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Powerful triple darts with multiple bounces.
~ Short description
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Dart Monkey hanging on a vine

Dart Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Instead of individual darts, the Dart Monkey shoots three darts that deal 3 damage per shot and bounce up to 15 times. It cannot pop Leads or invisible Camo Bloons. It is unlocked at the start of the game.


Dart Monkey is mostly used to pick off stray targets and apply a small dent to other bloons below. It is more powerful than it appears, and tends to perform better against Green Bloons and Regrow Bloons compared to Super Monkey thanks to the 3 damage per dart from the Dart Monkey. However, its pierce potential is quite limited in comparison.

Dart monkey's darts also have a decent amount of pierce, making it somewhat useable when the screen is covered with bloons.

Merging two Dart Monkeys to form a Mega Dart Monkey is much more effective against bloon groups. Using a Mega Dart consumes only one shot when using a Mega Dart when compared to using two separate Darts.


When Dart Monkey throws darts:


  • Dart Monkey's quote is the same as one of Max's placement quotes from BATTD.
  • The level marker indicating the player's progress in a level uses the BTD6 Dart Monkey's head as its symbol.