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Solid unstoppable beam of bloon melting madness!
~ Official description

Death Ray Vision is the last upgrade on the first path of Bloons Super Monkey. It costs 12,000 BlopsBSM Blop on the web version / 25,000 BSM Blop on iOS. With this upgrade, the Super Monkey shoots a huge hitscan beam out of his eyes. It deals 1 damage every frame and has infinite pierce.

Because this upgrade shoots every frame, on the iOS version, it deals damage twice as often, as the iOS version runs at 60fps instead of the flash version's 30fps. This is likely why its price was over doubled on the iOS version.

This is similar to the Ray of Doom upgrade for the Dartling Gun in Bloons TD 5 and is potentially the precursor of it.


A lethal upgrade that actually decreases single target damage relative to its previous upgrade on the flash version. On the iOS version, this has the same DPS as Triple Twin, but costs more on iOS than flash.


  • Use this upgrade to pop the most possible bloons.
  • If going for a high score, it may be more worth it to save the blops and stick with Triple Twin instead, due to this upgrade's hefty blop cost taking away blops that can be used for a high score.