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Throws a single dart at nearby bloons. Short range and low pierce but cheap.
~ In-game description

The Dart Monkey is a Primary-class tower that was released in the initial release of Bloons TD 6. The tower retains its name and role from the Bloons TD 4, 5, and Classic game generations, with significant additions. It was the first non-hero tower to be revealed for Bloons TD 6, introduced on around 26th April 2018. Dart Monkey, as with previous mainstream games, is the first tower to be unlocked in the game, and is introduced by the Tutorial Monkey as part of the tutorial for Bloons TD 6.

Dart Monkey attacks at a moderate speed, throwing a dart every 1 second. Darts deal 1 damage and hit up to 2 bloons per dart, having a moderately low range of 32.

Although the Dart Monkey specializes in early-game power, its upgrades offer a degree of outstanding popping power. It can also be upgraded into a catapult operator that hurls spiked balls (Spike-o-pult, Juggernaut, Ultra-Juggernaut), remain as a Dart Monkey by throwing triple the darts and rallying up a fan club with allied Dart Monkeys (Triple Shot, Super Monkey Fan Club, Plasma Monkey Fan Club), or swap out darts for a bolt-shooting crossbow (Crossbow, Sharp Shooter, Crossbow Master).

It costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard, and $240 on Impoppable.


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Dart Monkey

The Dart Monkey is a non-clothed monkey with a tuft of hair for its hairstyle. As with all monkeys in BTD6, it has big circular eyes, thick brown eyebrows, and dark fur around most of its head except its face. Its fur is brown and its skin is a slightly lighter tone of brown. Its belly is oval-shaped with two angular ovals above, colored the same as its skin. Its belly also features a small belly button. It carries a dart on its right hand.

Overall, it looks not too different compared to its BTD5 counterpart outside of having the general BTD6 art style. There are minor differences to the Dart Monkey's visual appearance, however.

Dart Monkey was one of the first towers to be teased prior to the release of BTD6. Its base tower image was displayed as part of the way to convince players of BTD5 that BTD6 is still in production. Later, the Dart Monkey was teased in future BTD6 teasers until the official release of BTD6.

Many changes have occurred for the Dart Monkey, the most significant of which is that the base 0-0-0 tower can now pop two bloons per shot instead of one, and both the Sharp Shots and Razor Sharp Shots upgrades have been moved to the Spike-O-Pult path. Another significant change is that Dart Monkey now has access to new upgrades that increase attack speed permanently, a first for the Dart Monkey. In addition to this, there is an entirely new set of higher-tier upgrades dedicated to crossbows.

Path 1 is themed around increasing the Dart Monkey's pierce. It starts with increased pierce for darts, then converts the Dart Monkey into a Spike-O-Pult, which then upgrades into a Juggernaut that can pop Lead Bloons and heavily damage Ceramic Bloons, and finally, the Ultra-Juggernaut for immense grouped Bloon destruction by hurling gigantic juggernauts that burst into more juggernauts.

Path 2 is about speed and projectile count. The first two upgrades are pure attack speed increases, something not given to the Dart Monkey in the Bloons TD series before. The third upgrade is Triple Shot, allowing it to shoot three darts per shot instead of one. The final two upgrades along this upgrade path provide activated abilities that transform many nearby Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys for a short time; Super Monkey Fan Club converts up to 10 nearby Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys, while the Plasma Monkey Fan Club converts up to 20 Dart Monkeys into Plasma Monkeys (similarly to the 2-0-0 Super Monkey's Plasma Blasts upgrade).

Path 3 focuses on more range and damage, with the second upgrade, Enhanced Eyesight, granting camo detection. All of the upgrades along this path provide extra pierce. The Tier 3, Crossbow, gives the Dart Monkey a crossbow and extra damage, while Tier 4, Sharp Shooter, provides even more damage and attack speed on top, including occasional critical hits. The final upgrade along this upgrade path, Crossbow Master, gives the Dart Monkey significantly more attack speed, damage, range and pierce, and can also pop any bloon type.

If all Tier 5 Dart Monkeys from each path are placed on the map, it grants access to the almighty Dart Monkey Paragon, the Apex Plasma Master, which rapidly shoots plasma juggernaut balls that inflict much more damage to Ceramic Bloons and Boss Bloons.

The Dart Monkey is a Primary Monkey.

Target Priorities[]

The base Dart Monkey uses the standard target priorities: First, Last, Close, Strong. All its attacks are dependent on its given target priority.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.


Path 1[]

Sharp Shots
COST: $120 / $140 / $150 / $170

Description: Can pop 1 extra Bloon per shot.
Effect: Gains +1 pierce, for 3 pierce by default. With Crossbow Master, gains +6 pierce instead.
Razor Sharp Shots
COST: $185 / $220 / $235 / $265

Description: Can pop 2 more bloons per shot.
Effect: Gains +2 pierce, for 5 pierce by default. With Crossbow Master, gains +7 pierce instead.
COST: $255 / $300 / $325 / $360
UNLOCK: 2,100 XP

Description: Converts the Dart Monkey into a slower attacking Spike-o-pult that hurls large spiked balls. Each ball can pop lots of Bloons and rebounds off obstacles.
Effect: Hurls spiked balls that pop up to 22 bloons per shot, deal 2 damage and pop Frozen bloons, increases the range by 15%. Spiked balls bounce off obstacles and can rehit the same bloons again if the projectile hits any obstacle. Attacks slightly slower (1.15s instead of 0.95s).
COST: $1,530 / $1,800 / $1,945 / $2,160
UNLOCK: 7,500 XP

Description: Hurls a giant spiked ball that pops lead and excels at crushing Ceramic and Fortified Bloons.
Effect: Hurls juggernaut balls that pop up to 50 bloons per shot, pop all Bloon types except Camo, deal 2 damage, +3 to Ceramics and +2 to Fortified, and gains extra projectile speed. Attacks slightly faster (1s instead of 1.15s). Inflicts a speed-based knockback for 0.15s upon hitting Bloons.
COST: $12,750 / $15,000 / $16,200 / $18,000
UNLOCK: 22,000 XP

Description: Gigantic spiked ball splits twice into 6 Juggernaut balls for even more destructive power against Ceramic, Fortified and Lead Bloons.
Effect: Hurls gigantic juggernaut balls that retains knockback effect and each dealing 5 damage, +8 to Ceramics, +20 to leads and +5 to Fortified, have 200 pierce, travel faster, and split twice into 6 mini juggernaut balls every 100 bloons hit. These mini juggernaut balls each have 2 damage, +3 ceramic damage, +2 fortified damage, and 50 pierce. Both main projectile and mini projectiles can rehit bloons if they hit any walls.

Path 2[]

Quick Shots
COST: $85 / $100 / $110 / $120

Description: Shoots 15% faster.
Effect: Attacks +17.6% faster (0.85x attack cooldown).
Very Quick Shots
COST: $160 / $190 / $205 / $230

Description: Shoots 33% faster!
Effect: Attacks +50% faster than base Dart Monkey (attack cooldown from 0.85x to 0.67x (~2/3x)).
Triple Shot
COST: $340 / $400 / $430 / $480
UNLOCK: 2,000 XP

Description: Throws 3 darts at a time instead of 1.
Effect: Throws 3 darts per attack, in a 30° spread.
Super Monkey Fan Club
COST: $6,375 / $7,500 / $8,100 / $9,000
UNLOCK: 9,500 XP

Description: Super Monkey Fan Club Ability: Converts up to 10 nearby Dart Monkeys including itself into Super Monkeys for 15 seconds. Regular attack speed also increased.
Effect: Gains an ability that transforms itself and up to 9 of the nearest non-special Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys, which have 40 range. Cannot affect catapult-operating Dart Monkeys nor crossbow wielders nor the Plasma Monkey Fan Club. Attacks 1.5x as fast as a basic Dart Monkey (attack cooldown from 0.67x to 0.5025x (~1/2).
Plasma Monkey Fan Club
COST: $38,250 / $45,000 / $48,600 / $54,000
UNLOCK: 30,000 XP

Description: Elite membership of this club grants the Dart Monkeys even more power.
Effect: Ability now transforms the club leader and up to 20 of the nearest non-special Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys that shoot plasma blasts instead of darts. The plasma attacks twice as fast, deals 2 damage per hit and has 5 pierce.

Path 3[]

Long Range Darts
COST: $75 / $90 / $95 / $110

Description: Makes the Dart Monkey shoot further than normal.
Effect: Gains +8 range and increases projectile lifespan by 15%.
Enhanced Eyesight
COST: $170 / $200 / $215 / $240

Description: Shoots even further and can detect Camo bloons.
Effect: Gains +8 range on top of previous upgrades, 20% increased projectile lifespan, 10% increased projectile speed, camo detection and the Camo Prioritization targeting option. Also more knockback force on Juggernaut.
COST: $530 / $625 / $675 / $750
UNLOCK: 2,100 XP

Description: Uses a long range Crossbow that can pop 3 layers of Bloon for every hit.
Effect: Deals 3 damage per hit, gains +1 pierce, slightly increase projectile speed and gains +8 range again.
Sharp Shooter
COST: $1,700 / $2,000 / $2,160 / $2,400
UNLOCK: 12,000 XP

Description: Sharp Shooter attacks faster and does powerful Crit shots every few shots that do a lot more damage.
Effect: Deals 6 damage per hit, attacks every 0.6s instead of 0.95s, projectile speed increased and lands a Critical Hit after every 10 shots. Crits deal 50 damage per hit. Also increases range from 56 to 60.
Crossbow Master
COST: $18,275 / $21,500 / $23,220 / $25,800
UNLOCK: 35,000 XP

Description: Crossbow Master shoots really fast and devastates most Bloon types with ease.
Effect: Attacks every 0.16s instead of 0.6s, slightly increases projectile speed to 450, increases pierce from 3 to 8, range from 60 to 80, and applies Critical Hits every 5 shots instead of every 10 shots. Can also damage any bloon type.


Apex Plasma Master
COST: $127,500 / $150,000 / $162,000/ $180,000
UNLOCK: 500,000 XP
Description: Fill the area with Bloon shredding plasma juggernaut balls, leaving nothing behind...
Effect: Shoots triple rapid-fire plasma Ultra-Juggernaut balls that deal enormous damage, especially to Ceramics and Bosses. Can rehit bloons after bouncing off obstacles or the edges of the screen.

Total Cost[]


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 120 185 255 1,530 12,750
Cumulative Cost 290 475 730 2,260 15,010
Base Sell 84 130 179 1,071 8,925
Cumulative Sell 203 333 511 1,582 10,507
Path 2
Base Cost 85 160 340 6,800 38,250
Cumulative Cost 255 415 755 7,555 45,805
Base Sell 60 112 238 4,760 26,775
Cumulative Sell 179 291 529 5,289 32,064
Path 3
Base Cost 75 170 530 1,700 19,975
Cumulative Cost 245 415 945 2,645 20,920
Base Sell 53 119 371 1,190 12,793
Cumulative Sell 172 291 662 1,852 14,644


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 140 220 300 1,800 15,000
Cumulative Cost 340 560 860 2,660 17,660
Base Sell 98 154 210 1,260 10,500
Cumulative Sell 238 392 602 1,862 12,362
Path 2
Base Cost 100 190 400 8,000 45,000
Cumulative Cost 300 490 890 8,890 53,890
Base Sell 70 133 280 5,600 31,500
Cumulative Sell 210 343 623 6,223 37,723
Path 3
Base Cost 90 200 625 2,000 23,500
Cumulative Cost 290 490 1,115 3,115 26,615
Base Sell 63 140 437.5 1,400 16,450
Cumulative Sell 203 343 780.5 2,180.5 18,630.5


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 150 235 325 1,945 16,200
Cumulative Cost 365 600 925 2,870 19,070
Base Sell 105 164.5 227.5 1,361.5 11,340
Cumulative Sell 255.5 420 647.5 2,009 13,349
Path 2
Base Cost 110 205 430 8,640 48,600
Cumulative Cost 325 530 950 9,590 58,190
Base Sell 77 143.5 301 6,048 34,020
Cumulative Sell 227,5 371 665 6,713 40,733
Path 3
Base Cost 95 215 675 2,160 25,380
Cumulative Cost 310 525 1,200 3,360 28,740
Base Sell 66.5 150,5 472.5 1,512 17,766
Cumulative Sell 217 367.5 840 2,352 20,118


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 170 265 360 2,160 18,000
Cumulative Cost 410 675 1,035 3,195 21,195
Base Sell 119 185.5 252 1,512 12,600
Cumulative Sell 287 472.5 724.5 2,236.5 14,836.5
Path 2
Base Cost 120 230 480 9,600 54,000
Cumulative Cost 360 590 1,070 10,670 64,670
Base Sell 84 161 336 6,720 37,800
Cumulative Sell 252 413 749 7,469 45,269
Path 3
Base Cost 110 240 750 2,400 28,200
Cumulative Cost 350 590 1,340 3,740 31,940
Base Sell 77 168 525 1,680 19,740
Cumulative Sell 245 413 938 2,618 22,358

Full Popology[]

Main article: Dart Monkey (BTD6)/Popology


See also: Dart Monkey (BTD6)/Strategies


The Dart Monkey is one of the most versatile early-game towers, and should not be underestimated because its low price and weak stats. They possesses many upgrades that greatly assist fulfilling niches. Top path has high pierce and bouncing projectiles, which help it deal with maps with ton of Line of Sight issues. Middle Path is good at spreading out burst damage, which helps it deal with multi-lane maps. Bottom path dominates pre-round 81 and solos Deflation with balanced stats. Even the base Dart Monkey is vital for CHIMPS on almost any map due to its two pierce and comes with some cheap Tier 3 upgrades that excel in the early-game.


  • Middle crosspath is usually the best for Tier 3 and above upgrades, as its attack speed optimizes DPS.
  • Using the triple 0-0-0 strategy on CHIMPS works on almost all maps to beat Round 6 and above, with an exception of certain maps such as Flooded Valley, Bloody Puddles, and Infernal.
  • Dart + Sniper works for early-game CHIMPS on long-distance maps.
  • Dart + Sub is a great option to start CHIMPS to catch faster bloons and clear out the remains.

Additional Strategies[]

Monkey Knowledge[]

This section displays Monkey Knowledge that has effects on Dart Monkey and its changes when compared to one by default:

  • IncreasedLifespanIcon Increased Lifespan: Projectiles shot from Dart Monkey have increased lifespan.
  • ExtraDartsPopIcon Extra Dart Pops: Increase projectile pierce by 1.
    • 2 pierce → 3 pierce
  • CrossbowReachIcon Crossbow Reach: Increases range of the Crossbow and its further upgrades by 3.
    • Crossbow range: 56 → 59
    • Sharp Shooter range: 60 → 63
    • Crossbow Master range: 80 → 83
    • Apex Plasma Master range: 85 → 88
  • 4And4Icon 4 And 4: Dart Monkey's Triple Shot gets 4 darts every 4th shot.
  • ForceVsForceIcon Force vs Force: Juggernaut does +2 damage per shot to MOAB-Class Bloons.
    • Juggernaut: 2 → 4
    • Ultra-Juggernaut: 5 → 7
  • MasterDoubleCrossIcon Master Double Cross: Allows for the purchase of two Crossbow Masters on the same map.
  • BonusMonkeyIcon Bonus Monkey!: Each game starts with a Free Dart Monkey.
  • ComeOnEverybodyIcon Come On Everybody!: Primary towers attack 5% faster if all are below tier 3, and cost 5% less if all are tier 3 or 4.
  • MonkeyEducationIcon Monkey Education: All Monkeys XP earn rate increased by 8%.
  • BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals: All Monkeys sell for 5% more.
    • Increases sell potency from 70% to 75%.
  • VeteranMonkeyTrainingIcon Veteran Monkey Training: All Monkeys reload time reduced by 3%.
  • GlobalAbilityCooldownsIcon Global Ability Cooldowns: All Ability cooldowns for all Monkeys reduced by 3%.

Version History[]

Differences Between BTD5 and BTD6[]

Listed are comparisons of the Dart Monkey in BTD6 compared to BTD5. Takes into account Flash and Mobile versions.

  • BUFF 0-0-0 Dart Monkey has more pierce (1 → 2).
  • BUFF 1-x-x Sharp Shots has more pierce (2 → 3).
  • BUFF 2-x-x Razor Sharp Shots has more pierce (4 → 5)
  • NERF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club now has an initial cooldown of a quarter of the cooldown.
  • NERF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club no longer increases attack range temporarily.
  • BUFF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club now applies bonuses from 1st tier upgrades, 2nd tier upgrades, and middle path upgrades when the ability is active.
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult has more pierce (18 → 22).
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult costs less ($500 → $300).
  • NERF 4-x-x Juggernaut costs more ($1500 → $1800).
  • NERF x-3-x Triple Shot (formerly Triple Darts) costs more ($330 → $400).
  • Change Several changes in path placement of the upgrades; some upgrades are moved to different paths. This allows for more options with the first two middle path upgrades but means that Triple Shots and higher can no longer have extra Pierce per shot and camo detection at once.
  • NERF Enhanced Eyesight cost increased ($120 → $200).
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult deals more damage to Ceramics (1 → 2)
  • BUFF 4-x-x Juggernaut deals more damage (1 → 2)
  • NERF 4-x-x Juggernaut has less pierce (100 → 50).
  • BUFF 4-x-x Juggernaut can knockback non-MOAB-Class bloons briefly

Balance Changes[]

Initial release (compared to BTD5)

Note: Lists all balance changes implemented for the Dart Monkey when it was first released in Bloons TD 6 (June 14th 2018) in comparison to Bloons TD 5. Takes into account Flash and Mobile versions of Bloons TD 5.

  • BUFF 0-0-0 Dart Monkey has more pierce (1 → 2).
  • BUFF 1-x-x Sharp Shots has more pierce (2 → 3).
  • BUFF 2-x-x Razor Sharp Shots has more pierce (4 → 5)
  • NERF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club now has an initial cooldown of a quarter of the cooldown.
  • NERF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club no longer increases attack range temporarily.
  • BUFF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club now applies bonuses from 1st tier upgrades, 2nd tier upgrades, and middle path upgrades when the ability is active.
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult has more pierce (18 → 22).
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult costs less ($500 → $300).
  • NERF 4-x-x Juggernaut costs more ($1500 → $1800).
  • NERF x-3-x Triple Shot (formerly Triple Darts) costs more ($330 → $400).
  • Change Several changes in path placement of the upgrades; some upgrades are moved to different paths. This allows for more options with the first two middle path upgrades but means that Triple Shots and higher can no longer have extra Pierce per shot and camo detection at once.
  • NERF Enhanced Eyesight cost increased ($120 → $200).
  • BUFF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club monkeys can now be converted into Super Monkeys by their own ability.
  • Change 4-x-x Juggernaut's description now mentions that it can pop Lead Bloons.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Sharp Shooter now deals more damage per shot (4 → 5).
  • BUFF 5-x-x Ultra-Juggernaut does +1 damage, from 3 → 4 (9 → 12 for ceramics).
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master's price was reduced from $27,000 to $25,000.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master's crit rate increased from every 8-12 shots to every 6-10 shots.
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike o Pult's ball now bounces the same as Juggernaut.
  • NERF x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club no longer stacks with Total Transformation.
  • NERF x-5-x PMFC max count reduced from 40 to 20.
  • BUFF x-5-x PMFC damage per shot of the plasma monkeys increased by 1.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Sharpshooter damage increased from 5 to 6.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master attack speed bonus increased to 75%.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master crit rate increased from every 6-10 shots to every 4-8 shots.
  • BUFF 5-x-x Ultra-Juggernaut's projectiles can hit the same target multiple times.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master's base attack speed increased by roughly 50% (0.2375s → 0.16s).
  • NERF x-x-5 Crossbow Master's base pierce reduced from 23 to 10.
  • BUFF 1-0-5 and 2-0-5 pierce bonus increased to +6 and +7, up from +1 and +2.
    • While the pierce bonus is a buff, the 205 pierce total was nerfed from the previous 24 and 25 respectively to 16 and 23.
Dart Monkey at its core is an early game focus tower, so we added some projectile speed options to try and help with its tendency to miss faster Bloons. Spike-o-pult's rate was also increased and damage type changed to shatter to be more versatile of a stepping stone in niche setups saving for Juggernaut
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult can now pop frozen Bloons.
  • BUFF 3-x-x Spike-O-Pult attack rate increased (1.25 → 1.15).
  • BUFF x-x-2 Enhanced Eyesight projectile speed increased (300 → 330).
  • BUFF x-x-3 Crossbow projectile speed increased (300 → 360).
  • BUFF x-x-4 Sharp Shooter Eyesight projectile speed increased (300 → 400).
We're happy enough with most of Dart Monkey's bottom path, but the T4 stepping stone has always felt pretty undesirable for the price point compared to T3 so we have just increased the attack rate slightly at tier 4.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Sharp Shooter reload time reduced from 0.95s to 0.85s. Does not affect Crossbow Master reload time.
While we're happy with Dart Monkey being a more niche or early use tower, too many people were finding Juggernaut itself even further niche or lackluster on first impression. While retaining the overpower power potential we've added a beefy impact to each individual target hit, and we've tweaked sharpshooter slightly to provide similar power but with more of a speed focus to enable more distinct crosspath choice between speed and pierce.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Juggernaut damage increased (1 → 2).
  • NERF Juggernaut pierce reduced (100 → 50).
  • BUFF Sharp Shooter attack rate increased (0.85s → 0.75s).
  • NERF Sharp Shooter damage reduced (6 → 5).
  • Change Crossbow Master is completely unaffected by these changes. Despite NK stating that all Tier 5 Dart Monkeys are not affected by this change, only the Crossbow Master damage is unchanged. Ultra-Juggernaut's small secondary Juggernaut balls are not affected by this change.
  • BUFF [undocumented] Ultra-Juggernaut base damage increased (4 → 5)
The previous sharpshooter rework caused more trouble than intended in setups without much other cleanup by popping Black Bloons into large clusters of reds which then clogged up the pierce. We decided to keep the buffed attack speed value as well as adding back the stronger damage value.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Sharp Shooter damage increased (5 → 6). Does not affect Crossbow Master.
For new players, camo is the first real game mechanic that presents a wall for new players. To combat this we have swapped the initial unlock costs of Spike-o-pult & Crossbow to nudge new players more towards upgrading down the camo path for Dart Monkeys first.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Spike-o-pult XP unlock cost increased from 1,900 XP → 2,100 XP.
  • BUFF Crossbow XP unlock cost reduced from 2,100 XP → 1,900 XP.
While overall good, the difficulty of using PMFC to its full potential doesn't feel quite worth it so price has been cut to make it a little easier to reach.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Plasma Fan Club price reduced from $50,000 to $45,000.
Instead of saying the same thing each time; many specific crosspaths that add a 'camo specialty' to a tower end up being viewed as rather inferior crosspaths due to camo being quite available to pick up through other methods. To give these upgrades more use even with other forms of camo reveal in play, we have added a brand new Camo Prioritization option that is added to the towers when taking this crosspath. When enabled this filter combines the selected target method with Camo Prioritization (e.g. Strong Camo would work through all Camos in strength order, then revert to normal Strong until any new Camos show up). Individual Monkeys are called out below.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Camo Prioritization
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight now grants Dart Monkey the new Camo Prioritization filter.
  • Change Dart Paragon has had a slight performance change to improve bit rate issues when streaming. This will not change power in any way.
Juggernaut relying on ricochets felt too niche in the current game, sadly excelling in far too few situations, so instead the Ceramic damage strength has been increased leading a little better into the T5 and benefiting it in more general straight line situations. Crossbow Master is pretty much around the entry level T5 that we want, but a little too expensive for something that brings no extra utility.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Juggernaut ceramic bonus increased from +2 → +3
  • BUFF Crossbow Master price $25,000 → $23,500
To add a little more synergetic crosspath use for the Juggernaut 402 crosspath, xx2 will now also grant bonus projectile lifespan, this applies to any use of that crosspath though we feel it will in particular pair nicely with the ricocheting projectiles. Juggernaut in general is also seeing a small utility knockback buff to help it carry on a little longer into the game.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Long Range Darts also increases projectile lifespan +15%
  • BUFF Enhanced Eyesight also increases projectile lifespan +20%
  • BUFF Juggernaut now applies a speed-based knockback onto non-blimp bloons similarly to Buckshot except for 0.1s.
As Sharpshooter’s crit occurrence didn’t feel frequent enough the overall attack rate has been increased also just to lead better into the T5’s already high rate of fire. Along with this all Crossbow criticals have been standardized, overall with T5 criticals occurring more frequently in exchange for a slight reduction in base pierce to improve Sharp Shot crosspath value. Apex Plasma Master excels generally for the cheapest paragon & how easy it is to start scaling early degrees so is seeing a rate decrease.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Sharpshooter attack cooldown reduced from 0.75s → 0.6s, Buff does not carry over to Crossbow Master.
  • Change Sharpshooter crit rate changed from 8-12 shots to every 10th
  • Change Crossbow Master crit rate changed from 4-8 shots to every 5th
  • NERF Crossbow Master pierce reduced from 10 → 8
  • NERF Apex Plasma Master attack cooldown increased from 0.3s → 0.35s
While not appreciated by all because of a lack of map situations it applies well in, we enjoy the quite specific niche that Juggernaut fills. However, we wanted to make some minor tweaks allowing it to apply itself better against fortified ceramics & reducing the exceptionally high ultra-juggernaut secondary balls pierce in favour of damage that can be more reliably used up.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Juggernaut now deal +2 Fortified bloons damage on top of the new damage buff
  • BUFF Ultra-Juggernaut main ball now deal +5 Fortified bloons damage on top of the new damage buff
  • BUFF Ultra-Juggernaut mini ball now deal +2 Fortified bloons damage on top of the new damage buff
  • BUFF Ultra-Juggernaut mini juggernaut ball damage 1 → 2
  • NERF Ultra-Juggernaut mini juggernaut ball pierce 100 → 50
As an already niche tower, adding a little more niche than ‘just ceramics’ by helping Ultra-Juggernaut with a small amount of endgame DDT AoE [sic]. Also, we’re already fairly happy with the SMFC abilities, but at T4 it feels clunky and outdated that the ability can only influence a max of 10 dart monkeys at a time when casting the ability multiple times in quick succession from multiple T4s so we are removing that limitation. We discussed whether the SMFC change would reduce the specificity of which Monkeys are affected but the benefits seemed greater, so we’ll be looking for feedback from folks who enjoy dart multitude builds.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Ultra-Juggernaut mini-balls ceramic damage bonus increased 2 —> 3
  • BUFF Ultra-Juggernaut main projectile now deals bonus damage to lead +20
  • BUFF Super Monkey Fan Club multiple simultaneous ability uses is no longer limited to 10 maximum conversions
Current Sharp Shooter niches appear to struggle with some tight placement due to their high range opening up a ranged niche but being extremely tight on that range, given this is actually 'the range path' it feels fair to help this with a little further increased range.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Sharp Shooter range increased 56 → 60 (+25% over xx2)
  • BUFF Crossbow Master range increased 76 → 80 (+33% over T4)
  • BUFF Crossbow Master price reduced from $23500 → $21500
Spike-o-pult not re-hitting targets after a rebound in the same way as Juggernaut isn’t as fun so we’re allowing this functionality to occur earlier now. Given the shift to more use in Boomerang Paragon with recent buffs making it more desirable we are again swapping the prices on these 2 paragons around.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Spike-o-pult now allows re-hitting targets after bouncing
  • BUFF Apex Plasma Master price reduced $350,000 → $325,000
  • Change Ultra-Juggernaut description changed from "Gigantic spiked ball splits twice into 6 Juggernaut balls for even more destructive power against Ceramic and Fortified Bloons." to "Gigantic spiked ball splits twice into 6 Juggernaut balls for even more destructive power against Ceramic, Fortified and Lead Bloons."
Dart Monkey is intended to be the ‘Cheapest’ somewhat entry level Paragon so being locked behind a $300k+ price tag meant that all other paragons would have to be higher than that as well - while we’re not too drastically lowering all paragons this update the new lower floor on paragon costs will allow for much more leeway in design going forward. We lowered the power somewhat to justify this new price however not that much as it was one of the more heavily nerfed in power from the bug fix as well, in addition to this now that the Ceramic Bonus is scaling properly, we wanted to increase the value of this bonus far more to really bring out that Juggernaut bonus against Dreadbloon+.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • ??? [buff/nerf indeterminate] Apex Plasma Master's overall Boss damage undetermined
  • BUFF Apex Plasma Master price reduced ($325,000 → $150,000)
  • NERF Apex Plasma Master base damage reduced (20 → 15)
  • BUFF Apex Plasma Master base bonus Ceramic damage increased (+30 → +75)
  • NERF Apex Plasma Master base attack cooldown increased (0.35s → 0.4s)
  • BUFF Apex Plasma Master's Ceramic damage bonuses now properly scales with Paragon degrees when interacting with Bosses
We bumped up the ceramic a lot along with the paragon rework to highlight Juggernaut path and keep something of a Dreadbloon niche due to the multiple tower category requirement, upon review of this in practice we want to start off bumping that amount up even more.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Apex Plasma Master bonus damage to ceramic increased (+75 → +90)
Spike-o-pult is too weak for how slow it is.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Spike-o-pult damage increased from 1 to 2. Does not affect Juggernaut (2).
  • NERF Spike-o-pult ceramic bonus no longer gives +1 Ceramic damage. Does not affect Juggernaut (+4)
Players have found Spike-o-pult’s lower range to sometimes cause issues leading into Juggernaut due to very specific placement being required to aim the attack on this path and how that aiming changes along with increased range, while quite a niche problem we feel it’s fair enough to match the range across these upgrades to address this concern.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Spike-o-pult range increased from 32 to 36.8. Juggernaut range remains unchanged at 36.8.
While we have been working to increase this niche with many new maps, Juggernaut’s functions sub-optimally for the majority of current maps in the game as the knockback doesn’t scale well without good rebound opportunities; to help with this we’re increasing their knockback force slightly with even more emphasis on the less-favored crosspath. We are slightly reducing the cost of Super Monkey Fan Club to overall improve the value of taking multiple to maintain higher uptime
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Juggernaut knockback duration increased from 0.1s to 0.15s
  • BUFF 4-0-2 Juggernaut knockback speed quantity to heavy targets increased from 1.5x to 2.25x
  • BUFF 4-0-2 Juggernaut knockback speed quantity to light targets increased from 3x to 4.5x
  • BUFF Super Monkey Fan Club price reduced from $8000 to $7500

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Dart Monkeys will no longer miss bloons directly in front of them.
    • This indirectly brought back progress on beating #OUCH CHIMPS, and is overall a buff.
  • 4-x-x Juggernaut balls will now directly bounce off walls when crosspathed.
  • Master Double Cross (a Monkey Knowledge that allows you to have two Crossbow Masters at once) now works more consistently.
  • Placing a Dart Monkey Insta-Monkey will no longer consume all of your free Dart Monkeys.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Crossbow Master's base attack damage (correctly) increased (5 → 6).
    • This was the result of a 12.0 Sharp Shooter buff not being inherited by Crossbow Master until this bug fix.
  • Master Double Cross no longer allows you to use 1 Crossbow Master in Daily Challenges where this tower is prohibited.
  • x-4-x Super Monkey Fan Club description has been updated with more detail.
  • Tidied up some existing Juggernaut projectile issues that have been highlighted by Dart Monkey Paragon
  • Resolved an issue where people could amusingly run Twitch Polls during the tutorial and ban Quincy or Dart Monkey from use
  • BUFF ‘4 and 4’ Monkey Knowledge should now apply to the Dart Monkey Paragon
  • BUFF Juggernaut’s bonus damage to fortified targets now works across crosspaths


So far, Ninja Kiwi has released three merchandise items related to the Dart Monkey.

Dart Monkey Plush[]

Dart Monkey Plush
2021-12-18 16-03-10

Campaign page after campaign ended

Link to Campaign

Dart Monkey Plush is a plush toy version of the original BTD6 Dart Monkey. It comes with a plush dart attached to the monkey's right hand. Dart Monkey Plush was available between 24th September 2021 and 15th October 2021. Shipping was expected for January 11th 2022, and has since been confirmed to be shipped to countries around the world. It is around 15 centimeters tall.

According to Ninja Kiwi's October 22nd 2021 blog, a total of 7026 Dart Monkey Plushes have sold throughout the campaign. The campaign was 3513% funded.

Message from the Creator

The original classic - Dart Monkey in its cute and cuddly Plush form! Always ready to help fend off the Bloon invasion, Dart Monkey has its dart (softly) sharpened and ready to go. Whether sitting on your desk, guarding your bookshelf, or keeping watch while you sleep, Dart Monkey will keep the Bloons away, and always with a smile.

This Tier 0 classic Dart Monkey is only available for a limited time and will not be offered again, so pre-order now to avoid missing out on the OG dart master! For more amazing content...Click Here!

Product Information

Designed by Ninja Kiwi, Dart Monkey Plush is made with an Ultra Soft Fleece exterior that feels amazing! The interior is stuffed with fluffy Polypropylene cotton filling to keep its shape for years to come. Each Plush is tagged to show exactly how many were created, making your limited edition plush even more special. Dart Monkey Plush arrives in a reusable drawstring bag and shipped in a compostable mailer to limit environmental impact. Support Ninja Kiwi by pre-ordering today!

Product Details

  • Height: 16cm

Some heights may vary due to hair, or additional accessories.

  • Polypropylene Cotton
  • Plush Fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece)
Care Instructions

Handwash warm or cool only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

~ Makeship entry for Dart Monkey Plush

Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure[]

Dart Vinyl Figure Display

Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure on Makeship

Link to campaign

Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure is a vinyl figure version of the original BTD6 Dart Monkey. It comes with a dart attached to the monkey's right hand. The Dart Monkey is standing up with dart on right hand, smiling, and pointing a finger with left hand. Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure was available between 21st October and 19th November 2022. Shipping will be expected for March 7th 2023, although delayed until March 10th 2023. It is around 10 centimeters tall.

By the end of the campaign, 1997 Dart Monkey Vinyl Figures were sold. It had the lowest percentage of the campaign funds compared to other items sold at Makeship, at only 399%.

Message from the Creator

When Bloons show up, there's always a monkey you can count on to be there, dart in hand, eyes on the prize. The original Bloons popper, Dart Monkey!

For more amazing Ninja Kiwi content, Click Here!

Product Details

  • Height: 9.7cm
  • Width: 7.26cm
  • Depth: 5cm

Figure dimensions will vary depending on specific character and pose.

  • Coloured PVC
  • Oil Paint and Water-Based Paint
  • Varnish
Care Instructions

To keep your figure in optimal condition limit exposure to these five elements: dust, oil, sunlight, heat, moisture. Long-term exposure to these elements can lead to eventual fading or weakening of Vinyl material. Figures can be cleaned using either a microfiber or cotton cloth that is dry or lightly damp. If using water be sure to pat (not rub) the figure dry after cleaning. If additional care is needed, please use a Q-tip or cloth (microfiber or cotton) along with household dish soap and warm water to gently spot clean any affected areas.

~ Makeship entry for Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure

Dart Monkey 2.0 Plushie[]

Dart and moab plush promotion

Promotion of the Dart Monkey 2.0 Plushie and MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie

As part of a vote on Twitter (announcement, poll) and other social media, Ninja Kiwi has re-released the Dart Monkey Plush and the MOAB Jumbo Plush, tying in with Makeship's TimeWarp 2024. Dart Monkey Plush has been updated with fresh new colours. The campaign for Dart Monkey 2.0 Plushie has been released on 9th July 2024 and will end on 27th July 2024 at 1pm NZST. It costs $29.99 USD. If both MOAB Jumbo 2.0 Plushie and the Dart Plushie 2.0 are bought, the client will get a 10% discount for both items.


When placed:

When activated Super Monkey Fan Club Ability or Plasma Monkey Fan Club Ability:



Official artwork[]

Dart Monkey Plush[]

Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure[]

Perspectives of Dart Monkey Vinyl Figure[]

Dart Monkey Plushie 2.0[]


Other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
English Dart Monkey
Arabic القرد النشَّاب
Simplified Chinese 飞镖猴
Traditional Chinese 飛鏢猴
Danish Dart-abe
Finnish Tikka-apina
French Singe à fléchettes
German Wurfpfeilaffe
Italian Scimmia a freccette
Japanese ダーツモンキー
Korean 다트 원숭이
Norwegian Dart-ape
Polish Małpka z rzutkami
Portuguese Macaco Dardo
Russian Обезьяна с дротиками
Spanish Mono lanzadardos (Europe)
Mono dardero (Latin America)
Swedish Pilskjutarapa
Thai ลิงลูกดอก
Turkish Okçu Maymun
Language Name Meaning
English Throws a single dart at nearby bloons. Short range and low pierce but cheap.
French Lance une fléchette sur les Bloons à proximité. Courte portée et pouvoir perfortant, mais bon marché.
German Wirft einen Pfeil auf Bloons in der Nähe. Kurze Richweite und niedrige Durchschlagskraft, aber billig.


  • In the middle of the Hedge map, there is a Dart Monkey statue that rotates 90 degrees when it is tapped.
  • The fifth tier on path 3 has a similar color scheme to the hero Quincy.
  • Due to the 000 Dart Monkey being cheap and basic, memes suggesting it as the strongest tower in the game are very common.
    • 000 Dart Monkey can APC (All Pops CHIMPS) in the world's longest map made by map editor.
  • The Dart Monkey is the second tower to receive plushies of them, the first being the Super Monkey.
    • The October 8th 2021 NK blog suggests that Makeship,
    • Ninja Kiwi's fundraising partner, will likely allow NK to fundraise other limited-time plushes other than Dart Monkey Plush, given how overwhelmingly well the Dart Monkey Plush sold.
  • The base Dart Monkey is the only tower to appear on an upgrade icon from another tower, more specfically from the Monkey City upgrade.