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It's Halloween update time for BTD5! Dark Forest is a new fan designed Co-op Expert track for Bloons TD 5! With four entrances and four exits your towers are going to have their work cut out for them. Group your strongest towers where the tracks meet each other to maximise fire-power.
~ Official update description

Dark Forest is an Expert track in BTD5, released on October 24th 2017.


This track is located in a forest clearing, at night. There are trees around the edge of the map. A river runs from top to bottom, with a pool in the middle. Mist surrounds some of the path ends. There are four paths. Two come from the upper-right corner, crossing paths before splitting. Another runs across the bottom, and the right side has the fourth.


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  • This is the fifth Halloween-released track in BTD5.
  • Dark Forest is the second fan-designed track in BTD5, designed by NK player Topper 64.
    • The first to do so is Skull Peak, as winner of the 250k Facebook likes competition.
  • Dark Forest is the final Expert map to be added to BTD5 Flash.