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Some bloons struck by the Ninja's weapons will become distracted and move the wrong way temporarily.
~ BTD5 description

Distraction is the 2nd upgrade on path 2 for the Ninja Monkey in BTD5. Some bloons struck by the Ninja's weapons will become distracted and move the wrong way temporarily. Bloons affected by Distraction's effects are applied blowback, similarly to Summon Whirlwind and Downdraft.

It costs $300 (Easy), $350 (Medium), $380 (Hard), and $420 (Impoppable). In BTDB Flash, it is $500, while in BTDB Mobile it is $400.



Distraction allows bloons to become distracted, blowing themselves back towards the entrance. However, do not count on this to stop bloons from making it through. It is only a nice additional bonus, not something to be relied on. The Summon Whirlwind and Tempest Tornado upgrades for the Monkey Apprentice are much more efficient and reliable at sending bloons back to the start.


  • Distraction can be compared to BTD4/BTD5 Monkey Apprentice's Summon Whirlwind upgrade or Druid's Druid of the Storm upgrade, except that Ninja Monkey's Distraction triggers by a low chance via the main shuriken attacks.
  • If this form of blowback is used on a Regrowth Bloon, unless there is a tower in range, it might regrow on the way back, which means if it is used on a Ceramic Bloon that has been destroyed, it could turn back into a Ceramic Bloon.
  • Having a Bloonjitsu with Distraction can be helpful, but can start Regrow Farms.
  • Distraction is very useful in combination with a couple of other Distraction Ninjas or a Bloonjitsu, which in particular allows it to reliably send back leftover Ceramics backwards quite reliably.

Version History (BTDB Mobile)[]

  • NERF Distraction price increased ($350 → $500).
  • BUFF Distraction price decreased ($500 → $400).



  • In Bloons TD 5 Mobile bloons that are blown away by Distraction will have their ice or glue blown away too.
  • In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, the ninja appears to throw blue question marks instead of standing on the left foot and pointing with the right hand.

Distraction Icon in BTD5