camo use 2/2 Ninja Monkeys..

7. Start upgrading to bloon traps.

8. Get the buccaneer to 4/2 by round 60

9. By this time, the turrets will cover almost the entire stage.

10. The engineers should hold on. place more if needed.

11. Sell all towers to get TOTMG. place in the center with the pontoon. You should get this by round 80.

12. Before upgrading, add sacrifices.Then, add the monkey village after upgrading. The TOTMG should cover the entire screen.

Use SMS if needed. Also, you can switch out the specialty building from Engineer to Super Monkey. Most of you might not be able to do this, but this worked for me. I passed all tracks on all difficulty levels so...f

Non-injection method (Requires fourth-tier Engineer specialties and most token upgrades on Mobile):

Start with two Dart Monkeys and save to replace them with a pair of Engineers. Place each of them on the left and right near the center so they can hit two tracks.

Upgrade the engineers to 1/0 each.

Build farms for early economy.

At approximately round 20 (use your best judgment here, it can vary) start rushing your engineers to 4/1 or 4/2. Keep the farms, though. Obviously, make sure that you have Cleansing Foam for the camo bloon if you're playing on Impoppable. If not, don't bother.

Use the trap and farm economy to buy more engineers, carpeting the stage in turrets and foam.

Buy one (if you have a pontoon) or two (if you don't) 4/2 bloonchippers to cover the MOABs, these will last you till around round 64, though 53 is a bit tight. Road spikes can be used if necessary. Round 63 is also difficult. You can buy some 2/3 Ice Towers to eliminate the ceramics easily. Now is the time to sell the farms.

Continue buying bloonchippers and engineers in similar patterns. Concentrate on getting the bloon traps.

Super Monkey Strategy[]

There are two places on the screen, one on the left and one on the right, where a properly placed super monkey can hit all four paths. By placing a super monkey there you can keep the bloons under control.