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Shoots a single dart that pops a single bloon. Can convert to a spike-o-pult with level 4 upgrade.
~ Bloons TD 4 description

Dart Monkey is a monkey tower that shoots darts that can pop up to 1 bloon each. It can be upgraded to pop more bloons or have a higher attacking range. It costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard.


In BTD4, it, like all other towers in the game, has a revamped design. It still looks hand-drawn, but is now a more refined design.

The icon is no longer a circle with an indicator of the tower, and is instead, from this game and forward, the base monkey sprite.

In addition, the Dart Monkey has a premium upgrade called Exploding Darts wich makes each dart make a small explosion when they run out of pierce. The explosion does 1 [?] damage, has TBA pierce and has an explosion type damage, allowing it to pop leads. The effect disapears after buying spike-o-pult.


Piercing Darts
COST: $120 / $140 / $150
Description: Darts can pop 2 bloons instead of 1.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Long Range Darts
COST: $75 / $90 / $95
Description: Gives the monkey more throwing distance.
Effect: Gives Dart Monkey +TBA range
COST: $255 / $300 / $325
Description: Gives the monkey a catapult that hurls giant spiked balls.
Effect: Switches darts for a big Spike-O-Pult that shoots spiked balls that can pop 18 bloons each, but fires every TBA seconds.
Triple Shot
COST: $935 / $1,100 / $1,190
Description: Spike-o-pult becomes three times as deadly.
Effect: Switches the spiked ball to three balls, increasing the projectile size, lifespan and speed, and sets the pierce to 48. It does not increase the amount of projectiles.

Total Costs[]

Easy Medium Hard
Total Sell Amount $1,176 $1,384 $1,492
Total Cost $1,555 $1,830 $1,975


  • Their main use is on a cheap earlygame, as they are effective when spammed lower tiers to save up for farms.
  • Setting Spike-O-Pults to last on straightaways helps they maximize their pierce and can be helpful dealing with crouds
  • Triple Shot is really underpowered, costing 2k for a 1 damage tower with 48 pierce, this tower isn't recommended to be used.
  • Spamming lower tiers with Exploding Darts can add a lot of damage for a really cheap price.