Attacks super duper fast!
~ BTD6 description

Destroyer is the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Monkey Buccaneer in BTD6. It will shoot 5x faster than Faster Shooting, allowing the Buccaneer to fire its main dual-shooting darts (due to the Double Shot upgrade) and grapes (if crosspathed with Path 2) much faster. As with all Buccaneer upgrades, the Destroyer is able to shoot its attacks both forwards and backwards if it detects bloons behind it, not just forwards as in BTD5. The downsides in the BTD6 version of the Destroyer are that Grape Shot and Crow's Nest are no longer purchasable on the same Destroyer, and the price of the Destroyer has increased. The upside, though, is that the Destroyer synergizes well with pierce-boosting towers (especially Alchemist's Berserker Brew and higher upgrades).

It costs $2,505 on Easy, $2,950 on Medium, $3,185 on Hard, and $3,540 on Impoppable.


Alongside exchanging a metallic pirate ship for a new naval ship, the Monkey Buccaneer becomes a naval sailor instead of a pirate. The new naval ship is equipped with a quarterdeck that carries a blue flag. The color of the flag and the exterior painting of the ship will change color to purple or orange when Grape Shot or Hot Shot are bought, respectively. The color of the barrels will turn golden when Longer Range is bought, while a radar beacon will be installed on the quarterdeck once Crow's Nest is bought. In addition, once Crow's Nest is bought the flag is now yellow with two triangle tips.

Similarly to Merchantmen, the monkey's idle animation occasionally features it checking a compass, and peeking through a hand-held telescope.



Destroyer is a rapid-fire multi-projectile offense tower for a rather low price. When paired with Grape Shot, it can shoot an array of rapid-shooting projectiles. It is best paired with Alchemist buffs for a significant boost to overall pierce and damage. Because of the nature of Monkey Buccaneers, it is able to shoot forwards and backwards, and utilizing opportunities to shoot from both sides will greatly increase its performance.


  • If possible, crosspath the Destroyer with 3-1-0 for the added grape attack, which allow it will perform much more damage overall. If lead-popping is required, or extra napalm is a useful addition, go for 3-2-0. 3-0-2 Destroyer is rather inefficient for camo-popping power, although it is not at all a useless option.
  • Pair with Berserker Brew or Stronger Stimulant for much improved overall damage, especially for a 3-1-0 or 3-2-0 Destroyer. This is particularly good at enhancing the relatively low pierce of the fast-shooting grape attacks.
  • To utilize the Destroyer's main attack to the max, place it where the Destroyer would have opportunities shoot from both sides. Maps such as Park Path, Frozen Over, Cracked, and #Ouch serve good opportunities to utilize the Destroyer's potential to shoot from both sides.

Further strategiesEdit

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Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Destroyer with Grape Shot fires twice as many grapes.



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