Usually, when discussing about the Bloons games, some people use abbreviations or terms exclusive to the game series. In case if you don't know what these abbreviations or terms mean, here's a full list. You can add your own terms, but make sure to keep the list alphabetized correctly. Symbols count as letters, and all belong in front of letters. For example, "O:DS" is put before "OC" because of the colon.

Please Note: These terms may differ slightly among players. Be careful when using these.

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#TC # Tower C.H.I.M.P.S.
#THC # Tower C.H.I.M.P.S. on Half Cash Mode
2MPC 2 Megapops (2,000,000 pops) C.H.I.M.P.S.
AA Active Ability
ABR Alternate Bloons Rounds
AC Advanced Challenge, Aircraft Carrier
Ace Monkey Ace
Airburst Airburst Darts
Alc/Alch Alchemist
Alch buff Alchemist's potion effects (Acidic Mixture Dip, Berserker Brew, Stronger Stimulant)
AMD Acidic Mixture Dip
Angry Ice Embrittlement
Angry Sub Submerge and Support with Heat-Tipped Darts
AOW Avatar of Wrath
AP Darts Armor Piercing Darts
Apache Apache Dartship
Apop Apopalypse Mode
Avatar Sun Avatar, Avatar of Wrath
AW Arctic Wind
BADS Bloon Area Denial System
Bank Monkey Bank
Batman Dark Knight
BB Black Border, obtained by beating C.H.I.M.P.S. without loading save
Ben Benjamin
BI Bloon Impact
Big One The Big One
Biggest One/TB1 The Biggest One
Bio Boomer Bionic Boomer/Bionic Boomerang
Black Black Bloon
Black MOAB Dark Dirigible Titan (D.D.T.), often used by new players
Bladers Tack Shooters upgraded to its second path
Bloodles Expert Map Bloody Puddles
Bloon A balloon, the main "enemy" in all games.
Bloon Crunch Bloon Crush
Blooncin Blooncineration
Blowers Any tower that can send bloons back the path
Blimp M.O.A.B. Class Bloon
Blimps/Bloodles Bloody Puddles C.H.I.M.P.S.
BMA Bloon Master Alchemist
BO The Big One
Bomb Bomb Shooter
Boomer Boomerang Monkey
Brew Alchemist brew buffs: Berserker Brew, Stronger Stimulant, Permanent Brew
BRF Banana Research Facility
BS Bloonstones
BSM Bloons Super Monkey
BT Bloon Trap
BTD Bloons Tower Defense, may refer to the first Bloons Tower Defense game, or the Bloons Tower Defense genre
BTDB Bloons TD Battles or Bloons TD Battles Mobile
Bucc/Boat Monkey Buccaneer
CB/Cluster Cluster Bombs
Ceramic Ceramic Bloon
CF Cleansing Foam
Child(ren) (Bloons) Bloons that spawn out after the original bloon is popped.
Chinook Support Chinook
Churchill Captain Churchill
Comanche Comanche Commander (Note: Comanche Defense is often referred to by its full name)
Conc/Concoction Unstable Concoction
Cookie Monster Transforming Tonic ability
couch, or #couch #Ouch C.H.I.M.P.S.
CT Contested Territory
CTA Call to Arms
Cuddles Muddy Puddles C.H.I.M.P.S.
D Breath Dragon's Breath
Dart Dart Monkey
DB Dragon's Breath
DC Daily Challenge, Dark Champion, Dark Castle
DCed / DC'ed Disconnected
Defender Elite Defender
Double-discounted (tower_name) Tower whose upgrades are discounted by two Monkey Commerce buffs (i.e. +20% discount total).
DPS Damage-per-second. The combined product of damage and attack speed per second.
Dumb Sniper Upper Path 3 Sniper (Semi-Automatic, Full Auto Rifle, Elite Defender) with Path 2 upgrades (Night Vision Goggles or Shrapnel Shot)
DumbFender Elite Defender with Path 2 upgrades (Night Vision Goggles or Shrapnel Shot)
Elim MOAB Eliminator
Engi Engineer Monkey
Expertise Primary Expertise
F(MOAB initial) Fortified M.O.A.B. Class Bloon (FBFB would mean Fortified BFB)
Factory Banana Research Facility
Fanclub Super Monkey Fan Club ability
Farm Banana Farm
Farmer Monkey Farmer/Banana Farmer
FF Fast Forward
Flagship Carrier Flagship
Flamethrower A Monkey Apprentice with the Dragon's Breath upgrade
Flame wheeler Tack Shooters with the Ring of Fire upgrade
Frags Frag Bombs
Frozen Frozen Bloon(s)
FSC First Strike Capability
GL Glaive Lord
Glue Glue Gunner
Grandmaster/GM Grandmaster Ninja
Grand Sabo Grand Saboteur
Gwen Gwendolin
GZ Ground Zero
HC Half Cash
Heli Heli Pilot
Homeland Homeland Defense
ISAB Monkey Robo-Monkey with Knockback or Ultravision
Ice Ice Monkey
Ice spikers Ice Towers with the Ice Shards upgrade, focusing it on offense
IMF IMF Loan ability
Impale Icicle Impale
Impop Impoppable
Insta Insta-Monkeys
Intel Advanced Intel upgrade or Advanced Intel range
Jitsu Bloonjitsu
Jones/Bones Striker Jones/Biker Bones
Jugg Juggernaut
Jugglers Dart Monkeys upgraded to Juggernauts
Kylie Kylie Boomerang
Lead Lead Bloon
Lead detection Lead Bloon grant; allows tower to pop Lead Bloons (and also DDTs, if can pop Black Bloons too)
Leaks Bloons that manage to get past your main defenses into the end of the track
LoTN Legend of the Night
MA Monkey Apprentice
Maelstrom Blade Maelstrom ability
Marks Sniper Monkeys upgraded to 3/X (Deadly Precision)
Mauler Short for M.O.A.B. Mauler
Melters Glue Gunners made for focusing on melting bloons rather than slowing them
MIB Monkey Intelligence Bureau
MK Monkey Knowledge Points
MKP/AMKP Monkey Knowledge Pack/ Ancient Monkey Knowledge Pack
MM Monkey Money
M.O.A.B. Class Bloon A category containing all airships (it is called after M.O.A.B.)
MOAB Dom MOAB Domination
Mortar Mortar Monkey
MvM Monkey versus Monkey
NAPSFRILLS No Agents, Premiums, Specialties, Farming, Road Items, Lives Lost, and Selling
Necromancer Necromancer: Unpopped Army
Neva-Miss Neva-Miss Targeting
Ninja Ninja Monkey
NLL No Lives Lost
O:DS / ODS Operation Dart Storm
OC Overclocked
Overclocked Tower with an Overclock ability applied and active
Paragon Sentry Paragon
Perma Perma-Spike, Perma Charge, Permanent Brew, Permafrost. Note: Usually may refer to the leftmost term by default, but depends on context.
Permabrew Permanent Brew
Permaspike Perma-Spike
Plantation Banana Plantation
PMFC Plasma Monkey Fan Club
PoD Prince of Darkness
Poperations Special Poperations
Pre-Emptive Pre-Emptive Strike
Press MOAB Press
Prime Apache Prime
Purple Purple Bloon
Qimps/Quimps Quad C.H.I.M.P.S.
R# Round #
Races Race Event
Rainbow Rainbow Bloon
Randoms Co-op players in Quick Match
Reactor Bloontonium Reactor
Recursive Recursive Cluster
Ricochet Glaive Riccochet
Robo Robo Monkey
Robo-Plasma Robo Monkey with Plasma Blasts
ROD Ray of Doom
RoF Ring of Fire
Sabo Sabotage Supply Lines / Bloon Sabotage
Sav/Savatar Sun Avatar
SD / Suppy Supply Drop
Seeking Seeking Shuriken
Semis Sniper Monkeys with the Semi Automatic Rifle upgrade
SG Sun God
Shards Ice Shards
Shattering Shattering Shells
Shinobi Shinobi Tactics
Shove MOAB Shove
Sniper Sniper Monkey
SMFC Super Monkey Fan Club
SMS Super Monkey Storm
Solver The Bloon Solver
Spactory Spike Factory
Splatter Glue Splatter
Sprayer Tack Sprayer
SS Spike Storm
SSL Sabotage Supply Lines
Stim Stronger Stimulant
Sub Monkey Sub
Super Super Monkey
Support Temple Sun Temple with Support sacrifices
Tack Tack Shooter
TBO/TB1 Can either refer to The Big One or The Biggest One. TBO usually refers to Big One and TB1 refers to Biggest One.
Temple Temple of the Monkey God / Sun Temple
TotMG Temple of the Monkey God
TotMV Temple of the Vengeful Monkey
Transformation Total Transformation ability
Trap Bloon Trap
Tridarts Dart Monkeys with the Triple Darts upgrade
Triple-discounted (tower_name) Tower whose upgrades are discounted by three Monkey Commerce buffs (i.e. +25% discount total).
TT / TecTer / Tech Terror Technological Terror
TT4 Transforming Tonic (as in TT 4th Tier)
TT5 Total Transformation (as in TT 5th Tier)
Tsar Tsar Bomba
TSG True Sun God
Turbo Turbo Charge
Ultra-Jugg Ultra-Juggernaut
Uptime When something is active, for example abilities or Berserker Brew buffs.
Village Monkey Village
VF Viral Frost
VTSG Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey, an acronym for Vengeful True Sun God
White White Bloon
Wimps Workshop C.H.I.M.P.S.
Wizard Wizard Monkey
WLP Wizard Lord Phoenix
WoF Wall of Fire
XBow Crossbow
XBow Master / XBM Crossbow Master
Zebra Zebra Bloon

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