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Being killed in battle hasn't stopped Dirt Beer Guy from keeping up the fight. He uses his plant powers to create spiky traps.
~ BATTD description
Dirt Beer Guy

Dirt Beer Guy as shown as a card

Grows spiky thorns onto nearby areas of track.
~ Short description

Dirt Beer Guy (for more information, see Dirt Beer Guy) is a Super Rare Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He attacks in a similar way to a Spike Factory, dispensing spiked plants onto nearby track that pop bloons. His spiked plant attacks additionally pop camo by default. He can be equipped to Princess Bubblegum, Warrior Bubblegum, Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie, C4 Charlie, and Sai. He costs $800 on all difficulties.


  • Creates high pierce thorn patches
  • Short range


  • More Thorns ($500): Thorn patches can pop more bloons [thorns pop 5 more bloons]
    • Fertilizer ($400): Increases the rate at which thorn patches can grow [to TBA speed]
      • Deeper Roots ($900): Thorn patches can be grown further away from Dirt Beer Guy [+TBA range]



  • Dirt Beer Guy originally could not pop camo by default until Version 1.5.0, where he received a bug fix that now allows him to pop camo bloons.
  • Dirt Beer Guy's base cost is the same as the BTD6 Spike Factory's base cost prior to its Version 23.0 base cost nerf. However, he attacks 3 times slower than the standard attack speed constant (in this case, 1).