Dark blades deal extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons. Gains short range Darkshift ability.
~ BTD6 description as of Version 17.0

Dark Knight is the third upgrade on Path 3 for the Super Monkey in BTD6. It replaces the Super Monkey's darts with dark blades that deal +2 damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons and can deal extra knockback versus Leads and Ceramics. Additionally, since Version 17.0, it gains a new special ability named "Darkshift" that allows it to teleport to anywhere within its range, with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

The Dark Knight upgrade costs $4675 on Easy, $5500 on Medium, $5940 on Hard, and $6600 on Impoppable.

Dark blades deal 3 damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. They also have +4 extra pierce, giving 5 pierce overall (+1 per Path 1 upgrade crosspath).


  • Generally, a 2-0-3 Dark Knight is better, as it can pop DDTs without extra support (such as MIB, Gwendolin Level 4+, or Acidic Mixture Dip), has double attack speed, and has a +2 pierce on top of the bonus +2 pierce that Dark Knight comes with by default.
  • Occasionally, a 0-2-3 Dark Knight is useful, but only in cases where range and projectile speed are of a greater considerable importance. Specifically, Epic Range now adds extra projectile speed and pierce as of Version 10.0.
  • 1-0-3 Dark Knight is not more useful than a 0-2-3 Dark Knight, as all Laser Blasts does is increase pierce by +1, grant Frozen Bloon popping, and prevent the Super Monkey from popping Purples. Compared to the 0-2-3 Dark Knight, the bonus range and projectile speed outweighs most of these single benefits from Laser Blasts, unless further upgraded to Plasma Blasts.
    • Additionally, adding a specific MK will allow Super Monkeys to pop Frozen Bloons by default regardless of upgrades (except on CHIMPS Mode or on challenges where MK is disabled).
  • 2-0-3 Dark Knights make considerably decent poppers of MOAB-class bloons, especially to DDTs, but they themselves may struggle to solo the Ceramics inside. Additional support may be required to pop the Ceramics that come out of the DDTs, such as a Bloonjitsu with Distraction, a Druid of the Storm (but not to Camo Ceramics).
  • 0-2-3 Dark Knight is a viable option when trying to utilise the most of the new "Darkshift" ability.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Dark Knight pierce increased (2 -> 3)


Change balloon The Knockback upgrade applied decreased knockback to Leads, Fortified, and Ceramics (from -100% --> -60%), but upgrading to Dark Knight restores the full -100% to these types.


Buff Gains 'Darkshift' ability which allows the Dark Knight to teleport anywhere in a short radius. Upgrading to Dark Champion will let the Super Monkey teleport anywhere.


Buff Dark Knight has increased pierce (3 --> 5). Does not affect Dark Champion.



  • Super Monkeys with the Dark Knight upgrade are sometimes informally called Batmans (intentionally ignoring the pluralization rules), Batmonkeys, or Batman Monkeys by fans, due to how much they resemble Batman, even though subsequent upgrades also resemble Batman.
    • Fittingly, the upgrade name is also a reference to The Dark Knight film.
  • There is an avatar on the Ninja Kiwi website that resembles this upgrade.
  • As of v17.0, The Dark Knight is currently the first and only Tier-3 tower in the game to have an ability.
  • Dark Knight, Dark Champion, and Legend of the Night are the combined second towers to have an ability as a Path 3 upgrade, the first being Soulbind.
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