Not to be confused with Popping Power.
Bloon Buster BTD4

Bloon Buster in BTD4

Damage is the number of layers of damage dealt by a tower to a bloon and can be quantified either as damage per attack or as damage per unit of time. By default, most towers only deal one damage but may simultaneously affect multiple bloons up to their potential extents of popping power.

High amounts of damage (as relating to effects on individual bloons) can be increased in a number of ways:

Damage of All TowersEdit




  • Dart Monkey – 1
    • 3/x/x – 2 versus Ceramics
    • 4/x/x – 4 versus Ceramics
    • 5/x/x – 4, 12 versus Ceramics
    • x/3/x – 1 per dart, spray of 3
    • x/4/x – 1 per dart, spray of 3; 1 per dart (ability)
    • x/5/x – 1 per dart, spray of 3; 2 per plasma (ability)
    • x/x/3 – 3
    • x/x/4+ – 6, 50 from random Crits


  • Bloons Adventure Time TD refers the count of a hero/tower as the "damage" rather than correctly as the "pop count".
    • It is also shown and confirmed in Bloons TD6, but the "damage count" is also a counter for the amount of money a tower made, such as Banana Farms or Monkeyopolis Village.
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