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Icon for discount in Bloons TD 6

Discount is an "attack" behavior characterized by providing a set, non-extrapolative cash save/gain. It is part of the damage types family. All "attacks" with Discount guaranteed to be of Passive Passive Type (no attack) type and accompanied with Target Tower(s) Targets Tower(s) (unspecified types of towers).

Discount is represented on Bloons Wiki as Discount (unspecified "discount" description), the upgrade artwork for Monkey Business in Bloons TD 6, as this depicts a price tag that is common on items that are being discounted. There is a subset of this called Commerce Discount Discount (unspecified "discount" description), represented as the upgrade icon for the Monkey Commerce in Bloons TD 6. It is distinguished by Bonus Income Generates Bonus Income (generates in-game currency per round, often in-game cash) and its subsets because Discount only provides a very specific amount of cash save/gain without extrapolative potential. This is especially the case because Discount is not banned on CHIMPS Mode.

There are only three unique upgrades that provide Discount and its subsets: Monkey Business, Monkey Commerce, Favored Trades and Banana Salvage. Favored Trades and Banana Salvage is classified as such because its property of bonus sellback potency is considered non-extrapolative cash gain. Favored Trades technically can provide bonus sellback potency, but sellback is normally banned on CHIMPS and can only make effect on said mode if selling is enabled or using the "illegal strategy" with Arctic Wind land platforms. Favored Trades and Banana Salvage are also classified under Bonus Sellback Adds Bonus Sellback (specify sellback bonus), marking their associations with selling.

Support Sacrifice Sun Temples and Support Sacrifice True Sun Gods provide buffs that are separate buffs in their entirety, but both can provide Discount too.

The only tower type that cannot gain a discount are Paragons, any Heroes upgrades and Geraldo's Shop items.

All "attacks" from a tower require an upgrade to Discount, except the BTD5 Monkey Village. In BTD6, One Two Tree Beginner Map is among the maps with a specific map condition that provides a discount.

In Bloons TD 6, all Upgrades can only be Discounted to Prices that end in 0 or 5. This is because of rounding. Rounding equation impending.

List of Discount Sources[]


While all Tower and Map Discounts are percentage based, most of the Monkey Knowledge Discounts are by flat values. This makes sense, because Monkey Knowledge is consistent through most games.



Monkey Knowledge:

  • Cheap 'Rangs (Boomerang Monkey | -$50)
  • Budget Clusters (Bomb Shooter Cluster Bombs | -$100)
  • Cheaper Solution (Glue Gunner Bloon Liquefier | -$1,000)
  • Come On Everybody! (All Primary Towers, but only if they're all Tier 3 or 4 | -5%)
  • Bonus Glue Gunner / Bonus Monkey! (First Dart Monkey / Glue Gunner | -100%)
  • Cheaper Maiming (Sniper Monkey Maim MOAB | -$1,000)
  • Aeronautic Subsidy (Monkey Ace Tier 5s | -10%)
  • Budget Battery (Mortar Monkey Artillery Battery | -$600)
  • Military Conscription (First Military Tower | -33.33%)
  • Advanced Logistics (Military Towers | -5%)
  • Magic Tricks (Wizard Monkey Guided Magic & Intense Magic | -$25)
  • Cheaper Doubles (Ninja Monkey Double Shot | -$100)
  • Warm Oak (Druid Heart of Oak | -$100)
  • Flat Pack Buildings (Banana Farm & Monkey Village | -2% & +2% Sellback)
  • Insider Trades (Monkey Village Monkey Business | Special, increases Monkey Business Discount to -12%)
  • First Last Line of Defense (Spike Factory | -$150)
  • Farm Subsidy (Banana Farm | -$100)
  • Better Sell Deals (All Towers | +5% Sellback)
  • Hi-Value Mines (Spike Factory Spiked Mines | -$1,500)
  • Scholarships (Hero Power-Leveling | -10%)
  • Hero Favors (Base Cost of Hero | -10%)