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Dartling Ammo Dump is the Specialty Building for the Dartling Gun; it was released on July 5th. It costs Monkey Dollar3,500 for all upgrades (Monkey Dollar5,000 in iOS).


Dartling special building mouse fixed positions

The target setting of the third-tier Dartling Gun

Dartling Ammo Dump Upgrades

  1. Reduces the cost of Dartling Guns and their upgrades by 5%, costs Monkey Dollar1,000
  2. Increases attack speed of Dartling Guns by 10%, costs Monkey Dollar1,000
  3. Dartling gunners can lock their attacks to a fixed position, costs Monkey Dollar1,500
  4. (BTD5 Mobile only) All Dartling shots have +1 popping power, costs Monkey Dollar1,500.



  • The third tier of Dartling Ammo Dump makes the Dartling Gun have the option to target a fixed position, much like how Mortar Towers target fixed positions. As such, the Focused Firing upgrade will behave much like the Increased Accuracy upgrade in this regard.
    • This upgrade pairs well when using Banana Farms, as you will not have to worry about aiming and collecting bananas at the same time.
  • The Targeting option from Tier 3 returns in BTD6 as permanent targeting option.