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This article will discuss tips and strategies that can be used to beat Dark Castle.


  • Quincy is an excellent hero for this map, as he can be purchased right from the start and levels up much quicker on Expert Maps.
  • All heroes level up faster on Expert Maps such as Dark Castle. As such, there is a lot more value in purchasing them earlier in the game to level them up to higher levels sooner.
  • One Quincy plus a 2/0/4 Sub can solo Dark Castle Easy without a problem, adding a 2/4/0 super monkey would make it miles better as well.
    • With a 0/4/2 Buccaneer, the pair can solo Dark Castle Medium.
  • If planning to use Pre-Emptive Strike, the trees must be cut down or the passive ability will deal no damage.
  • Group bloon damage such as Recursive Cluster and mortar shelling is highly effective especially when combined with stalling, since the bloons are all clumped together in the confluence of the paths.


AFK Easy Difficulty[]

One of the best ways to farm Monkey Money and/or "lootbox treats" (currency for use in Collection Events) is to start off with the following MK, with the most important ones at the top:

  • Mana Shield (up to 25 regenerating lives per round)
  • Bonus Monkey! (grants one free Dart Monkey at start of each game)
  • Bonus Cash (+$200 starting cash)
  • Hero Favors (10% discount to Heroes)
  • Empowered Heroes (Automatically Level 3 Heroes)
  • Military Conscription (50% discount for first Military Monkey)
  • Big Bloon Sabotage (-10% MOAB-class health)

Then start with the free Dart Monkey. Purchase Ben as soon as possible. Get a 0-0-0 Sub in the water nearest to the area of track. Purchase a 0-2-0 Wizard upwards from the middle of the straight track as soon as possible. Upgrade Sub to 2-0-2. This should guarantee AFK starting from around Round 12 or so.

Gaining a higher chance of success, upgrade Sub to 2-0-3 and start going for a 3-0-0 Alchemist near the Sub.