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This article is about the upgrade for the Monkey Buccaneer. For other upgrades with the same name (such as Ninja Monkey's), see Double Shot.

Double ship weapons fired.
~ BTD6 description, as of Version 17.0

Double Shot is the 2nd upgrade on the top path for the Monkey Buccaneer in BTD6. It makes the Monkey Buccaneer's main cannon fire two darts side by side every shot. As of Version 17.0, this affects Grape Shot or Hot Shot too, but not the cannon bombs from Cannon Ship or above.

It costs $465 on Easy, $550 on Medium, $595 on Hard, and $660 on Impoppable.



Double Shot doubles the number of projectiles per shot for the dart and grape attacks. It is a relatively low-cost but reliable option for increasing overall damage output of the Buccaneer, especially when paired with Grape Shot.


  • Due to the fact that this upgrade indirectly increases pierce and damage, positioning is important in order to maximize the Buccaneer's effectiveness.
  • Ideally place your 2-x-x boats where there are straight track sections on roughly opposite sides of the water pool. If cross pathing with Grape Shot, inside a rounded loop can be fine as well, similar to Tack Shooter or Ice Monkey placement.
    • Unless camo detection is needed, it is well worth upgrading with Grape Shot, as Double Shot will double the number of grapes fired too. This is especially good after upgrading to a Destroyer.
    • When the "Bigger Bunch" MK is purchased, it is possible to get 12 grapes per shot normally or 24 when the Buccaneer attacks on both sides.

Version History[]

Crosspathing interaction added for Grape Shot. But price is increased slightly due to dominance of the Grape Shot crosspath.

  • Buff Double Shot now also doubles the numbers of grapes as well.
Most cases for Buccaneer currently find you better off sticking to Destroyers and adding other buffs, so we have made a couple slight nudges to this top path
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Double Shot cost increased ($500 → $550).


Official artwork[]


  • This is the only Buccaneer upgrade to share names with an already existing upgrade: the Ninja Monkey's Double Shot.
  • This upgrade recolors the Buccaneer's wooden boat hull to a steel-like blue shade.