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Death Valley is easily one of the hardest maps in the series because of its 2 paths of differing lengths. While the top path is pretty long, the bottom path is extremely short.


  • Using Glue Gunners can help slow down the bloons and avoid losing lives.
  • Spike Factories can save you many lives if placed at the end of the paths.
  • Arctic Wind can be helpful if placed at the center of the track. This can help pop bloons, especially in the bottom path.
  • Sniper monkeys can detect bloons on the whole map.
  • It is advisable to save before round 46 and 60. If the M.O.A.B or B.F.B. comes on the bottom path, it can be hard to take down (unless you have MOAB Assassin or other abilities that can cause extra damage or instant-popping to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons). Then, if the round finished, exit the game and reload it, and the M.O.A.B. or B.F.B. may come on the top path. If you are fighting the Z.O.M.G. on round 85 use three Ground Zeros to win (when the Z.O.M.G. releases the 4 B.F.B.s).
  • It is not advised to rely on one tower to attack both paths, because it will aim in the bottom path most of times, and may cause to lose lives.
  • Use the lab for more starting cash.