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Dart Training Facility as seen in BTD5 Flash

Dart Training Facility is the Specialty Building for the Dart Monkey. It costs Monkey Dollar500 to initially purchase and increases Boomerang Thrower cost and upgrades by 5%. It costs Monkey Dollar1750 to fully upgrade unless, on mobile devices, it will cost Monkey Dollar2950.


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  • The initial cost is Monkey Dollar500
  • The second upgrade costsMonkey Dollar500
  • The third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750
  • (Bloons TD 5 mobile only) Fourth upgrade: Dart Monkey's darts explode! (Costs Monkey Dollar1200) Exactly like the premium upgrade, Splodey Darts.


  • This can help out in the early rounds, but it becomes almost useless afterward unless the player plans to get Super Monkey Fan Clubs. However, this is extremely useful in extreme tracks, as the player can start with multiple Dart Monkeys, thus allowing the player to get Banana Farms earlier.
  • Place the free Dart Monkeys wisely because they cannot be sold for any money, however, they can be sold for money if the player upgrades the Dart Monkey.
  • This is very helpful in rounds 70+ as Super Monkey Fan Clubs are cheaper, and they fire faster.
  • This is the only Specialty Building that gives free towers. However, the Spike Factory Specialty Building (Spikes 'R Us) gives free Road Spikes.
  • Dart Monkey upgrades are very cheap anyway so this would be best used for daily challenges that have Dart Monkeys, but no other good towers.
  • If the player has the Tier 4 Dart Training Facility, then the player wouldn't need to have a Bomb Tower, a Mortar Tower, or an Apprentice to pop Lead Bloons, making this Specialty Building extremely useful.
    • However, when upgraded to Triple Darts, only the center dart explodes. Furthermore, the Spike-O-Pult is not explosive nor destroys leads.
  • In BTD 5 Mobile, you can use other Specialty Buildings primarily while also taking advantage of the Tier 3 Dart Training Facility free Dart Monkey. Once you've begun any map, exit and save the map on rounds 9, 19, 29 and so on, activate a Tier 3 or better Dart Training Facility and resume the map, acquiring the free Dart Monkey when you begin the next round. You will need to survive the round in order to keep the free Dart Monkey, but once you have completed the round you can then exit the map and resume using any Specialty Building.
    • You can employ this same strategy at the beginning of the map with the Tier 3 or better Dart Training Facility activated. You can even keep the free Dart Monkey without completing the round by starting round 1, then exiting to the home screen and saving. Upon resuming the map, you will have the free Dart Monkey regardless of what Specialty Building you have activated and you will still be at the 1st round.



  • In BTD5 iOS, despite saying that it will attack 10% faster, it will actually attack 50% faster.
  • In BTD5 iOS, there is a random mission called "Precision Pineapple," in which where you can only pop lead bloons with Pineapples. However, if you have the Dart Training Facility activated with Level 4, clearing the mission is possible if you have any Dart Monkeys included, making Pineapples useless.
  • This is one of the few buildings that you can purchase for Monkey Dollar500, the other ones being Tack Research Center and Spikes R Us.
  • Activating a Dart Training Facility will make 1/3 Dart Monkeys on Medium as cheap as they would be if Dart Monkeys had Monkey Knowledge Packs of Rank 2 Monkey Tycoon and Rank 1 Dart Monkey in Bloons Monkey City, even though combined the upgrade lowering in BMC would only be 2% with a 3% stack. This is because of how low-cost Dart Monkeys are and that every cost amount (includes base costs and upgrade costs) is rounded up or down to the nearest 5. However, 2/3 Dart Monkeys are only $5 more expensive due to Enhanced Eyesight being $5 more expensive.