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For the level, see Daisy Chain (Bloons 2 Level).

Track Overview[]

Daisy Chain is a premium Beginner Difficulty track in BTD4. The MochiCoins description on the computer version calls the track simply "Daisy Track". It is available on all BTD4 versions. It requires CoinsIcon15 to buy it.

The track looks like the bird's eye view of a daisy and the bloons go into the middle of the flower and then out to the petals of the flower, multiple times. Bloons go across the middle of the flower into the track across from the track they were on before.

There is no water on this track so placing Monkey Buccaneers is impossible.

The ends of the flower are good places to place Boomerang Throwers, Tack Shooters, and Ice Towers due to their roundness.


There are 2 challenges on this track in Bloons TD 4 iOS, they are:

  • Use only Dartling Guns and Pineapples.
  • Get 1 Laser Vision Super Monkey every round and pass 15 tough rounds (Rounds start on standard round 50, and end on standard round 64), with no cash for pops or at the end of a round. This challenge requires very careful placement, and selling will simply make the player worse off than what they were before.


  • This track is one of the easiest in the BTD series because of its long track length.
  • A Sun God can beat a B.F.B. if placed in the center.