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Not to be confused with Popping Power.

Bloon Buster in BTD4

Damage is the number of layers of a bloon popped by an attack and can be quantified either as damage per attack or as damage per unit of time. By default, most towers' attacks only deal one damage but may affect multiple bloons as they will pierce through them.

High amounts of damage (as relating to effects on individual bloons) can be increased in a number of ways:

High amounts of overall damage can be replicated to result in high Popping Power:

  • Upgrades that use multiple projectiles such as Triple Darts and Ice Shards.
  • High rates of attack speed as with Super Monkeys or any tower with an increased attack speed due to upgrades, knowledge or boosts.

Attacks with more than one damage are classed as Extra Damage Extra damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage). Multiple sub-variants of Extra Damage exist, which classify as additional damage to particular bloon types.


Before Bloons TD 4[]

All towers always deal one damage per attack.

Bloons TD 4[]

Bloon Buster is the only attack to strictly deal more than one damage, although attacks such as Frag Bombs can hit the same bloon more than once. And MOAB Mauler is the only tower that only deal MOAB-Class bloon more damage.

Bloons TD 5[]

More variety of higher damage sources, but still limited for the most part.

Bloons TD 6[]

Many more towers have an option that deals extra damage of any type. All towers and heroes have some method of dealing more than one base damage per shot. See Extra Damage for further information about Extra Damage and its subsets.

In BTD6, attacks that deal more than one damage usually cannot penetrate through MOAB-class (or more specifically containing the Penetrates Blimp Penetrates Blimp (can penetrate through MOAB-class bloons) property), with certain exceptions (e.g. Ground Zero ability).

There was previously attacks that were unable to penetrate multiple layers of non-MOAB-class bloons, such as Dragon's Breath fireballs and Super Mines mini-explosions, but was since secretly removed in Version 31.2.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]


Bloons Pop![]

There are now many shots that can deal more than one damage at once. <specify shots>


  • Bloons Adventure Time TD refers the count of a character/ally as the "damage" rather than correctly as the "damage count" (or even "pop count" or "pops") due to space constraints.