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All your Boomerang Throws become ambidextrous and will throw 2 boomerangs instead of 1!
~ BTD4 Flash description

Double Ranga is the Premium Upgrade for the Boomerang Throwers in BTD4 and BTD5. Whether it's a boomerang, glaive, or lightsabre, the monkey will throw 2 of them with this premium upgrade, meaning that it can pop twice as many bloons as it initially could. It costs CoinsIcon15 in BTD4, CoinsIcon20 in BTD5 and Monkey Dollar4800 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe.


  • There is a design on the boomerangs on the Double Ranga icon in BTD4, which appears to be a kangaroo.
  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile, Double Ranga becomes the Tier 4 upgrade for the Boomerang Dojo.
  • The boomerangs target bloons individually, making towers with this perk ideal for guarding forks and parallel paths.
  • "Ranga" is also a term in Australia for a redhead/ginger (i.e. a person with red hair).
  • Spamming Bionic Boomers with this premium and the Boomerang Dojo level 3 activated at the same time can win most games with no problems. However, the player should include a Radar Scanner Monkey Village or a Meerkat Spy for Camo detection, or a Spike Factory as another option.
  • Glaive Lords do not get two more rotating glaives around it.
  • Even though it says that the Boomerang Throwers learnt to be ambidextrous, the Boomerang Thrower throws the 2 boomerangs with one hand.
    • This also applies to other towers, like Bloonjitsu.