A sword forged from the blood of the demon Kee-Oth
~ BATTD description

Demon Blood Sword.png

Demon Blood Sword is a Super Rare Weapon. It grants the equipped character with +2 damage, +1 per 4 star levels. As Demon Blood Sword is a Sword weapon, it can only be equipped to Finn, Dungeon Finn, and Warrior Bubblegum.

Description[edit | edit source]

Demon Blood Sword is a celtic-cross-shaped dark red sword with a central circular handle and a long dark red metal blade. There are two protruding sides coming to the left and right of the sword, along with a brown taped handle.

Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Speed: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Damage: +2 (+1 / 4 star levels)
  • Pierce: N/A

Special Properties[edit | edit source]

  • N/A

Shard for: 300

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Demon Blood Sword is a high-damage sword that should not be underestimated. Even though it is not as good as Nothung in terms of total damage, when combined with Demon Heart it gains +4 damage as opposed to +2 damage, as well as the boost from the Demon Heart itself, which is a lot more superior for high damage than any other combination in the game. Combine this combo with Baker's Shard, Heart Gauntlets, other good attack speed and/or damage trinkets, along with Lemonhope ally's attack speed support and Finn will possess the highest DPS possible.

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