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Champion dark blades excel at puncturing and ruining all Bloon types. Darkshift ability extends mapwide.
~ BTD6 description as of Version 17.0

Dark Champion is the Tier 4 upgrade of Path 3 for the Super Monkey in BTD6. It serves as an overall stat buff for the Dark Knight.

It now shoots twice as fast, alternating from each arm, firing every 0.03 seconds without additional upgrades. From the Dark Knight, the projectiles now have +1 damage, +1 MOAB damage, +2 pierce, and can now pop all bloon types (normal damage type). This amounts to 2 damage, 5 MOAB damage and 7 pierce for a 0-0-4 Dark Champion. Plus, knockback against Leads and Ceramics are now a full -100% speed, unlike Dark Knight which only reduces speed of these bloons at a -90% value.

Additionally, as of v17.0, it now has a new ability called "Darkshift", which allows the player to teleport and relocate it to a new spot on the map. This new ability is an upgrade of Dark Knight's "Darkshift", which can now teleport to anywhere on the map instead of being limited to only within own range.

The Dark Champion upgrade costs $51,000 on Easy difficulty, $60,000 on Medium, $64,800 on Hard, and $72,000 on Impoppable.



Dark Champion is a high risk, high reward upgrade. It strengthens stats, improves the ability and excels at popping DDTs, but for an expensive price. If you want DPS and not DDT popping power, you are better off with a group of Dark Knights or 2 Sun Avatars.

Dark Champion features as a powerful wincon, having high DPS by virtue of its stats. It also happens to apply Knockback as a decent status effect, and comes with the ability to teleport anywhere on the map for extensive mobility. However, much of this utility falls short due to its weakness towards superceramics, having low pierce and easily getting overwhelmed by them. Overall, with the proper support, Dark Champion is powerful, but it must be used with caution.


  • Due to Plasma Blasts doubling its attack speed and providing the much needed pierce, the top path will be the better crosspath choice. Path 2 crosspaths add little benefit, as the range bonuses are redundant and its pierce benefits are no better than those from Path 1.
  • Due to its low pierce compared to its price, the power of a Dark Champion is greatly boosted by Obyn Greenfoot and Stronger Stimulant's pierce buffs.
  • It is notable that Dark Champion does especially well against DDTs since they have fairly low health and usually need little pierce to effectively pop. Focus your support for harder, hyperdense rounds such as 96 and 98.
  • Overclock is an excellent support tower to increase its already high DPS, as it is the second most expensive Tier 4 upgrade in the game, which means that you can have 100% uptime with Overclock. Another valuable support tower for the Dark Champion is Shattering Shells, which helps by reducing RBE of Fortified rounds massively and removes Fortified from children superceramics.
  • If you are looking for the utility of Knockback, Sun Avatar would be a much better choice due to its higher pierce and lower price.
  • Dark Champion is very useful in Muddy Puddles since it can teleport around to other lanes. However, this is less effective in Bloody Puddles because Bloons enter from multiple entrances at the same time.

Version History[]

Dark Champion received a stronger version of the Darkshift ability in Version 17.0, buffing Dark Champion's viability by giving it some mobility.

  • Buff Dark Champion now has a "Darkshift" ability which allows it to teleport anywhere on the map. This ability is inherited from Dark Knight, which has a short-ranged version of "Darkshift".
[...] Dark Knights have been feeling strong with their stalling power but we don't want to hit this too hard just yet so have reduced the slow amount slightly and restored it at the T4.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Dark Knight
  • Buff Affected by Ultravision adding Camo Prioritization target option
  • Change Indirect buff, as Dark Knight now has a nerfed knockback value.


When relogging into a game having Dark Champion upgrade or above:

  • [Bat screeching]

When activating Darkshift Ability:

  • [Teleporting]


Official artwork[]



  • Dark Champion, like Sun Temple, is a Tier 4 upgrade that allows the Super Monkey to pop bloons of any type.
  • A 2-0-4 Dark Champion on Impoppable Mode is the most expensive tower that can be picked up by the Door Gunner MK ability for Special Poperations.
  • As of v24.0, it is the only non-Path 2 Tier 4 tower to have an ability.